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Nanuk 904

I used to keep a nylon kit in my car, which held stuff related to hooking our bike rack to the car. It also carried a variety of straps and such for securing loads. I stored that kit in the garage over the winter, and mice got into it and made a huge mess. I then set out in search of a hard case to replace the soft case. I had never heard of Nanuk Hard Cases before, and was impressed by the selection in various sizes. I ordered the 904 in orange and it arrived just 2 days after I ordered it. It's a very nice, well built case. It will do the job I want it to do with ease. I'm so impressed with the case that another may be ordered for my Wife's camera gear. I will be recommending Nanuk Hard Cases to anyone I know who is looking for a top rate hard case.

Parfais !!!

J'adore déjas ma valise ,j'ai beaucoup d'espace grâce aux Padded Divider j'ai hâte d'aller en Kayak avec mes Gopro !!!
Merci David pour le service rapide !!!

The 920

Its a great support case for my 935. I can carry my lenses and camera in both cases easily, and use the 920 as a light mobile case. Btw Silver cases look cool!

A great case for storage and transport.

The 4-Up is solid and easy to manage and the dense foam really holds my guns with trigger-locks securely. The slots for the grips are a little snug for guns with a mag well, but manageable. Since I don't have a fourth gun, I use the empty slot to hold extra mags and a few accessories. I've had a few complements on my 4-Up at the range, and I like the fact that it's made in Canada.

While two TSA-approved combination paddle-locks are available, they're something you have to make sure you don't misplace. Having two built-in TSA keyed locks in the latches, like those on the 990 and 995 cases, would really finish this case off perfectly in both look and functionality.

Nanuk foam and cases.

I recentley ordered Nanuk Cubed Foams for a case. The delivery was prompt. The foam was delivered in a protective box. The reason I ordered form Nanuk is because I was very pleased with a Nanuk case I purchased a year ago for a piece of expensive equipment I own. I must say Nanuk is on par with the other major manufacture of which i own a case form as well. Nanuk is better priced for the same excellent quality as the competitor. I recomend Nanuk with no reservations to anyone who wants professional grade top notch quality at an excellent price point. I can honestly say I am extremely pleased with Nanuk service and quality. Thank you Nanuk.

Love this case

It was a choice between a Pelican 1510 that I’ve used before or a Nanuk 935, I made the right choice. Not only supporting a Canadian company but I just like the quality better. The one handed telescopic handle is a 1000 times better than the two handed Pelican way (you can extend it while coffee in hand, perfect) Customer service is amazing, David treats you like a person and even a friend. Can’t wait to have it out with me during summer festival season, I know some touring engineers that’ll be jealous.

My only regret, not getting a custom label on it. Next time


Well built case. Holds my lap and 2 ipads. One 12.9 and regular. Very nice indeed. Would recommend to all musicians!!!

Nanuk 905 case just as nice as 904!

These enclosures serve our current project needs very well, and the Nanuk cases have such a great selection of colors, and sizes. The ability to easily mount a top panel (stock or custom) is a big plus for our projects. Great cases! And great prices at Hardcases.ca!

Amazing !

Meilleur choix pour protéger votre laptop.

Moi j'y tiens aussi ma tablette graphique (format moyen) et des disque durs externes et tout y est merveilleusement protégé.

Nanuk 950
Great case great service

Canadian made! Arrived quickly. Very happy with them.


I purchased this case about a year ago. I was fed-up with the others. I am very pleased with the quality. Protection of my investment is utmost importance. Best of all, my rifle, scopes, & accessories fit perfectly.

Very happy. Just ordered a 960 /w retrofit TSA latch.


Nanuk 915
Nanuk 915: excellent case

My favorite feature is its well-designed design: tough and attractive
I'm an industrial designer, and I use nanuk 915 to make functional displays for a customer that makes electrical products.
I decided for Nanuk because the design and the ease of having the 3d design of the surfaces of the case, which is vital for me to design the entire internal structure of the exhibitor.

Canadian Quality!

Amazing is an understatement when it comes to Nanuk cases. The latches and handle are awesome features on an already fantastic product. My 910 case holds my customized Glock 17 and 4 spare magazines. I chose Nanuk because being made in Canada I could rest assured knowing I own amazing product that will last a lifetime. Thanks David and the rest of the Nanuk team!

Love Nanuk Cases and hardcases.ca

We have a 925 and just bought a 995. We prefer the build of Nanuk over the build of the competitor's. We will continue to purchase Nanuk and from hardcases.ca. The service we have recieved has been second to none. Our orders are always shipped in a timely manner and we ALWAYS recieve them ahead of expected delivery date! While other products may be cheaper than Nanuk, Nanuk outperforms everytime!

