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Nanuk TSA PowerClaw Latch

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You want a secure case but don't like dealing with generic locks?



We have you covered with the new TSA PowerClaw Latch Retrofit Kits.

We found a way to make our patented PowerClaw latches even better! They are now available with an integrated TSA accepted key lock. The easy to install retrofit kit can be installed on many* NANUK cases and adds another layer of security to your case.

Nanuk Case with TSA PowerClaw Latches

Each lock has a special code TSA001 to TSA003, which is used by the TSA, CATSA and other security agencies to know which secure tool to use to open the lock. TSA accepted latches are the perfect accessory for storing, securing and protecting valuable items at home, on the job site and in your vehicle. 

Nanuk TSA PowerClaw Latches Kit

These kits include:

  • 2x TSA Powerclaw latches
  • 2x Coded TSA keys
  • 4x installation pins (2x short, 2x long)

IMPORTANT: *Compatible with NANUK 905 – 908 – 915 – 918 – 920 – 925 – 933 – 935 – 938 – 940 – 945 – 950 – 955 – 963 – 965 – 960 – 968 – 970  – 975 cases.

Note that some of our cases have 4 latches. You can install 4 TSA Powerclaw latches but the cases will no longer meet TSA guidelines of a maximum of 2 locks (latches) per case.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 35 reviews
Joe Pesht (Vancouver, CA)
Powerclaw latches

I was unhappy with the factory hard cases on my Kawasaki Versus motorbike and decided to upgrade. I had previously attached a large Nanuk top case to the back of my bike and was very happy with the Powerclaw latches instead of padlocks to secure the contents. I then purchased two Nanuk cases to use as side cases and upgraded to Powerclaw latches for those cases too. All three cases use the same key, which is very convenient. Great customer service and a great product.

Dany (Varennes, CA)

Nanuk TSA PowerClaw Latch

C. Dasilva (Toronto, CA)

I currently own 6 Nanuk cases. Two 990 and four 909. I personally think Nanuk cases are very well built as well as designed, with many colour options to choose from in the 909 model and I believe 3 colour choices for the 990 model. I’ve given the Power Claw a rating of 4 and not 5 for two reasons.
First, i would be nice if this item would be made in a smaller version to accommodate the 909 and second, I believe that the security of this locking latch would be greatly improved if the latch itself could only be replaced by opening up the case first. With some sort of locking method of the latch to the case found on the inside. Currently, just by popping the main pin out from all latches on a case, will give you access to whatever is in the case.
I realize that a more secure method is not full proof but it is an added amount of deterrence.

Other than what I’ve just mentioned, they’re great!

Frank Antonsen (Sooke, CA)
Nanuk TSA Poer Latch

The Nanuk TSA PowerClaw Latch has the benefit of the TSA lock being built into the case latch, so there's no need for fiddling with extra cable locks or padlocks.

Franz Lang (Dallas, US)
Nanuk TSA Powe Claw Latch.

Great, solid latches with additional locking features.
Easy to change and retrofit in any Nanuk cases.
Great products and great service. 👍🏻

Rene Jr Comeau (Vaudreuil-Dorion, CA)

Facile à utiliser et sécuritaire

O9RG (Toronto, CA)

AwesomeCase highly recommend

H E (Toronto, CA)
Best Modification for these cases!

This modification was very easy to install and works great for adding an extra level of protection. Simply by adding 1 more step of security along without compromising the amazing power of the Claw Latch. Extremely fast shipping. Completed the install in minutes.

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