Shotgun Cases


      Made to keep your shotgun fully protected without spending a fortune

      If you are looking for some shotgun cases, we have two hard cases models that can accommodate the size of this gun. The Nanuk 990 and the Nanuk 995 are our best sellers for anyone who collects and uses long guns. 

      These cases are military graded and have lockable latches so you don't have to add any padlocks on them (but you can if you want to add extra security).

       The Nanuk 990 is the Best Shotgun Case

      Made from a lightweight but solid resin, those two shotgun cases are perfect if you need some extra space for ammunitions or accessories when going to the shooting range. 

      These shotgun Cases are Proudly Designed and Made in Canada

      All Nanuk cases are designed and Made in Canada and come with a Lifetime Warranty on the case and replacement warranty on the foam. 

      Talking about foam, for your shotgun, you can use the full foam option and cut through it using a sharp knife to the exact dimensions of your shotgun. This option gives you the freedom to lay out your shotgun cases any way you prefer.

      Soft Handle and High-Quality Rubber Wheels for Easy Transportation of your Shotgun Case

      Details like the soft rubber handle will feel nice and easier on your hands when carrying your shotgun cases on long distances. There are also high-quality polyurethane wheels (similar to rollerblade wheels) that you can use when the ground is a bit more level.

      There is no match for the Lockable PowerClaw™ Latches on those Shotgun Cases!

      The unique PowerClaw™ latches are easy to open and easy to close without snapping your fingers like some of our well-known competitors shotgun cases. The PowerClaws™ are secure and lockable. They will NOT open if the case is dropped.

      These shotgun cases are waterproof, shockproof and dustproof. Canadian and US military buy these cases from us for their special units.

      Discover heavy-duty shotgun gun cases at They are made to keep your shotgun fully protected without spending a fortune.