Nanuk 935

I love the overall quality of the case and the fact that it can fit six pistols with trigger locks. I use the case for transporting my handguns back and fourth to the range. The quality and attention to detail is what made me decide to purchase the Nanuk 935 6 up pistol case over the competitors. I am proud to support canadian products especially when quality and detail are at this level. Thank you for a great porduct.

TSA Padlocks

Bought two of these to go with my new 935 6 pistol case because they fit so well in the case locking locations. Shackle is a good size and combination operation is smooth. I’ll put these on all cases I purchase in the future.

Best hard case ever

All the features are awesome on my Nanuk 920 and the quality of fit and finish is superb, and Dave’s customer service is one of a kind, thanks for great product and even greater customer service.

Nanuk 935

Excellent case, made in Canada

Great case, far superior to others in its class.

This is an excellent case, which provides the security, fitment, and travel versatility I need for my side arm and accessories.

Nanuk 904, the best case ever

This was the best way for me to write a review. I made a video.


Absolutely perfect

I can't say enough about the purchasing of this case from start to finish. Went on line and bought the case and then thought of the TSA padlocks, which I highly recommend, so decided I wanted two but my order was already processed so I called the 1-888 number and an actual person answered the phone, this was probably at 7 pm eastern time as I am pacific time three hours difference! Now that's customer service! We quickly added the locks to the case order to take advantage of the free shipping, another bonus!, and a few days later, the package was at my door on the exact date the tracking reference said. Now the case... I wanted this to carry my pistols to the range and this case is.....perfect. You cannot go wrong with the fit and finish of these cases, they are top notch and anyone considering a case needs to consider these, you will not be disappointed. Many thanks to David and his superior customer service and so proud you are a Canadian company, Merci!!!!

Awesome Cases

I bought 3 of these style cases for my drone company "Small Town Pilot". The cases came in a timely fashion and are well crafted. I have no doubt these cases will keep my equipment safe and secure for many years to come!

Customer Service

Shipment happened same day and it arrived the next, that along with the promo code that you can find easy if you look is great. As for the product, I use it to carry very expensive equipment and I am not worried about damage, simply a solid case.

Excellent product and service

Excellent product. Great features. I use the case to safely and securely transport my pistols. Nanuk is a superior case and sold in Canada. I also have the 925 4 up Pistol case. Will recommend to all.

Good choice

fits nicely.


I bought the padded dividers to fit a lot of camera equipment into my 935. I can snugly case a full camera package with two lenses and sound gear. I decided Nanuk cases over a competitor's brand because first: Canadian made. Second: A personal and small feel to the company which seems to place emphasis on how I feel about my experience with their product.

Would be perfect if...

Would be THE perfect Case if it didn’t have the space for the Prop Guards. When is someone going to bring out a Tough Case that holds JUST the items you need when you’re going out?!? For example, I want a Case that holds my Mavic Air/Pro, Controller and 2/3 Spare Batteries? No one needs to take the Charger with them when they go to the Beach or on a Boat! Yes, you need the Car/Home Charger when you travel. But, that can be left in the Car or Home/Hotel Room. You’re not going to need a Charger when you go out for the day (and if you do, you can keep the Charger at the place where you’re going to use it). Come on Nanuk, bring out something the people want and not something YOU think we need!

Hey Mikey! Thanks for the review. I understand your concern... It's not easy to come up with a foam model that would please EVERY person's needs. We make cases that will store what comes with the product and leave extra space for some of the extended kits that people buy for their drones. If you need a very specific case for your needs we'd be happy to make one for you. Just get in touch!
Fantastic Case!

This case is perfect! In my job I use delicate electronic diagnostic equipment and this case makes it easy to transport safely. I love the pick foam that let's me customize the interior to suit my needs exactly.

Why I love my Nanuk 904s

It’s all about the colours for me.
I now have one of every colour.

Nanuk 935 6 up Pistol

Very nicely built. I like it.

Quality case nanuk 990

I’ve owned numerous different cases But any Nanuk Case is just Quality Plain and simple it does exactly what it says of those

Shane H

Shoulder strap is Great!

I received this shoulder strap for my hard case and it’s fantastic. I received it within two days, great personal customer service. Couldn’t be happier.

Good case

The case is an excellent quality, I use it to transport some firearm. Since I will be travelling by air, I needed an approuved case that I can rely on.
Only one negative thing, When I received the case there were some marks on the bottom of the case. Nothing to influance the usage, but at that price I will expect a bit more. Robert

Thank you for your review Robert. The small marks you see at the bottom of the case are normal since these are injection molding hard cases. There is always a little piece of plastic that is left when the plastic goes through the mold. We cut this plastic part and file it but there is a normal imperfection that stays. You can consider it like the unique birth mark of your case ;)
Love it!

