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Very good experience

Im happy with my purchase with no issues,the custumers service is top thank you David!

Hard Use Gear

A tough Canadian made product, love it!

Good quality

Good way to secure your case. The only drawback would be the removable rubber leash which is supposed to secure both parts of the lock. Because it can be removed, it is highly probable you may lose a piece of your lock.

Love my new lid organizer

It allows me the use all of the space available in my nanuk case! Love it

Thank you very much Alex for this kind review! :) Keep on traveling man!
Expensive but worth it

Bought this case for my recent AR since I didn’t have the time or want to put the effort into cutting my foam to size, I could also never get close to the finish quality of the cutting that it comes with. Here’s all that I can fit into the factory cut foam that came with the case
- Rifle with optic, plenty of room around for flexibility in setup,
- 2 Safety glasses,
- 1 in ear and 1 over ear hearing protection
- 1 desiccant container,
- 1 spare parts kit
- basic tools for spare parts and optic

The slot on the lower right side is what I use for ammo, here is how much I can fit into it in addition to all the above mentioned gear
All rounds are 5.56 NATO
- 220 rounds in original packaging (with empty mags)
- 220 in boxes + 160 Loaded mags (380 rounds)
- if I use up all empty spaces around the rifle by placing 20rd boxes of ammo, I can fit an additional 9 boxes wherever they fit bringing the total to 220+160+180=560 rds, which is more than enough for a single day of range use. (1063 loose rounds if you get rid of the boxes)

Is this case expensive? Yes.
Does it feel overpriced online? Yes.
Is it more durable than a pelican? Absolutely.
I have multiple hard cases from carious brands and the nanuk cases are hands down better than any of my cases.

I really enjoyed reading your throughout review BrownBear. That's exactly the kind of details that other customer will appreciate when choosing their cases. Thank you so much for taking the time to share this. Hope you'll enjoy this Nanuk case for years to come!
Upgrade to padded dividers.

I originally bought my Nanuk 930 case with the foam inserts as I thought they would work best. They are fine, but when the time comes to change the layout of the items, or add new ones, the foam is lacking in adjustment. The padded dividers work well and give you the ability to configure repeatedly. Wish I had bought my case with dividers from the start. Word to the wise.

Nanuk 935

I love the case, durable, good/professional looking and handy with wheels

Just returned from a 3 weeks vacations and my first trip with the Nanuk 935. It was great! My carry on size Nanuk did fit even in small space overhead compartment in smaller planes and took some serious abuse , as we made 8 top 9 stops during our trip. At first I was concerned that the 935 would be too small, yet the inside carrying volume is surprisingly large; I carried two DSLR camera, one large telephoto lens and several other photo lenses and equipment , plus I managed to carve out some additional space for toiletterie and additional personal items. My only regret regarding this product is the lack of a front handle . Finally, although I love the product, they were some issues with the delivery of my Nanuk; it took a lot longer than expected to receive it. So beware of delivery time. Overall a great (Canadian) product that I would recommend; I will likely buy another one (the 935 bigger brothers)

Great must have accessory

These little cases are great! They contain moisture absorbing small orange pebbles that will turn green when they need to be "reheated" for the price you can't go wrong!

Great travel case for a lot of gear!

Good camera case for travel. Keeps all my important gear safe.

A Real 5 Stars

For a few weeks I was looking at a case to put my live engineering equipment in. I found a rolling Nanuk online for a stupid good deal, and I bought the 935 without the dividers. Let me first off say, this case is unreal. It has more thickness than the pelican competitor, at a better rate for Canadians.

When I bought the dividers, I was willing to absorb the marked up pricing because of what I saved on the case. I thought there’s no way a few pieces of molded, encased foam should be over $100, but I was committed with the case, so I sprang for new dividers. First off, when I pulled these absolute UNITS outta the packaging, I literally said wow. These dividers are THICC.

Unlike Stark and Dr. Strange, I don’t see i reality where these dividers fall apart. No word of a lie, these are straight heirloom dividers, you’ll pass these down more than an Abrahamic Blessing.

I want to thank Nanuk for invading my DMs to get me to write a review, also #PROTIP - if you google a discount code, you can get 10% off.

Best case so far

I bought this case for my hearing aids. They fit perfectly plus the supplies to go with them.

Quality products

Dividers are perfect fit to my hard case , my items fit snug into it

The Nanuk 915 is a good size for my Canon Rebel DSLR with extra room for a 55-250 lens and accessories (charger, cleaning kit, sd cards, small flash). Quick shipping and excellent customer service. Very happy with my purchase.

