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Nanuk 935 & 950

Great cases, great service.

Perfect for home safety or travel!!

As with every case I own (5 or 6 now for SAR) the construction is perfect! Fittings are secure and as close to indestructible as can be. The 925 4 Up Pistol holds four pistols & two mags for each very securely. Plus there’s room for some accessories. When installed with the Claw TSA Approved locks traveling is a snap. If Nanuk doesn’t make it, you don’t need it!

Nanuk 935 Pistol Case

great idea, very handy for the range,works well!!!


Nanuk Shoulder Strap

This thing is the cats meow!

You spend thousands of dollars on your pistols why not protect them without having to use the pluck foam system! This case is amazing in every way! Protective, easy to carry and you look like a savage when you show up to the range with your pistols neatly lined up with mags in your case! Amazing! Getting another one soon for my AR! You guys rock!

Great support and fast shipping

The staff at HardCases.ca was quick to contact us with a delay in one of our ordered items. They offered a replacement of the item at the same price which was awesome. With the fast shipping, we were able to get started on our case project right away. Thanks for all the help and support. We love buying Canadian so Nanuk is only supplier of our field cases.

TwelveDot Labs

Great product. 925 4 Up Pistol

I am new owner of firearm and i thought that i have to bought the best case for my futur guns. So i went with the Nanuk 925 4 up pistol. I went with the Olive one
and i am very happy with the quality.


Nanuk 995

Nanuk 935

Ordered a Nanuk 935 for my camera gear and it has been great so far. The notches are easier to open and secured, and the build quality is there. The people at HardCase are also really good and responded to my emails very quickly.

I would buy this case again for another camera.

Ham Radio Field Kit.

I use the Namuk 935 case to store my Ham Radio gear in it for use in the field. It easily and safely stores my mini base station, 4 HT Radios, power cords etc as well as my Lenovo Yoga. These cases are FANTASTIC!! Very ruggid, extremely well built and protected.. The latch system on these are amazing. My favorite is the very ruggedly constructed telescopic handle. Makes life easier when lugging multiple items at once.

These cases will protect you from what ever the field can throw your way. I will be sending friends your way.. They love it..

Thank you David and the team at HardCases.ca I am 100% converted from Pelican Cases..

JD Watkins
Red Deer, AB

Great product

Great value, excellent quality and Canadian made to boot. Never going back to other case brands.

Nanuk 925 4 Up Pistol

tout comme mes autres valises que j' ai acheté très bonne qualité mes armes vont très bien les formes sont parfaites..de plus très bon service et rapidité pour recevoir la commande.. je recommande fortement.

Military grade all the way

I own 3 cases . The 910, 935 including the 940. Awesome cases that I use for handguns. They look and feel indestructable.

Wonderful case

I bought this case based on the recommendations found online. I can say it is truly a well made, solid case and worth every penny. The fact that it is Canadian made as well makes it an even better purchase in my eyes. Ridiculously fast delivery, the fact that it holds trigger locked pistols and solid construction make this case the standard that all cases should measured by. I highly recommend this if you’re on the fence. Cheers!

Nanuk 910 Saved The Day!!!!

I originally purchased the Nanuk 910 for my 13" MacBook Pro. Instead I chose to put my very valuable saxophone wireless microphone units. They fit perfectly and the case is extremely protective. My friend who was helping me load my gear dropped the Nanuk 910 and it went tumbling down 1 flight of concrete stairs. I thought this would be the end. When I went down to see the damage , there was not even a scratch or dent!!! These cases are exactly what they say they are and definitely worth buying to protect your valuable equipment!! I would definitely buy more!!!!


Nanuk 910 2UP Classic Gun Case

Nanuk 909 Classic Pistol Case

Well built and comparable to market leading brands. Best of all it’s Made in Canada

What I've been looking for.

Great case. Fits pistols with the trigger locks on, something others I have looked at don't so passed on them. Removable center piece is a nice addition to make space for range kit. Plus when the foam is taken out it works as carry on luggage.

Great case Nanuk 920 and fantastic customer service

The case is exactly what I was looking for. The latches are super easy to close and the style of the case is super cool. I love that I can fit all my part for my Mavic Pro. Everything fits just perfect. This has been the best customer service I ever had from any purchases made online. David is a great CEO he takes care of all his customers. I would recommend to anyone looking for a great professional looking and durable case to get Nanuk product. Thanks again David for the awesome case.

Nanuk 910 2UP Classic Gun Case

Perfect for transport to and from the range .Firearms are independently secured and protected. Very happy with the case.

New Case

Excellent case. It is light weight yet strong and professionally designed. Holds the semi autos and clips securely. The Power Claw locks were extremely easy to install so NO MORE KEYS!

Bullet proof!

I was trying to find a secure, dust and rain proof way of transporting my two laptops on my motorcycle. Top case are just too expensive, and don't have any padding, so you still need a padded bag. I did "test" exhaustively the Nanuk cases as side cases on my 11,000km motorcycle trip to Alaska a few years back, in less than optimal condition. I was totally impress by the performance and quality of those cases, and I still have them. I also ordered the wrong model once, and can testify that their customer service is excellent. So when I saw that Nanuk was offering a 923 Laptop case, I decided to give it a try.
What I like about the case is the same incredible robustness, the fact that they are "totally" waterproof, the interior arrangement and padding who is excellent, and the quality shoulder strap and locks. Of course this come with some weight, so this is not a light case. But overall, I am totally satisfied with this case, and the company.

The Platinum Standard in hard cases for firearms

This is the best hard case for the AR that can be found on the market today!

Thanks for the 5 stars on the Nanuk 990 AR Michael! :)
Nanuk 910 for Revolver Transportation

I bought the 910 case to transport my Smith & Wesson 929 revolver to the range and it has worked out great. I can fit two revolvers in the case and it holds them snugly in the foam. I have not cut out the foam to shape yet as I use it for many different firearms. I bought the case in the orange color and it makes it easy to keep track of where I put it down last. I am sure that I will get many years of use out of this well made case.

Hey Michael! Thanks for the great review on the Nanuk 910. Those two revolvers fit perfectly in there. We get a lot of request for 6'+ barrels and I think the picture you posted will help a lot of visitors! Thank you very much!
The Nanuk

Amazing case!
I work as a tech for an airline and I have been using this case everyday for my tools as I have to do quick service checks out on the line. It is very good quality and a heavy duty case. My favorite part of the case are the latches. It is built strong and keeps everything secure

Thank you for the review of the Nanuk 935 James! It'S true that the latches are one of the best features of the Nanuk cases... We get a lot of wow's the first time people use them! Hope you'll keep this case for years to come! Thanks again!