I bought this case for my camera equipment and could not buy any better! Amazing thing! Only one feature I change if I could is padlock system to build in locking system wil be faster to open and secure. Recomending this product 100%

Hey Johnny! Thank you for the review. We actually have the PowerClaw Lockable latches that you can purchase and add to your case if you want... Check this page: https://www.hardcases.ca/collections/nanuk-accessories/products/nanuk-tsa-powerclaw-latch-retrofit-kit
Best I've Seen!

I am an RSO (Safety Officer) at our pistol range and first saw your Nanuk 935 6 Up case being used there a few weeks ago. I ordered and promptly received mine and immediately put it into use. The sturdiness,appearance,and interior space(6 handguns and my magazines in one place very securely) make this case heads above anything I've seen come into the range. Thank you for such a great product!


Nanuk 945 DJI Phantom Case


Nanuk 905

Astronomy case

Great case for lens and astronomy material. Real professional. Thank you

Petit cadeau !!!

Ma copine adore sa petite valise Nanuk et en plus même couleur que son Kayak,ca va etre super pour son cellulaire et son chargeur...au sec !!! photo a suivre....
merci David !!!

Nanuk 920 Case 5 Stars (Service Technician Case)

Hi David, I am using this as a Service Technician Case. It contains: Fluke Meter, Telephone "Butt Set", Assorted screws, anchors, resistors, B connectors, electrical tape, 3M Tape. A Klein Canvas Bag holds: Tools, side cutters, wire strippers, Multi Bit screwdriver, AC Tester, etc. I also have a small Pelican case to hold lithium batteries. This still leaves me room for my i pad. I had some egg crate foam for the lid cover. This case holds all items secure and waterproof. The shoulder strap gives me a "hands free" carry option. I have used many cases over the past 40 years and this Nanuk 920 case is the best. Thanks. Regards.

Nanuk 918

Very nice case. Wanted something that was made in Canada. Using it for a top box for my motorcycle. Downsized from a larger box. Small details make a difference. For me it was the hinge pins. These pins are angled on the end and then sit in a small pocket. With the lid closed they are not coming out. On a precious box these pins are straight and I had to put silicon seal on the ends to keep the from coming out. Quick shipping and David contacted me via email to see how I was doing with his product. Would buy again.

Awesome Cases! To rival any bird out there!

So many sizes to choose from. Quality is top notch. I can't speak to wear and tear yet as I consider this case new for the first year. But first impressions are bomb proof. Locks are better than most and easy to open and close. The air valve is a bonus which I like as I am carrying surgical equipment. Already looking for my next NANUK! My only CON is return shipping at your cost if you order wrong size which in my case was $24 bucks and it was not one of the larger cases! (NOTE: returns are explained on web site clearly) I still highly recommend the product.

Nanuk 6 Up Pistol Case

I liked the first one I got so much that when it was time to get another case the Nanuk was the only one I even considered.

Love the Nanuk Cases

I purchased the Nanuk 935 6 pistol case and loved it so much I purchased the Nanuk 990 AR case. They are both top notch quality and I believe are indestructible. I get asked at the range all the time where I purchased the cases and am proud to tell them Nanuk. You get what you pay for, these cases will last a lifetime!

Perfect wilderness first aid kit

Using a Nanuk 903 for a wilderness first aid kit. Waterproof and sturdy. Perfect size to fit in the brain of my pack.

6up case

I love this case. Great solid quality both the case and the foam insert. Enough room for trigger locks. Amazing service and quick shipping. Comes with wheels and extendeable handle. I have pelican cases I use as well, however this is a far superior case. I would recommend this to anyone looking to protect and transport their firearms

Loving it only had it out once

Love it just wish my 5” barreled Ruger Redhawk 44 mag would fit. The quality is awesome.

2x yellow cases

We are using the cases to house 2 very delicate testing jacks for substation equipment. The pluck foam was nice to work with, and the latches are smooth yet sturdy. Better quality that Canadian tire cases, at the same price point. Nice to have more than black as a color option :)

Nanuk 923 Laptop Case

Good case. I like the overall quality and security features. I am able to carry my notebook, related hardware, speakers, and all the other stuff that I use in one container. I chose Nanuk because it is Canadian I have used two different competitors products and found them clunky and not as robust. This is my second Nanuk case.

NANUK 920 Orange case

This NANUK Case beats any other case of this size. I was able to fit my DJI MAVIC PRO PLATINUM Drone quite easily. The MAVIC fitted like a glove in the cutout. The cutouts for the batteries fitted as described. There's extra room for the DJI charger and outer accessories. This case is built like a tank, strong and indestructible. This my second NANUK case, the other one is for my DJI Phantom 3. So I could not go wrong buying another NANUK Case. The delivery was fast as promised. Thank you David for an excellent case and service.