Nanuk Cases

I currently own a number of Nanuk cases, 910 2UP, 925 4UP, 990 AR and a number of accessories. I believe that Nanuk has the best hard cases on the market accompanied with the expeditious and prompt attention of David any gun owner will not be disappointed with Hard Cases

Nanuk 935 Lid Organizer

Awesome addition to my Nanuk 935

A very nice upgrade to my 935 hard case. Makes great use of available space to organize, and have quick grab items from card wallet to batteries, rapid strap, lens caps I don't wanna loose or dig for, filters, micro-stream flashlight or headlamp, JBL Clip speaker, ect. The 935 is my favorite case for keeping my gear dry and safe when boating or canoing which I do exclusively with my nature photography. Excellent customer service from David. The lid organizer is simple feature but quality that will last and keep your gear tidy.

Best multi-handgun carrier I've seen anywhere

I chose the Nanuk 925 as I currently have two handguns (Glock 19 and CZ Shadow 2) and many mags for each. I will be expanding my handgun collection to 4 in time therefore when going to matches or the range, having one case to carry call makes packing for the range easier and convenient. Range bag, ammunition, targets, supplies, who needs multiple cases when one can serve your needs and make extracting from the hardcase with muzzle pointed down-range without having the turn your case to open in safe direction is a five star in my mind. Also, this is my second purchase from Hardcases.ca and the customer service is a six-star.

Love this case!

Instead of carrying 5 different cases, I showed up with one case to a shoot and it was so much easier. Quality case, wheels and locks - definitely worth it!

Nanuk 2up pistol case is awesome.

Fits my full size CZ P10F with 2 mags and CZ 75 with 2mags perfectly with trigger locks installed.Tucking firearm registrations between upper foam and lid and the 2 locking points makes this case legit.

Order was sent right away and zero shipping issues. Highly recommend Nanuk products and purchasing through Hard Cases.

Nanuk 915

It did the job of protecting my camera and lenses on a 3 week canoe trip in the NWT. Very good product for a fair price.

Foam inserts

They are great for what I needed

Le produit est parfait !

J'hésitais avec d'autre produit jusqu'à ce que David réponde à mes questions, à la St-Jean Baptiste, oui, oui, pendant une journée férié. Je fais souvent affaire sur internet et on ne m'a jamais aussi bien répondu, et ce, rapidement que pour l'achat de mon Nanuk 935. On m'a accompagné tout au long de ma transaction! Le Nanuk 935 est parfait pour mes appareils photos/accessoires. Je transporte régulièrement mes 2 boitiers, 4 lentilles, 2 flash, chargeurs et autres items important et tout entre dans la valise! Le coffre offre une protection incomparable et dénote un style unique. La poignée retractable et les roulettes facilite le transport de mes outils de travail. Je recommande à n'importe qui de faire affaire avec HardCase ! Un service d'enfer et des produits de qualité ! merci encore !

why is HardCases the BEST place to buy your case?

As many of you are reading this review, you might have stumbled on other websites such as amazon, nanuk, ebay.. but why is HardCases the BEST place for you to do business?

Service & Pricing.

David offers an incredible service to all of his customers.

Upon landing on HardCases, I instantly seen the quick chat option, sometimes these chats are a hassle to deal with where you need to sign up & wait till a week later to receive an email.

This wasn't the case for HardCases (had to throw this pun 😉)

I wanted a Nanuk 935, I was ready to purchase with whichever retailer had the cheapest price, HardCases had an incredible price but I wasn't 100% sure if all my equipment would fit..

I contacted David, less than 5 minutes we were in a full discussion about which case would best suit my needs, David was extremely helpful by sending me images with equipment inside to help me determine which product was best, he would even measure and go right down to how many inches I would have to spare based on which model I chose.

After a small discussion, I have purchased the 950, the quality of the product is fantastic and I am so fortunate to have found HardCases as without this, I would not had been purchasing the 950 and would had been disappointed with my product.

Fantastic service, best prices, you can't go wrong with HardCases!

Note: this review is in no way paid or sponsored, I felt the need to write a review since I had never heard of HardCases until my own experience and wanted to share my thoughts.

I highly recommend the Nanuk 905

I purchased this case for a river raft trip along the Yampa & Green rivers.
They were running high and rapid with the recent snowmelt. I wanted a
small waterproof case for my camera.

As the attached photos show, the Nanuk 905 easily fits a full-body SLR or
DSLR with a zoom lens. There is enough room for a small accessory or two.
If you are traveling with 2 bodies and/or multiple lenses then you will
have to upsize.

The case is lighter weight than others for the same interior size. The case
clamps are easy to use. The interior is easy to custom fit. Neither I nor
the case ended up in the river, but plenty of the river ended up in the raft
(see attached photo). The case was soaked multiple times, but the interior
was always dry. I was very pleased with the case and had multiple inquiries
from other members of the trip. I highly recommend it.