NANUK 995-Nanuk Case-Black-Empty-NANUK
NANUK 995-Nanuk Case-Olive-Empty-NANUK
NANUK 995-Nanuk Case-Olive-Full Foam-NANUK
NANUK 995-Nanuk Case-Black-Full Foam-NANUK
NANUK 995-Nanuk Case-Black-Empty-NANUK
NANUK 995-Nanuk Case-Graphite-Empty-NANUK
NANUK 995-Nanuk Case-Graphite-Full Foam-NANUK
NANUK 995-Black-Empty No TSA
NANUK 995-Black-Full foam No TSA
NANUK 995 Olive-Empty No TSA
NANUK 995-Olive-Full foam No TSA
NANUK 995-Graphite-Empty No TSA
NANUK 995-Graphite-Full foam No TSA



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Conçu pour le stockage et le transport en toute sécurité de vos fusils Le NANUK 995 est le plus grand étui pour armes à feu extrêmement résistant disponible dans la gamme Nanuk. Parfait pour votre prochain voyage de chasse Conçue po... Read More

  • Interior: 1 321 mm x 368 mm x 152 mm
  • Exterior: 1 399 mm x 440 mm x 168 mm
  • Waterproof, Dustproof & Shockproof Case
  • Étanche à l'eau, Anti-poussière & Résistant aux chocs
  • Designed & Made in Canada
  • Créé & fait au Canada
  • Garantie à vie et garantie de satisfaction de 30 jours
  • Ships Free to Livraison gratuite au Canada

À propos du NANUK 995

Conçu pour le stockage et le transport en toute sécurité de vos fusils

Le NANUK 995 est le plus grand étui pour armes à feu extrêmement résistant disponible dans la gamme Nanuk.

Mallette de fusil NANUK 995 avec un modèle Winchester 70

Parfait pour votre prochain voyage de chasse

Conçue pour un stockage et un transport en toute sécurité, cette mallette protège votre équipement et l'éloigne en toute sécurité jusqu'à ce que vous en ayez besoin.

Nanuk 995 fermé en olive

Étanche et sécurisé

Étanche, le 995 maintient votre équipement en sécurité et est équipé d'un total de 4 loquets PowerClaw brevetés, dont 2 serrures à clé TSA.

Face avant NANUK 995

L'valise rigide le plus long de Nanuk

Ce grand étui mesure 55,1" de long et est parfait pour votre prochain voyage de chasse ou pour impressionner au champ de tir.

Comparaison de la taille du NANUK 995 à celle de l'homme

Construit pour l'extérieur

Le 995 extra long est préféré par les forces de l'ordre, les militaires et les sportifs passionnés.

Nanuk 995 Rifle Case utilisé en Afrique

Certains d'entre vous utiliseront également cet étui pour des pieds d'éclairage, des trépieds ou des objets plus longs comme un curseur d'appareil photo. Quel que soit le type d'utilisation, le NANUK 995 résistera à l'épreuve des chocs, de la pluie et de la poussière.

Transport en douceur avec 2 roues en polyuréthane

L'étui pour arme à feu est doté de 2 poignées à ressort et se déplace facilement grâce à ses roues en polyuréthane qui vous aideront à transporter des objets plus lourds.

Nanuk 995 est livré avec deux roues en polyuréthane

Quatre loquets PowerClaw maintiennent votre étui bien fermé

Pour plus de sécurité, les loquets TSA PowerClaw maintiennent votre équipement verrouillé en toute sécurité pendant le transport, mais accessible pour inspection par la TSA si nécessaire.

Loquets NANUK 995 TSA PowerClawsOption mousse complète NANUK 995

Options de couleur du NANUK 995

Le NANUK est disponible en trois couleurs d'inspiration militaire. Faites défiler vers le bas pour choisir votre favori parmi les trois.

Nanuk 995 disponible en 4 couleurs différentes

Conçu et fabriqué au Canada

Vous ne passerez pas inaperçu avec cette superbe coque unique. Vous pouvez également jeter un œil à son petit frère le Nanuk 990 .

