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Nanuk 950 Hard Case for the DJI Phantom

Nanuk 950 DJI Phantom

Watch the following video of the Updated Nanuk 950 Hard Case for the DJI Phantom 2-3 and 4, 4 Pro, 4 Pro+ 


The Nanuk 950 DJI Case is big enough so that you can keep your propellers on the Drone and also will fit the prop guards in a side pocket. This custom foam was made for the DJI Phantom 4 but will also fit the DJI Phantom 2 and Phantom 3, Phantom 4, 4 Pro and 4Pro+.

You'll also find a small gimbal and camera foam protector int he bottom of the case (that you can remove) so you won't have to keep the annoying plastic protection on the camera.

A modern and slick design that will make the competing brands hide behind bushes

Don't be surprised if people stop you on the street asking you about the case. (Be on your guard if they ask you where you live tho).

Nanuk 950 in Graphite Front and Back Views

A Ultra Strong Case ready for anything you throw at it

This case is a military grade made for professional. Never worry about bouncing or dropping you Phantom during travel again. Made from the same ultra-light but ultra-strong NK-7 resin, the Nanuk 950 is the largest case made for our DJI Phantom and all accessories you need for your next professional shoot.

Nanuk 950 in Graphite side views

This case is waterproof, dustproof and crushproof. It's unique PowerClaws that use a double latching system, your case will stay closed if dropped hard on the ground. No more latches that pop open easily!

The Polyurethane wheels are quiet when you roll your case around, but strong enough to last for years without deteriorating.

Retractable Handle of the Nanuk 950

Retractable Handle of the Nanuk 950There is also a 2 stage retractable handle that will help you drag this case around for miles without staining yourself with the weight.This is a great option if you work with assistants and want to make sure they handle the case properly. If you also have multiple cases or bags, having wheels for the larger 950 is a "trip saver"!

NANUK 950 Customer Review

Watche this excellent and complete review of the Nanuk 950 DJI Case by DroneDude.

Nanuk 950 DJI Phantom Certifications

All Nanuk cases go through serious testing and we make sure all of them gets certified for the following conditions.

Nanuk Dustproof Case

Dustproof IP6X Rated

When taking your case to extreme conditions, you never know when the worst will hit your precious gear. From the hot vacation beach to the violent desert storm, you'll feel safe knowing that your Nanuk case is 100% Dustproof.
Download certification

Nanuk Waterproof Case

Waterproof IPX7 Rated

The waterproofing seal used in all NANUK watertight cases is custom designed to fit our products. The seal is designed to resist deformation and fatigue, ensuring a long lasting watertight seal.
Download certification

Nanuk High Impact Case

Impact Resistant NK-7 Resin

With rounded corners, thick wall construction and oversized details, NANUK durable hard sided cases are built to absorb the shocks without damaging the case or more importantly your contents.
Download certification

Flying a DJI Phantom 4 Drone with Nanuk 950 Case

Nanuk 950 DJI Phantom Specifications

Dimensions of the Nanuk 950 DJI Phantom Hard Case
  • Case Weight (empty) 15.10lbs / 6.85kg
  • Interior Length 20.48" / 520mm
  • Interior Width 15.30" / 389mm
  • Interior Height 10.11" / 257mm
  • Interior Lid Depth 2.10" / 53mm
  • Interior Base Depth 8.01" / 203mm
  • Exterior Length 22.87" / 581mm
  • Exterior Width 18.27" / 464mm
  • Exterior Height 11.74" / 298mm
  • Max Buoyancy 110lbs / 7.7kg
  • Material Lightweight NK-7TM resin
  • Airline carry-on No
Download PDF Specs
Nanuk 950 DJI Phantom 4 Case in Black

Nanuk 950 DJI Phantom

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Real Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 164 reviews
Would be perfect if...

Would be THE perfect Case if it didn’t have the space for the Prop Guards. When is someone going to bring out a Tough Case that holds JUST the items you need when you’re going out?!? For example, I want a Case that holds my Mavic Air/Pro, Controller and 2/3 Spare Batteries? No one needs to take the Charger with them when they go to the Beach or on a Boat! Yes, you need the Car/Home Charger when you travel. But, that can be left in the Car or Home/Hotel Room. You’re not going to need a Charger when you go out for the day (and if you do, you can keep the Charger at the place where you’re going to use it). Come on Nanuk, bring out something the people want and not something YOU think we need!


Nanuk 945 DJI Phantom Case

Nunuk Cases Are The Best

This my third Nanuk case. They are exceptional. Not much else you can say when a product is this good. PS: The service is also stellar.

Great case.

I do really love this case. The batteries fit a bit loose that is my only gripe but One I can handle. My only major issue, and it’s pretty major, is that when purchasing the product off the website, I had a code for 15% off. I had gotten this code from a friend which was exactly what it said to do with the code. When I applied the code I got the 15% off but then had to pay for shipping. It somehow deleted the free shipping feature. Also furthermore, I received the case on a Wednesday and attended a sportsmen show in my city the next day and saw a Nanuk booth. I asked the lady if I could get in on the 30% off deal they had on for the show. She said no. It would have saved me around $75. There should have been a way for me to receive a partial refund. I could have sent the case back for a refund and ordered another one from he show but I didn’t because I thought it was dishonest. This should have been caught when I ordered and I should have been offered the 30% off to start with. I sent an email about the code and show but no response. Very disappointing end to my purchase.

I'm sorry you didn't like your purchase process. All orders ship free over 250$. If your promotion code takes you under 250$ then you need to add something to the cart to get the free shipping. Or pay the 20$. Most people add something and get a free strap or lock doing so. As for other distributors offering promotions, it's not something we can control. We are an independent distributor and we have our own pricing and specials.
great company,great product.

I was impressed with everything about this company,the product,the customer support,the videos....I'll be recommending them to everyone. Customers Service First

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