Shipping Nanuk Hard Cases

We ship all over Canada and USA

There are some regions in Canada and USA that have some shipping fees. Some far away provinces like Yukon, North West Territories and States like Alaska sadly can't have free shipping due to really high surcharge from UPS. 

We do not ship internationally. Shipping these cases by air is usually too expensive.

Shipping is between 10$ and 40$ flat. You'll get free shipping on any order that is over 99$. So if you are under, just add something else in the cart and you'll save 10-40$ and get an extra case or accessory for you or a friend!

All US orders are shipped directly from our warehouse in Champlain NY. That means that if you are from the East Side, your order should arrive in about 2 business days. Center of USA should take about 3-4 business days and further away West would be 3-6 business days depending on where you are exactly.

Nanuk Hard Cases Shipping Times

We use UPS Ground for most shipment (except for freight orders). We also sometimes use Purolator and Canada Post (for PO Boxes)

There are no pickups available at the manufacture.