Customer Reviews

Based on 82 reviews
Jimmy Beaudoin (Québec, CA)
Spacious and feel tough

Bought this one to store my two rifle, a tikka t3x and a t1x. There is enough space for both of them to fit in their original stock. I have two minor issues with the case, the weight which at same time is to be expected. And the other problem is the lack of support for the NANUK shoulder strap. Even tho the strap is supposed to fit all NANUK cases, unless i'm mistaken, it doesn't fit the 995.

I'm still please with it !

Shawn Scott
Nanuk 995 olive

I have not had time to outfit it precisely how I intend, but am happy with the product. As always a quality build and material and craftsmanship. I opted for the 995 because obviously the capability of the dual rifle case, but I am hoping to outfit it configured for three 22's w optics.
My only complaint was when it got delivered, i opted for the signature delivery and had a few days off where it unfortunately was not delivered on those days, it got delivered early A.M. on the following day and left on my doorstep for 10 hours with nobody home. And as a signature option, i expected it to be a pickup slip for fedex, they just dropped it regardless. Pretty disappointed, but thankfully the pirates are not in this neighborhood

Cam H. (Surrey, CA)
My second case...

I liked my first case so much that I bought a second. Highly durable with excellent build quality; perfect for carrying hunting equipment while transporting over rough terrain and in wet conditions. Customer Service has also been excellent. I highly recommend.

George K. (Chester, US)
Why did I buy the Nanuk 995?

This was the longest case on the market of its kind. I was looking for a durable case that could protect my offshore trolling gear which typically come as long as 36” to 48” wide and packs flat. This type of gear is quite costly and needs protection during transport and storage between home and boat. The wheels let me carry a heavy load and the case is one of the most durable and well built that I’ve seen. The water resistant design allows me to strap the case on deck for quick access while not worrying about salt water penetration during heavy seas. I do wish you made a longer model so I could store multiple offshore rods that are as long as 60”. This would compliment a shorter case to hold offshore reels separately from the rods. Each rod/reel outfit is easily $1200 to $1400 and requires this kind of protection.

Jamie (Oakville, CA)
Very expensive, but well worth the extra cost

Compared to Pelican cases, or even other hardcases of similar sizes, Nanuk still comes out on top. The cost is much higher, but the build quality wins every time. The thickness of the plastic reduces the give and flex in the lid, as well as the steel reinforced locking points. I've bought quite a few cases from Nanuk, and have yet to be disappointed. It's made in Canada, and I'm happy to support local businesses.

Alex M (Redmond, US)
Excellent build quality

Quick delivery great product

Chris Milne (Saugeen Shores, CA)
Nanuk 995

I am very pleased with my Nanuk 995. Solid Construction and provides several lock options to secure my equipment. I will most probably buying a second.

Otto Castillo (Vancouver, CA)
Great film gear hauler!!

Nanuk cases ha well become a crucial part of my creative business as a corporate videographer and filmmaker.

I own so far a Nanuk 908 (for a field audio recorder), a Nanuk 923 (for a gimbal), a Nanuk 950 (for a cinema camera system), a Nanuk 990 (for a medium duty tripod system and a Nanuk 995 (for light stands, window gels and boom arms).

I've traveled several times with film gear to Eatern and Northern Africa, South East Asia, Europe and Central and South America. Filming equipment can be quite expensive however, every single Nanuk case I've traveled with has stood up to bag handling abuse at modern airports as well as very primitive landing straps in the middle of nowhere. I've carried, dragged and abused my Nanuk cases more than I would admit in all kinds of terrain and weather conditions. Not once have Nanuk let me down and my precious gear has always been dry, well padded and protected and ready to roll the moment I arrive on location.

There's a lot of choice out there however, I am extremely happy with Nanuk products, quality, warranty and awesome customer service by Mike and the gang. Will always be a Nanuk customer for life! Otto C.