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Nanuk 920 DJI Mavic Pro Case in - Media Case

NANUK 920 DJI Mavic Pro

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  • Interior: 15 × 10.5 × 6.2” (Specs)
  • Custom Foam for DJI Mavic Pro
  • 2 Secure PowerClaw Latches
  • Waterproof & Shockproof Case
  • Made in Canada & Guaranteed For Life
  • Ships Free to Canada & USA
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A DJI Mavic Case perfect for professional and adventurous DJI drone pilots

The Brand New Nanuk 920 DJI Mavic Case is your new best friend. As much as you might care for your drone, there is always time where a solid waterproof and shockproof case will be needed.

If you use your Mavic in areas like the beach, mountains or on any adventures, you never know how bad it can get and having a place to store and protect your expensive toy is a must.

Nanuk 920 Hard Case with a DJI Mavic on top

Front and Back views of the Nanuk 920 DJI Mavic Case in Silver. Perfect for the Mavic and it's entire accessory set.

Store an entire DJI Mavic Pro kit

What fits in the Nanuk 920 DJI Mavic Hard Case

The Nanuk 920 DJI Mavic Case is big enough to store the Mavic, 5 Intelligent Flight Mavic Battery, some extra Mavic - 8330 Quick-release Folding Propellers, the Mavic - Battery Charging Hub, The DJI Mavic Remote control, a Smartphone, power cables and more.

NOTE: For a cheaper (and smaller sized) option that you can customize to store an iPad Mini check out the Nanuk 915 with cubed foam.

Storing the Mavic Drone in a Nanuk 920 Hard Case

People asked for more available space

Even if the Mavic is made to be portable, we all know that we keep buying accessories and extra batteries to be able to last longer on the road with our drone.

The Nanuk 920 does allow for this extra space while still being a small case to travel around with.

Storing the Mavic Drone in a Nanuk 920 Hard Case

It will fit perfectly over your shoulder using our ultra comfortable Shoulder Strap.And it's the kind of case that is always accepted on board an airplane. That way, you can keep your DJI Mavic close to you at all times.

Specifications of the Nanuk 920 DJI Mavic case 

  • Exterior dimensions L16.7" x W13.4" x H6.8"
  • Interior dimensions L15.0" x W10.5 x H6.2"
  • Cube Foam Space L13.5" x W9 x H3.25"
  • Weight (empty) 5.1 lbs | 2.3 kg
  • Lid depth 2.1" | 55mm
  • Base depth 4.1" | 100mm
  • Material lightweight NK-7TM resin
  • Max buoyancy 40 lbs | 18.14 kg
  • Temperature range Min -20F (-29C ) Max 140F (60C)
  • Airline carry-on yes
  • Download NANUK 920 PDF Spec Sheet

DJI Mavic Hard Case with Shoulder Strap

Questions about the Nanuk 920 DJI Mavic™ Case

Will I be able to modify the foam if needed?

Yes, you can modify the foam with a sharp Xacto knife if you need more space for some special accessory. This is a hard density foam but it's still easy to cut through.

Does the Mavic Hard Case comes with a Shoulder Strap?

You can order the strap seperatly but we also have a special deal with this case. If you want to order the strap at a discount, just select the right option in the drop down menu of this Mavic Case page.

Can I order the DJI Mavic case without the foam?

Yes, you can. Simply visit the Nanuk 920 product page and select the Empty Case option from the drop own menu.

The Nanuk 915 case will also fit the DJI Mavic. So you could purchase this 915 case with cubed foam and make your own shape. This is a cheaper option that can make you save approximately 100$.

If you have more questions, just get in touch and I'd be happy to help you with your DJI Mavic Case purchase!

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NANUK 920 DJI Mavic Pro Features

Each Nanuk case comes with unique features that makes it the pefect gear protection luggage to have either with you or for long term storage.

Features of the Nanuk 920 for the DJI Mavic
Man holding the Nanuk 920 Hard Case for the DJI Mavic in Yellow in hand

NANUK 920 DJI Mavic Pro Specifications

Dimensions of the NANUK 920 DJI Mavic Pro Hard Case
  • Case Weight (empty) 5.1lbs / 2.3kg
  • Interior Length 15.02" / 382mm
  • Interior Width 10.55" / 268mm
  • Interior Height 6.22" / 158mm
  • Interior Lid Depth 2.11" / 54mm
  • Interior Base Depth 4.11" / 104mm
  • Exterior Length 16.63" / 422mm
  • Exterior Width 13.38" / 340mm
  • Exterior Height 6.76" / 172mm
  • Max Buoyancy 40lbs / 18.14kg
  • Material Lightweight NK-7TM resin
  • Airline carry-on Yes

Download SpecSheet

NANUK 920 DJI Mavic Pro Video

NANUK 920 DJI Mavic Pro Certifications

All Nanuk cases go through serious testing and we make sure all of them gets certified for the following conditions.

