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Great little box

I was looking at nanuk boxes for quite some time. When I finally needed one for my "red little medical box", I ordered one. It does not disappoint. The construction is sturdy, well thought through with very nice clamps that won't open accidentally. It's rigid, waterproof and very well looking. Hardly imagine what else could I wish from the box.

Wheel gun Wednesday

I had previously purchased a case for semi auto pistols. The quality was amazing. I bought this box essentially immediately after receiving an email letting me know they were available. The service I received was second to none. These guys sell a great product and are a pleasure to deal with.

Great case

Very satisfied with the price, quality and the speed of shipping.

Great case

It’s a great case it does want I wanted it to do.I like the build in locks on the case and most of all it’s made in Canada.I all ready recommended it to a few people me personally I think it’s better than the pelican case.

Support local companies.

How do you like your Nanuk 938? On a scale of 10, let say 10! These cases are awesome, very very well made. We talk about supporting local product, this is one product that you should have. Forget the birds by Canadian products. Support local companies.

What was the #1 thing that made you say: Yes, this is for me? The clamp that seal and firmly close the case ! Wow, you feel it when you heard a CLOCK! From the clamp. It’s seals and my gear is protected. No worries it’s virus proof!

You well deserve 5 stars for this ! My next cases will be a Nanuk ! 😊

My Nanuk 945

I will need another case soon, as I like my Nanuk 945... Thanks for your great service, David!

Great case

The case was exactly as expected and the dimensions fit my items perfectly. Very rugged with excellent closure system. Highly recommended!

Best built pistol case

I had just purchase the 2-up pistol case, then ended up with a couple new pistols, so decided to purchase the 4-up as well. Also, my new range has a rule that when you uncase, all barrels must be pointed downrange. 4-up is perfect for this!
Holds all 4 of my pistols snugly and securely: Beretta 92FS, Glock 19, CZ75 SP-01 Shadow, full size Sig 1911. Couldn't ask for a better case. Will be excellent should I ever decide to travel by air as well!

Nanuk 923 Laptop Case

Fast service and great product. This case is a little heavier than traditional soft laptop bags but provides much more protection and has a longer lasting latch system that will out perform the zippers on normal laptop bags/cases. The inner sleeve has way more room than needed for my Lenovo X260 with 12.5" screen and I can easily fit my tablet underneath the inner sleeve. The only thing to be careful of is that when using the shoulder strap and walking between cars or getting in/out of vehicles, be careful not to bump your vehicle or the ones around you. No worry to damage the Nanuk case, since it is built very tough. When I am visiting locations and need to put the case down on wet or very dirty surfaces, this is no problem since the case can easily be cleaned up without water or other liquids getting in or the need to empty a soft case to wash and dry. Great product with a very long lifetime of use expected. It can be calculated to show that even with a higher initial purchase price than other solutions, the actual cost of ownership will likely be less when compared to other less expensive and durable cases/bags. If I use my motorcycle to travel or have to put my laptop in the back of a service truck, I know that my laptop is safe from the environment.

Thanks David

Hey CJ! Thanks for taking the time to leave such a great review of the Nanuk 923 Laptop case. I'm really happy that you appreciate the protection the case offers your laptop. You brought up some excellent points about the long term value of the case. This is not a cheap hard case but it will last a lifetime. Thanks again for your trust CJ!
Amazing quality

Saw this case at a local shooting range that another person had. I thought it was very practical instead of having 4 separate cases to carry restricted handguns in. When I found this one, it was the ONE. After receiving it at home, I was blown away by the quality and sturdiness of the case. I will definitely be buying more for other applications not related to firearms!

Nanuk hard Case

Very good Case. I used that one for travelling my tool from Canada to US by plane and everything is good. I love that case , it's very strong and with the TSA lock it's easy at the custom and to bring my tools safe everywhere. Thanks

Really good stuff!

Really nice case look pretty much indestructible, don’t really need a safe at home anymore this case is a safe by himself.


It fit the case perfectly and the pouches had more room than I thought they would. I also found the mesh material to be stronger and of better quality than it appeared in photos, so pleasantly surprised. Very happy with the lid organizer.

NANUK is the best!

The amount of gear you can have in one case with this Lid Organizer is amazing!

Nanuk 940 on PBR Bullriding Tour with Feature Productions

We have quite a few Nanuk cases that travel with us on the PBR Monster Energy Bullriding tour across Canada. They protect our gear and are durable and reliable. The 940 specifically, houses an ATOMOS Sumo19 monitor/recorder and does a heck of a job!! Love these cases.


Je magasinais un coffre de transport de grande qualité pour ma carabine depuis un bon moment. Ce coffre est simplement parfait. Il y a beaucoup d'espace. Le foam est de grande qualité, le case est robuste, les pentures et barrures ne sont pas cheap il se barre! et je n'ai pas peur de mettre des objets de valeur à l'intérieur. Il roule très bien avec les roulettes style ''roller blade''. La qualité est indéniable Merci David pour ton bon service.

Padded Dividers for 935

They are well built but that’s about it. The website has many pictures leading you to believe you have a variety of ways to set up your dividers when in fact you don’t - it’s very misleading and fooled me! Your options are quite limited (2 long and 8 short with limited ability to customize)! Unfortunately the dividers are useless for what I was hoping to carry in my case. It won’t even fit/hold my large telephoto which did fit fine in the foam insert. So money wasted! I opted for a backpack that would carry what I need.

Fantastic case!

Can't go wrong with the Nanuk 4 up. Well built and sturdy. I purchased the key lock latches as well, which not only simplifies opening it with one key, but makes it look nice and neat without cable or pad locks. I decided on this case so I could carry all my pistols in one easy to carry container. Pistols sit straight up and are all pointing in the same direction. Lots of room for the trigger locks and spare magazines. I did have to cut a bit of foam out for my revolver however, but it was no big deal. Very happy with this product and David was very helpful and polite. Quick responses to any questions I had. I would recommend these cases to everyone.

5 ⭐️ for 4up

Great product way to go 🇨🇦. Being able to use trigger locks is very important to me. Fits my pistols and extra magazines. Highly recommend adding the PowerClaw latches for easy legal transportation.

It’s just perfect!

Best Pistol Case on the Market!

After looking at many aftermarket cases, this case offers the greatest protection for my Glock 34 with red dot optic. Would definitely buy from again.

It broke

I like the latches I like the idea but the life of them was very short. The lock cylinder went out of one of the latches and they replaced them both with entirely new latch assemblies at no cost to me. I hope the new ones last however due to the quick failure of the first one I am a little skeptical. I gave them four stars because of the no hassle replacement and fast service not because of the lock.

Great use of space that I didn’t know that I had

Using the lid space is brilliant. I ended up re-purchasing the upgraded lid organizer so that I could fit an iPad in there and not take up case space. A friend uses that space for anMacAir which also fits nice and where I got the idea.


Great as always!

Highly recommend!

Great quality and holds my guns safe and secure. Highly recommend. Decided to buy it as it’s much easier than carrying 4 individual cases!