Long Hard Cases


      A safe and secure way to carry your Rifle, Bow and other long firearms

      If you want a safe and secure way to get your expensive rifles or guns to the shooting range or to camp, try one of our Nanuk long cases, which are specifically designed for use with firearms.

      If you’re like most of the customers who use our long hard cases, you need a case that will keep the chamber free from dust, and water, and the exterior free from any pressure or shock that might damage the stock. Luckily, our Nanuk long cases are waterproof, dustproof, and shockproof.

      Need to reach that hilltop to scout for Elk?

      Strap one of our long cases to the back of your ATV for safe and secure hauling. When you’re ready to pull the trigger, our cases will ensure that your rifle performs.

      Want to make sure that your young kids can’t access your guns at home? Use one of our handy TSA certified padlocks to keep your firearms free from prying eyes, and curious hands.

      Want to send your soldier to base, confident in the knowledge that their weapon will stay damage-free? With convenient wheels and an extendable handle, our cases are perfect for servicemen with international travel in their future. And, with three military-inspired colors, their luggage will look right at home.

      What makes our cases so superior to other firearm transportation systems?

      Each of our long cases come fully equipped with…

      • Impact resistant lightweight NC-7 Resin, built to keep your luggage light, while ensuring that your firearms, tripods, or light stands stay damage-free.
      • Foam interiors that you can easily cut for the perfect fit. If you don’t want your firearms to move in transit, our cases allow you to them snug. 
      • 4 PowerClaw latches that won’t pop open on the back of a four-wheeler, or in checked baggage. 
      • Dustproof IP6X Rated seals that will keep your chamber clear of obstructions. 
      • IP67 waterproof gaskets that are designed to maintain a perfect seal, even after years of use, so even your most sensitive guns will remain operable in wet conditions. 
      • Innovative pressure equalization technology to regulate the pressure on your gun inside the case, no matter the altitude or outside conditions. 
      • Convenient polyurethane wheels and a retractable handle for convenient transportation. 
      • And more!
      While our long cases are specifically designed for hunters and servicemen to haul their guns and firearms, they’re also perfect for photographic equipment like tripods, camera sliders, light stands, and more.


      And you won’t have to sacrifice comfort for safety.

      If you’re a hunter who needs to haul your firearm to the shooting range, or if you’re traveling with your gear, Nanuk’s convenient polyurethane wheels, retractable handle, and lightweight construction make transporting your firearms or camera equipment easier than ever before.

      Available Nanuk Sizes Include: Nanuk 985Nanuk 990, and Nanuk 995.

      You go to great lengths to keep your firearms safe at home. Why should you stop there? Wherever you take your guns, let Nanuk keep them safe with waterproof, dustproof, shockproof, and theft proof features.

      To see more sizing and feature options, click here to explore our full selection of Nanuk cases.