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Top of the line

Another happy rifle, top quality as usual.

Nanuk 915

Very good.


Great quality case fits my Glock 17 and 3 magazine's along with a combo trigger lock ... it has great latches and two spots for exterior locks ... What more can I say it's all you need and much more ... 5 stars

Perfect product

All what I wanted ! Strong, great details, excellent customer service.

995 Case

I purchased this for the rifle I'm getting built for the wife. This case it built like a tank, and I love the locking latches. I have "other" cases and I have no fear with this case of the wife getting her finger slapped from the lock opening. I would recommend this to anyone. This is my 3rd case and I see more in the future.

Nanuk 935

I bought the 935 to protect my camera gear for an upcoming trip abroad.
Unfortunately the company (Air Transat) has different specs for a carry on luggage.
I decided to keep the 935 because of its quality, and will use it as plan but not for carry on.

Nanuk 910 Classic Pistol Case

This case is so robust! Much much nicer than the original case my firearm came with. I can to make so SLIGHT modifications to the foam because of my magwell, the sight and the gerthier barrel, but with a steady hand a sharp blade, the cutouts turned out perfect!! Definitely recommend this case and the services provided my Hard Case! 

Sig P320 Legion

960 Lid Organizer Review

Overall this lid organizer is a step above the other guys. I use this for work to haul my tools on planes frequently. All the little things fit in nicely. If something had to be picked as the weak link, I’d say the zippers, but they are what you would find on a decent tool bag. You can store three high vis vests behind the organizer and a pair of work gloves easily. As far as increasing its capacity and organization I would recommend it to anyone.
Maybe in the future you could design a similar organizer with the egg shell foam infused on the liner its self in the voids? It would probably help stabilize everything for air travel and the baggage handlers. I have to keep the regular egg shell foam in for this reason but then I loose a tiny bit of space in the case itself.
Great buy for the money!

The best protection you can ever get for your investments.

Ever since I purchased my Nanuk 935 for my handguns and love it, I swore to myself that I would buy the same kind of protection for my expensive LRR's (long range rifles). With the weather being so damp half of the year on Vancouver island, I needed something that could protect my firearms from moisture and damage. A BIG thank you to David for giving us a 50% off for the Christmas holiday. So I finally purchased 2 Nanuk 995's (Tan & Olive) for myself in December and all I can say is that just like my 935, the quality of the product far exceeds any other products I looked at. I very seldom write reviews on products unless it meets my strict standards, but when there is to be an exception to be made, these cases are definitely it. So do yourself a favor and purchase the best protection for your investments you can buy. You'll be tanking yourself for making a very sound decision. I have yet to find anything that I don't like about these cases. The craftsmanship, the look and the price are excellent. Thank you again David for making such a great product and making the transactions so simple. Best regards from the West Coast... Steve

Great product

Perfect range case for Canadian shooters.

Nanuk Sony A7

The case works well. Just found that with certain lenses you can’t put to much in the lid organizer. As it puts pressure on the lenses when trying to close.

Amazing gift!

This was a Christmas gift for my husband. Although he had a feeling what it was, he was thrilled to receive it! It is well constructed and was easy to use. The case itself is very durable. The inner accommodated the guns very well and held the, very securely. Amazing product!

Great cases!

I bought a 2-up gun case for my wife... only for a full-size BB gun at present, but still... impressive workmanship, very sturdy, great latches (better than my old Pelican case) and the color (granite) was perfect. No imperfections at all!

I will definitely be moving Nanuk Hard Cases to the top of my list!

Nanuk 904
Fine Cases, Fine Prices

Our organization rents production equipment to independent artists. Most of these folks aren't professional film or video people and, as such, our gear can take a real beating sometimes. Nanuk cases are exceptional and have kept our stuff safe and sound for years. From artists documenting their work in the frozen arctic, to adventurous videographers taking technology into the wilds, our cases and equipment have seen it all. HardCases.ca is our #1 source from here on in.

Sony 935 Case

Very nice case that is perfect solution for your carryon requirements. While most of my lens are primes i did fit all in as well as the 100-400mm GM lens. My Nanuk 940 case is more versatile with multiple configuration but it is to large for carryon travel so keeping both. Feel the 935 case provides better protection and also has room for my Macbook as well. Would recommend especially is you use zoom lens as detailed in Nanuk’s description

Very good

Very good and sturdy small cases (nano series). Actually, a very good deal while they were on sale...

Service impeccable et rapide !

Wow que de bons mots !!!!

Review 935

Better feature . Handle. Rolling.most Important is the price

Great Case

Bought the case to house stands and ridiculously expensive anodized pipe for my MYT dolly for safe transport and storage. Makes it easy to move around and now everything I need fits in two cases. Love the Nanuk cases and this is just one among many. Keep em coming.

Nanuk 909 Glock Pistol Case

Awesome 925 Case

My 4 pistol case fit all my mags and trigger locks. Would highly recommend this product!

Hard cases.ca

Ordered foam for my Nanuk 930 through hard cases.ca - arrived quickly and was the perfect fit.

Solid as a rock!

Picked up a Nanuk 923 Laptop case recently for my 16" MacBookPro. I have used Nanuk cases for many years at work for video equipment as well as personally for off-road and aquatic adventures. There is something comforting about having your brand new and beautiful Mac sitting in a waterproof vault where you aren't worried about it getting wet, crushed or damaged in any way.
The case is a heavier than a soft bag but manageable. The inner sleeve is a nice touch for low risk environments. Service from HardCases.ca was excellent as usual.

Purchased to house some of my photography gear for everyday use as well as air travel.

My intention is for ongoing use as well as air travel. I need to feel confident the equipment is safe and protected and this is perfect. I purchased the TSA PowerClaw Latch as well. The quality in this product is apparent as soon as you pull it out of the box, down to the finest detail.


I was skeptical at first thinking that the case would be too big or blocky for my needs as a musician. I am currently using is to fit a 28 inch wide pedalboard and with the foam underneath it it allows me to carry alot under there in order to lug all i need. It is a bit blocky for me, but given the fact that its light i am able to look beyond that for the sake of ease of travel.