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Nanuk Gift Card

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  • Interior:
  • Waterproof & Shockproof Case
  • Made in Canada & Guaranteed For Life
  • Ships to Canada & USA
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Nanuk Hard Case Gift Card with Cases in the Background

The Perfect Holiday Gift for the Gadget Geek Boyfriend!

Have you been looking around for a gift for your loved one but can't figure out what to get him? 

  • They own all the toys and gadgets in the world!
  • They can get whatever they need!
  • They are complicated breeds! 

Well, let me tell you one thing all gadgets lovers will love:

A Hard Case to protect their precious electronics!

Nanuk Hard Cases are Made in Canada, Military Graded, Made to resist heavy shocks, water, dust and anything you can throw at it.

Your husband might actually own (and love) some of them already...
But, as you know, they never have enough!

Our cases are loved by:

Photographers, Videographers, Sound Engineers, Musicians, Gun collectors, Video game players, Industrial Designers, Electronic Hobbyist... Anyone dealing with special or expensive equipment.

Fun Gear that Fits in Nanuk Hard Cases

You can use our Nanuk Hard Cases for:

Aerial Drones, Cameras, Lens, Electronics, Handguns, Rifles, Computers, Hard Drives, Smartphones, Accessories, Lights, Strobes, Many many more options!

There is always a new high-tech toy coming through the UPS delivery guy.

    So which one will fit your partner's gear?
    I could tell you if only you knew what toys he owned already!

    So that is why the Gift Card idea is so much easier for you to offer!
    Let him get the size and specs he needs!

    This gift card has no expiration date so he can use it later once he knows exactly what to use the case for.

    He'll love you for it and you'll feel as easy on Christmas eve when he opens his gift that you didn'T have to select the wrong size... or wrong options... or wrong color... you know...

    "Thank you honey! That is such a cool gift! Much better than that ugly pair of socks you got me last year"

    Yeah... That definitely sounds like a good idea.

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