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Nanuk Shoulder Strap

Good quality, comfortable fit. I use it on a couple of different cases primarily the 910 case. A little pricey but worth it.

First travel in the books

I got my Nanuk 950, immediately loaded all of my gear into it and boarded a plane. Everything came out the other end unscathed! First impressions are that is an excellent case and if this first trip is an indication then I think it’ll be exactly what I was hoping for.

Une belle marque et un service réactif de la part de David Couillard

Aucun souci de protection contre les chocs afin de trimbaler une caméra photo de valeur, partout! J’ai choisi ce produit Nanuk 908 pour son format compact de bonne capacité pour y loger un boitier avec son chargeur et une lentille faisant 5.25 po de long. De plus, c’est fait au Canada, soigné au niveau design et fait de matériaux solides.


Love the NANUK 960

Hi David .... Love the case Nanuk products are amazing for quality ( MADE IN CANADA ) I appreciate your excellent communication and quick responses to my questions. Shipping was quick and package arrived as expected. Thank You

One word... WOW!

Wow was I surprised by the quality and attention to detail in how well this case was put together! Definitely proud that it's "Made in Canada"! The cutouts are great, just some minor adjustments to allow for my M&P 15-22 magazines and going to make some custom cutouts for a second pistol and additional pistol magazine slots. I highly recommend this case!

Great Product

Love the new 4 up pistol case. Transporting to the range is so much easier now. This is a well made product that does not disappoint. My pistols fit perfectly with the trigger locks. Two thumbs up!

Ideal Case for DJI Mavic Drones

Like the pressure release valve and waterproof design as we travel a lot with this case. We use it with DJI Mavic 2 Pro drones. Nanuk has a solid reputation, design, and looks rugged and professional.

Nanuk 923 DJI Ronin-S

Solid sturdy case. Custom inserts are amazing. HardCases.ca is the only place we buy audio equipment cases from. Case was delivered very promptly. Great follow up from company. Top notch custom service. Don't buy anywhere but HardCases.ca.

Best cartridge case

Well built. Perfect case for the extra large rifle cartridges.

Locking Powerclaw Latch Kit

Installed these latches on my 935 gun case and they work and fit great. Easy install and very decent price. Same key that I use for my 990 AR case, which is perfect. I own 3 Nanuk cases now and they are pure quality, keep it in Canada folks. Excellent cases.

Glock 910 2 up case

Glocks fit like a glove. I have a 17 Gen 5, 34 Gen 4 and 41 Gen 4. They all fit as designed and the quality of the case is superb. This is my second case from Nanuk and I’m very pleased with the quality and build of the case. Buy with confidence from a Canadian company. You won’t regret it.

Nanuk make the best cases

The 930 and the other Nanuk cases are an excellent way to protect whatever it is you need to securely and safely transport. The cubed foam option allows you to custom fit to your needs. Nanuk cases are solid all the way around. No regrets buying the 930. I love the fact they are Canadian made!

While Nanuk cases are great, customer service is even better.



Thanks for the 5-Stars for the Cubed Foam Ludovic!
TSA Powerclaw Latch

I am really glad I got the TSA Powerclaw Latches for my 950. I didn’t want to fuss with padlocks. The latches lock securely. The best part of that is that all I need is a key. Not a key and 2 padlocks.

Certainly a great new Nanuk Accessory! We have been waiting for those TSA PowerClaws for a while now. They look good on a Nanuk 950! :) Thanks a lot for taking the time to leave another review Bic!
Excellent Case of Superior Quality!

The case is amazing. Great quality. Well built. Fits my guns perfectly. I love the way they fit in it and are easy to get them in and out at the range. Definitely an excellent purchase. Would recommend.

Thanks for the great review on the Nanuk case Jean-Francois. I hope this case will follow you to the range for years to come! Cheers!

This is, without a doubt, the most outstanding firearms case I have ever seen! The laser cut foam fits my AR like a glove, and I can rest easily knowing my firearm is spectacularly protected! YOU NEED THIS CASE FOR YOUR AR-15!!

Haha... thanks so much for this amazing review on the Nanuk 990 AR Chris. It's true that once everything is stored in the case... it looks damed good! Have fun at the range!

Nanuk 915

Classic pistol case

Using my case for my Glock 17 gen 5 pistol . Awesome case and awesome quality . Bought the case cause it’s Canadian instead of buying a pelican case .

Thank you for encouraging a local company Andrew. We get more and more Canadian clients who understand this, just like you. We are proud to deliver an excellent Hard Case product. Thanks for the great review... Hope to see you around soon! David
My 1st choice for future purchases.

Excellent construction, latches are top notch. When I ordered the case, I was expecting the internal measurements to be true from top to bottom, side to side. The tapered design of the 933 has a loss of 1/2" on the advertised height. (13" to 12 1/2") This caused some temporary issues to fit my products into the case, however, the quality out weighed this issue. When my business requires additional cases, HardCases will be our choice.

Thanks for the great review of the Nanuk 933 Ken. I'm sorry you were surprised by the lost of space on the corners of the case. We do have the spec sheets available on the site and are always happy to provide extra CAD files if needed. Don't hesitate next time if your are looking for anything technical. I'm here to help! Thanks again for your business... David
Nanuk 995

Excellent case. I used an electric bread knife to cut the stock foam and my CZ750 sniper fits in perfectly. Hey why buy a Pelican? God, it took a Canadian to invent the plastic garbage bag, and another to build the ultimate protective rifle case.

Haha! Canadians know how to wrap things properly :) Thanks for the great review of your Nanuk case Norman. I really appreciate it!
Nanuk 908

The service I received from HardCases.ca was great. The package was delivered promptly and any communication I received was professional, and they were always eager to help. My only complaint was that it wasn't easy to determine how large/small the case was based on photographs on the website. It looked much larger than depicted. It's actually too small for my needs, as I wanted to fit my camera and at least one lens in the case. The Nanuk 908 is only big enough for a DSL camera. No accessories.

Hello Marissa... Thanks you for the 5 star review. I'm sorry if the images didn't show the proper size of the case. I personally try to add as much as possible to help users. I'm also always available for questions. I'm surprised you were not able to fit a DSLR + at least an extra lens. I've own the 905 (which is smaller) and was able to add my Canon 5D Mark II with a zoom lens and one extra small prime lens on the side with the battery charger and a couple of extra batteries. The 908 is also deeper so you should be able to angle the DSLR on it's side and have more space for probably a larger lens. It does depend which lens you were trying to fit in the case tho... Just let me know if would like a bigger case. I'd be happy to exchange your 908. David
Great case

Nice fit and arrived very quickly.

Thank you for the 5-star review on the Nanuk 909 case Edward. I really appreciate it!
So far two scars

Air Canada baggage handlers at YVR took a chunk off two corners. Bring it on

They'll keep trying but will never get through! :) The Nanuk 935 is a tough Mofo! Thanks for the top review Glen. Have fun on your next trips!
Great lock!

Love the little dot that tells you if TSA has opened your case. It satisfies me to know :)
Very well built, would reccomend.

A little feature that we sometimes forget about but sure makes you feel good no one touched your precious stuff! :) Thanks for the 5-star review ont eh Nanuk TSA Padlocks Candace!
An awesome case

Rugged yet so very functional. No problem as a carry on when flying. Travelling in a dusty and wet environment was no issue. So well made. Love this product.

Thank you for leaving a great review on the Nanuk 935 case Marilyn.