Hard Cases for Professional Photographers

Hard Cases for Photography Cameras

Customisable NANUK hard cases are durable and strong with a lifetime warranty on parts and labour. Their flexibility has helped make them one of the most popular choices in durable cases for photographers and videographers. Toughened resin casing offers protection for photography equipment including cameras and lighting equipment as well as memory cards against cold, damp, and wet. It also protects against knocks, scrapes, and vibration and with 7 different models to choose from and a variety of extras, NANUK camera cases are the ideal choice for you or your business.

Sizes range from the smaller NANUK 905 to the considerably larger NANUK 945 and the size you require will depend on the equipment you’re carrying and the level of protection you wish to enjoy. Foam lining, padded dividers, and fully customised foam layers can be added so that you can offer complete protection for lenses as well as highly sensitive electronic components and potentially valuable equipment like memory cards and expensive cameras and photography equipment.

NANUK camera cases are made in Canada and include a lifetime warranty. There is also a selection of colours and, if you own your own studio or company, then you can even have your logo added to the case for even greater effect. Protect your most sensitive and most important equipment with a NANUK flexible camera and equipment durable case.