Nanuk Dustproof Case

Dustproof IP6X Rated

When taking your case to extreme conditions, you never know when the worst will hit your precious gear. From the hot vacation beach to the violent desert storm, you'll feel safe knowing that your Nanuk case is 100% Dustproof.
Download certification

Nanuk Waterproof Case

Waterproof IPX7 Rated

The waterproofing seal used in all NANUK watertight cases is custom designed to fit our products. The seal is designed to resist deformation and fatigue, ensuring a long lasting watertight seal.
Download certification

Nanuk High Impact Case

Impact Resistant NK-7 Resin

With rounded corners, thick wall construction and oversized details, NANUK durable hard sided cases are built to absorb the shocks without damaging the case or more importantly your contents.
Download certification

Customer Reviews

Based on 57 reviews
george gombas (Burnaby, CA)
Yellow Nanuk 920

What made me decide right away is that your product comes in various colors. I get tired of the same old aluminum and black cases. The other thing I really liked was the inside was laser cut to fit the Mavic Pro and all its accessories, unlike the other brands which have the foam inside, laser cut squares ready to be removed to fit various items but not nearly as secure as I would like them to be. Durable outer shell with a gasket in the lid to keep water out also sold me and now not worried about taking my Mavic Pro fishing and throwing it in the back of a pick-up truck with all our other gear saving space inside the cab. I know my friends will bug me about the color, but what can I say, I like Yellow! Also if anyone was to steal it and tried walking away with the Mavic Pro the yellow case would give him/her away in a minute. I thought the price was also reasonable, I am also one who tends to spend a little more on a case to which the items I want to put in, properly fit and are truly meant for what they are made for. I am pleased with the purchase I made from your company, thank you.

Stefan Schweizer (Kamloops, CA)

Nanuk 920 DJI Mavic Pro Case

Don Rever (Edmonton, CA)
Just What The Doctor Ordered!!

The Nanuk 920 DJI Mavic Pro case is perfectly built and designed to protect all the components included in my Mavic Pro bundle. The best feature for me is the way everything fits snugly and is 100% insulated and protected. The compact design makes it easy to transport and the shoulder strap is rigid and Oh So comfortable on the shoulder. After much searching for a hardcase to protect and secure a sizable investment I chose the Nanuk 920 for the way it is built, the pre-formed compartments made precisely to fit all my Mavic parts and the warranty. Also I am Canadian and this product is made here in Canada. The service was exceptional, delivery was quick and David answered all my questions beforehand. I highly recommend the Nanuk product for any item you want to secure and protect for transportation. Dont think you can beat it!!

Brad Manor (Montreal, CA)
Perfect Case!

I recently decided to get a more durable case for bringing my Magic Pro to work aboard ships/in ports. After quite a bit of shopping around I settled on the 920 and I'm glad I did. This thing is very well built!

I've already decided I need to get better cases for some other equipment and Hard Cases will certainly get that business too.

Tim Supinski (Québec, CA)
Just what I needed

Fits all the Mavic pro equipment and drone safely. Great case. I was looking for a solid case with a strap and the 920 is it!!

Ryan Klaver (Smithers, CA)
Great case

Very happy with Nanuk case. It came as advertised it was more sturdy that I expected and my mavic pro and accessories fit perfectly.

Gabriel B (Calgary, CA)
Great case Nanuk 920 and fantastic customer service

The case is exactly what I was looking for. The latches are super easy to close and the style of the case is super cool. I love that I can fit all my part for my Mavic Pro. Everything fits just perfect. This has been the best customer service I ever had from any purchases made online. David is a great CEO he takes care of all his customers. I would recommend to anyone looking for a great professional looking and durable case to get Nanuk product. Thanks again David for the awesome case.

Evan Jenkins (Prince Albert, CA)
Awesome case

Did the job, in hindsight the orange was a little bright but I’m happy with it.

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NANUK 920 DJI Mavic Pro FAQs

Can I store the remote control and smart phone inside the Nanuk 920 Mavic case?

The Nanuk 920 DJI Mavic Case is big enough to store the Mavic, the Mavic - Battery Charging Hub, The DJI Mavic Remote control, a Smartphone, power cables and more.

What is the shipping weight of Nanuk 920 Mavic?

The shipping weight of Nanuk 920 Mavic is 6.75lbs.

What accessories can fit inside the Nanuk 920 Mavic case?

The case can fit a Mavic DJI Pro and up to five additional batteries.

Can I store the propellers along with the mavic?

Yes, there is enough space to store the propellers safely in the Nanuk 920 Mavic case.

Can I fit a tablet in the Nanuk 920 Mavic?

Yes, you can fit your tablet.

Can this fit my Mavic Pro Platinum?

Yes, Nanuk 920 MAVIC case can fit your Pro Platinum as well!

How many batteries can fit inside?

You can fit up to five batteries inside the Nanuk 920 Mavic case.

Can I store additional props in the Nanuk 920 Mavic case?

Yes, the case has space for additional accessories under the body compartment and under the top cover.

Does Nanuk 920 Mavic cases have wheels for easier travelling?

No, this does not have wheels but you can comfortably carry it around with a Nanuk shoulder strap.

Can i fit the Nanuk 920 MAVIC case inside my back pack?

Yes you can, but the best advise is to put a Nanuk shoulder strap in it for easy handling.

Is there a room for extra propellers in Nanuk 920 MAVIC case?

Yes, there are spaces for extra props.

Can this fit in the overhead compartment of the plane?

Yes, the Nanuk 920 MAVIC case will fit the overhead compartment.

Can I remove and reinstall the foam of Nanuk 920 MAVIC case?

Yes, the Nanuk 920 MAVIC foams are removable.

Can this be carried inside the airplane?

Yes, Nanuk 920 Mavic case is an airline carry-on case.

Do you ship to the U.S.A?

Yes, we do ship to USA.

Can I request for a customized size of the case?

We only offer the cases that are part of the collection line up. Customized size and colors would only be possible for thousands of orders.

Does Nanuk 920 float in the water?

Nanuk 920 does float at the maximum buoyancy of 18.14 kg.

Can I request for a customized color of the case?

We only offer the cases that are part of the collection line up. Customized size and colors would only be possible for thousands of orders.