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Great Service, Great Product

Couldn't have asked for a better purchase. Awesome customer service (which is refreshing these days), and a solid, well-made product. Well done.

A case to rule all cases!

I can't say enough good things about the 910 2UP CLASSIC GUN CASE. My Taurus PT 92 and my 1911 fit perfectly. A fantastic quality case for a great price. From the secure latching system to the padded handle, this item surpassed my expectations. It's lightweight and easy to carry, very well made. Five stars just isn't enough.

Nanuk 910 2UP Glock Gun Case

Tres bon article et bon service a la clientèle et livraison rapide


I found it very difficult to find a quality case long enough to transport some of my items. The Nanuk 995 does the job admirably. The wheels are of the highest quality and very smooth. I have purchased three of these cases with no regrets and would recommend them to anyone. I also found David to be very professional and I continue to be a loyal customer.


Simply the best case for storing or transporting handguns to the range. Almost everyone who sees it asks where they can buy one. I have ordered six of these cases and I am about to order 3 more as gifts for my close friends. If you value your investments, you can't afford to buy anything else.

Awesome Product

The 4 pistol case is everything that is advertised, finally no multiple cases going to the range.

Très bonne qualité

L’étui est de qualité et très résistant. On la reçu très rapidement par la poste.

Merci beaucoup!

Amazing Case

Over the years I have purchased a number of cases to carry my computer equipment. While some have been pretty good, others turned out to be less than underwhelming. I decided on Hardcase Nanuk after seeing one first hand and seeing the enthusiasm of the purchaser.
I'm using the case to carry my computer equipment. I appreciate the fact that the case is extremely robust and secure and that my equipment will be safe.
I'd be remiss in not mentioning that this particular case has some "heft." It weighs in at 10 Lbs. The quality of this product is outstanding.

I have no reservation in providing a solid recommendation !

Perfect for GoPro gear

They’re very well made.

We’re using to house our GoPro gear.

Your prices are the best for this quality of case.

Nanuk 923

Once again quality product!

Great service/product

David was great to deal with, helpful and very knowledgeable about his product. Shipping was fast and seamless. Will be ordering more soon

Great in every detail.

I ordered this after reading reviews on this and other cases, and coming to the realization that it was going to be hard to beat the quality. I wasn't disappointed. First off, shipping was really quick and the order process painless with tons of communication. I expected this to be a tough case but when it arrived I was still surprised at how well built it is overall. Ultra-sturdy exterior construction, heavy-duty locking closures, and perfectly cut removable foam cutouts. I also love the fact that it has a handgun cutout in there as well to make trips to the range a lot easier. To think I almost went the cheap route and would've essentially wasted $150 on something lesser. Don't skimp, this is all you'll need. Also, made in Canada—even better.


Love this case. Fits almost all my Mavic 2 Pro equipment. I have an I-Pad Mini 4 as part of my gear and have made a pocket in the lid under the foam with self adhesive 1/4" neoprene to hold and protect it. Then I put the egg crate foam back in the lid to protect it. This should be made available as a custom foam option for the lid.
I love the latches on this case. Easy to use and feels very secure.
I also ordered the shoulder strap. It makes carrying the case even more comfortable and secure. The bubbles on the strap make it very comfortable. I like that Nanuk is Canadian made and that was another deciding factor to purchase this over other foreign made cases.

Hey John! Just received your review on the new Mavic Pro 2 Hard Case. Thank you so much! Your iPad Mini idea is really interesting. We're slowly coming up with lid organizers but I think your idea is just great for a quick solution. I'd be curious to see some pictures because I get a lot of requests for iPad mini storage in those Mavic Cases... if you don't mind sending one to david @ hardcases.ca that would be awesome! Thank you again for your great review!
Nanuk 909 glock

I bought this for my glock19x.same colour ,tan.this Nanuk 909 Glock .is way better than the original case.2 thumbs up.5STAR.next I’m buying 990 ar15 & 923 laptop.

Power claw latch

This is my second power claw,I bought this for my Nanuk 925.now it’s four locks ,more secured.2 padlocks on both side.2thumbs up again & 5STAR.highly recommended.thanks hardcases

Easy to deal with

I had a very simple order of foam refills and even though it was a low cost order, the service I got was very impressive. I will use them again whenever I have case needs.

Love the sturdiness.

Beyond expectations

Great Canadian product, amazing service from David, fast and free delivery even to Labrador, very sturdy case, waterproof... bottom line, 100% recommend!

Build Quality and Materials are Excellent! But with one small issue.

As stated the case is solid. I have no problem considering it the permanent home of my drone and accessories. The only minor problem I foresee having is the upper foam insert falls out on occasion, think windy day. This would effectively turn the case into a horizontal only option, a pain unless you like hiking it back to your car carrying it on your head. Like I said other than that it is a marvelous piece of engineering, do not hesitate to invest in one of these cases.

Good Job!

Camera Case

Love the Nanuk 930 case, looks professional and does the job. I use it for my Matterport Camera and it holds the camera, ipad, and charging cord.

Great case, and great service

I love the Nanuk 920 case for my Mavic 2 Pro, very well built and waterproof, which is good as I use my drone on my boat quite often.
Only thing that could make it better is a place to put the MavMount that I use with my iPad Mini.

Nanuk 923 hard case

I have had several hard cases before. I bought this one to house the Ronin-S gimble. The locking system is by far the best on the market. Can’t amagine ever buying a different hard case again. Thanks Nanuk

Amazing Case

When I ordered this Nanuk 920 Case for my DJI Mavic 2 Pro, I thought it will be ok, after I received it, packed my drone and accessories in it, I noticed that there nothing to say but awesome product, very classy and even better than their advertisement. Thank you guys and keep up the good work. Oh by the way, I tested the case by dropping it from my 2nd floor balcony to the backyard grass, no effect on the case or my drone, also took it for a shower, perfectly dry from inside. Amazing case.

Battery Charger/Boosting Device Case.

The hard case is being utilized for storing a battery charging/boosting device along with all its accessories. The case keeps everything together nicely and it also protects the items from damage as well as moisture. The hard case makes the “kit” complete.

Nanuk is Solid

Great build quality and protection for my drone when traveling. Love the latches on the Nanuk compared to other cases. Solid but easy to use. Have had good experience with Nanuk cases in the past so I got another. Love the variety of colours too.