Medium Hard Cases


      Are you a photographer, engineer, or businessman who needs to keep your gear safe with an indestructible, briefcase size, hard case? Don’t trust just any briefcase or bag to protect your high value gear.

      At Hard Cases, we believe that you shouldn’t have to sacrifice protection for portability. Equipped with an ergonomic handle, lightweight (yet durable) construction, and an optional shoulder strap, our line of medium Nanuk hard cases are designed with hand travel and over the shoulder transportation in mind.

      Got a client waiting across town for some glamour shots? Our Nanuk cases are the end all protection mechanism for high-value photography kits. Whether you walk, ride your bike, take a crowded bus, or throw your camera gear in the back seat of your car, you can rest assured that your gear will arrive safe and sound.

      Have high-value intellectual property on your hard drive? Choose one of our medium, briefcase size, hard shell cases as your trusty laptop case for cross country and international travel to keep sticky fingers away from your work.

      Need to transport a piece of life-saving medical technology to an operating room across the country? All of our cases are waterproof, dustproof, shockproof, and crushproof. Rest assured, your expensive medical device will be ready to roll when you arrive!
      How do our cases raise the bar in protection?

      Each of our medium line of Nanuk cases comes equipped with…


      • Impact resistant lightweight NC-7 Resin, built to keep your luggage light, while ensuring that your devices and valuables stay shockproof and crushproof.
      • Fully customizable protective interior options, so that you can adapt your interior to the exact instrument that you’re transporting.
      • A PowerClaw latching system built for complete security. Add one of our TSA certified pad locks to keep the wrong hands out.
      • Dustproof IP6X Rated seals that will keep your camera gear dust free and ready for tack sharp shooting.
      • IP67 waterproof gaskets that are designed to maintain a perfect seal, even after years of use.
      • Innovative pressure equalization technology, so that not even air pressure can alter your instruments.
      • And more!

      Our medium line is perfect for hand travel with important laptops, photography kits, videography accessories, and scientific equipment. They also function perfectly as an engineer’s tool case, and for the transportation of sensitive medical instruments. And that’s not all!

      With fully customizable pick-N-pluck pre-scored foam, you can adapt our protective cases to any of your stowing needs. You can even use our cases to store invaluable family heirlooms, photo albums, and collectibles during cross-country moves. Home owner’s insurance won’t buy back your children’s baby pictures, but our cases will keep them safe for generations!

      Comfortable in your hand, and over your shoulder!

      With the purchase of a Nanuk case, you’ll receive an ergonomic handle perfect for hand travel, light materials, and a comfortable load-spreading shoulder strap, so you can transport your valuables in full comfort and with complete protection.

      Your valuables deserve to be protected!

      Choose from 5 medium hard cases equipped for comfort, portability, and complete protection. No matter what you need to stow, our cases are ready for the task.

      Available Models Include: Nanuk 915, Nanuk 920, Nanuk 925, Nanuk 930, and Nanuk 935.

      You’ve invested in the best. Protect it with the best. To see more sizing and feature options, click here to explore our full selection!