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Nanuk 910 2UP Glock

I was a little apprehensive at first given there are cheaper options but I'm a big fan of "buy nice or buy twice" and I couldn't be more satisfied with this purchase. Extremely well made and solid. Fit and finish are very good. This is the last case you'll buy, no question.

Great case

A well made case, I like the construction better than my Pelican cases.

Nanuk 909 Classic Pistol Case

Precision Insert.

Close tolerances to insure snug fit to Nanuk 909 case. Purchased Classic Pistol insert for my Walther P99 40S&W. Fits perfectly for my handgun and as I understand it many other makes/models making the case very versatile. Quality of product components and close fitting tolerances make this product superior to lesser quality products in the market.

great case

The case is great as was expected!

Loving my Nanuk Cases

I have a tone of Nanuk cases from the Nano series on up. I use them professionally for video equipment as well as for my hobbies. When I'm working, my video gear stays safe and I don't have to worry about it getting damaged in transport. When I'm out on the trails on my dirt bike everything in a Nanuk case stays nice and dry no matter hard it rains or how much mud gets splashed around. I have other cases but I prefer the Nanuk as the cases are lighter and the latches are easier to operate.

935 Case is Great

Bought on Black Friday sale. Got a great price for a great case. Was using an Amazon Basics large which is same inside but huge outside, heavy and not great handles and closures. So much better! Great purchase and Hard Cases are great too.

Stage Case - Brian Roberts Magic

I use my 940 to transport props from show to show and as a stage case - it looks that good! I’m able to keep everything organized with the padded dividers and I know my props are protected while in transit. The Nanuk case had everything I was looking for.

Yellow!! Nanuk 935 that stands out, outstandingly!

I've been in need of a rolling case, similar to my Storm M2500, for a little while since I have more video gear – notably, Atomos Ninja Flame and it's accessories, plus LAV mics, custom cheese plates and cables. I was able to use the standard Nanuk 935 separators to configure a great fit for everything. The yellow colour is fantastic; I can colour code my gear cases now! Quality of build is brilliant, and I like the thoughtfulness of the enclosures, the hinge pins, and it goes on. Genius gear.

Awesome case

I purchased this case for my husband and he loves it. Great quality and lightweight. My husband is especially impressed with the PowerClaw latching system.

Good product.

Not mutch play to lock but still a great product

Bought 4 different sizes

They are all fantastic!

Worth every penny! Durable and functional

I purchased the Nanuk 935 and I love it! I own a Sony a73 and was mainly carrying my camera, and accessories using a backpack but knew I needed something with a hard shell to carry my gear when traveling or once my bag couldn’t carry everything. Now I only use the nanuk 935!! It’s amazing. I love haveing the case on wheels, and I know all my gear is safe. I would highly recommend.

Tout est parfait!! J’utilise le case pour transporter mon équipement de plonger lorsque je voyage en avion! Grandeur parfaite tout rentre et le poids du case est semblable à ceux de mes sac de transport prévu à cette effet!!!

Best hard case period.

You spend a lot of money on your guns and optics, why not give them the best protection you can. Plus they are made in Canada. Win, win.



Small, But Great!

This is a great little Case that packs a punch. I use it for my headphones for studio stuff. It’s fantastic!


Perfect for carrying glass pieces of all types, everywhere ! :p

)Thanks for the nice review Lucien. Very much appreciated! :)


New Travelling Luggage

Having seen first hand the way in which luggage is handled at airports across the country I couldn't bring myself to purchase any type of luggage whatsoever for travelling. Regardless of the various brands and their claims, they all get destroyed. The Nanuk Hard Cases would have to be intentionally destroyed by airport staffs in order for them not to be ruined. These cases can take a real beating.... scuffed up a bit, but no worse for the wear. The TFSA locks were a nice feature as well.

Hey Syl! I appreciate the 5 stars on the Nanuk 935. It's true that most luggages don'T stand a chance agains most airlines. Know that your case also has a lifetime warranty so if... if! One of those airlines chews onto one of your wheel, we'll be happy to send you a brand new set for free! :)
Nanuk 960

Awesome case, great service

Thanks for taking the time to leave that 5-start review on your case Martin!

Nanuk 923 DJI Ronin-S

These Cases are awesome as usual and best of all they are made in Canada. I will always support Canada first! I have now purchased these cases a DJI drone, Surveying GPS RTK system, and three other research equipment that are transported to the field. The cases are used at a research institution.

Thanks so much for taking the time to leave this review on the Nanuk 990 Kerry. Glad to have you part of the Nanuk family!
Super produit.

Extrêmement bien conçu avec une qualité de matériaux au dessus de la normal.Je recommande ce produit pour n'importe utilisation.

Merci pour les bons commentaires sur la Nanuk Jean-Pierre. C'est vraiment très apprécié!

Nanuk 925