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Small cases for gear protection during travel and adventures

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Security and Protection for Your Pocket-Sized Valuables

Tough Protection for Your Travel Essentials

When travelling, it’s important for all of your valuables and important documents are kept safe and secure. However, keeping track of all your belongings while on-the-go can become overwhelming. Luckily, with the Nano 320 you can relax knowing that all your travel essentials, like cash and IDs, are safe and secured in one space.

Easily Accessible Storage

Hate having to rummage in a large backpack for your small valuables? With the Nano 320, you never have to worry about losing your pocket-sized items in the bottom-of-the-bag void ever again. Keep all your small valuables organized in this convenient case and secure it to your bag, belt, or wrist for quick and easy access.

Perfect Companion for Your Next Adventure

Expertly engineered with high-grade Canadian materials and an IP65 dust and water resistance rating, this tough little case is built to follow you on any adventure. No matter where in the world your travels take you, you can be sure your Nano 320 will they're keeping your valuables safe and secure against any element or impact.