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Nanuk 910
Torben Nelson (Sidney, CA)

Was looking for a waterproof case for boat electronics online found this one. Made in Canada - sold! Works perfect, everything fits nicely my dock neighbours are jealous!

Nanuk 933
Nanuk 933

Hey Mike,

Just got back from a camping/doc shoot in the Pacific Northwest off the northern coast of Vancouver Island.
First time to put my 933 to the test, it worked perfectly!
I’ve been a Pelican guy for many years, I was happy to find a case that was a bit deeper and able to fit my larger gear better.
I’m also stoked to support Canadian whenever possible.

I’ve already recommended Nanuk cases to colleagues and others which should result in a few more users in the near future.



Nanuk 915
Brad V (Ottawa, CA)
Great Case, and Made in Canada.

I use my 915 to store half of my first aid supplies for overlanding and offroading.

It is a superior case to others I’ve used; very well built with a more secure double-action closing mechanism. And the colour options are excellent.

Plus, it’s made in Canada, and that’s more important than ever.

Service and communication from Hard Cases was excellent, and they will definitely be my first stop next time I need a case.

NANUK 920 First Aid case
Dave A (Toronto, CA)
Solid case, works as a stool for a toddler too

I was keeping my first aid stuff in a tool bag, but finding things wasn't easy the way it opened, and wasn't waterproof/crushproof. Bought this, brought it to a cottage rental, and my toddler used it as a bathroom stool too. Great case!

Nanuk 960
Guillaume (Québec, CA)

J'ai acheté le modèle Nanuk 960, il est de grande capacité, permettant d'entreposer une trousse d'urgence de 72 heures et tout le nécessaire pour être autonome à court terme. Ça roule aussi bien sinon mieux qu'une valise de transport! Je vous le recommande!

Nanuk 910 2UP Classic Gun Case
Scott Matwishyn (Port Coquitlam, CA)

Love the case but am pissed off because now it is 30$ cheaper f___

J.R. (Amhertsburg, CA)
Great Nanak case!

Incredible case, amazing protection for your gear. Don’t think it about buying one, get one while you can!! Fast delivery, will be purchasing more in the future. Thanks!!

Nanuk 903
Martin Couture (Longueuil, CA)
Solid as a Rock

Great design, reliable & affordable!

Nanuk 940
F. Turner (Mississauga, CA)

Excellent quality

Nanuk 915
Michael Maguire (Dartmouth, CA)
Need cheaper dividers

Divider options are very expensive. Need to find a cheaper solution to this.

NANUK 915 For DJI Mavic Air 2S
Al Butterfield (Grande Prairie, CA)
Nanuk 915 for DJI Air 2S

Ordered the case because it looked well designed. It didn’t disappoint, all accessories for the fly more combo fit perfectly and the case is extremely durable.

Nanuk 904
J.M. (Prince George, CA)
Great case

Great, well built case.

Nanuk 920
Brad S. (Toronto, CA)
Quality I've come to expect

This is my 7th Nanuk case and I am as impressed with it as with the others. I bought the 920 with fabric dividers to pack mobile audio recording equipment. The dimensions on the site allow for buying the exact size of case that's needed and the dividers can be arranged in multiple configurations to fit your equipment. The case is sturdy and keeps my equipment safe from dust, moisture, and hard knocks. Highly recommended, especially because Nanuks are Canadian and better priced than the bird-brand cases.

Nanuk 910
John Liddle (St. Albert, CA)
“Bug-out Kit"

Wanted a secure and durable container for our vital documents in case we had to leave home in a hurry. The 910 meets this need. It is compact and the bear claw latches ensure that the case doesn’t accidentally open. Very satisfied!

Laptop Insert Kit for 923 NANUK Case
Travis Leonard (Calgary, CA)
Quality Product - If that's what you need.

Amazing product if it fits your purpose. Personally I needed a lid organizer for the 923 case - they don't make one specifically for the 923. So, I had to buy this kit. The lid organizer features in this kit are not to to similar spec/layout of the rest of their Lid Organizers which is a bummer - for my purposes.

Nanuk 910 2UP Glock Gun Case
Steven Renaud (Edmonton, CA)
Awesome range case

Bought this case for my MP 9mm and sig 40 s&w handguns. They both fit in this glock case and I love how strong and sturdy this case. I will be purchasing more for my revolvers and long guns. Thanks for making such a awesome product in many clouds.

Nanuk 955
Brian Beene (Battle Creek, US)
Protects like Fort Knox

Awesome case. I got the 955 in yellow. Really pops. Using this to protect / store two DJI Drones. The padded dividers work excellent for this. A bit on the pricey side but , you get what you pay for. Thing is built like a tank. Without question Nanuk makes the best cases for your valuables.

Nanuk 918
Pierre Bellavance (Boucherville, CA)
Perfect for Travel Trailer's LiFePO4 Battery.

I'll be using it to contain my SOK LiFePO4 Battery in front of my Travel Trailer.

Nanuk 985
Patrick F (Burnaby, CA)
Tried and True

Nanuk quality is exceptional everytime, 4th case and swear by them. Superior to alternate hard cases in design and comfort

Nanuk 915
A very satisfied customer (Toronto, CA)
These Nanuk products are great!

I have a few different types of Nanuk cases and I'm really happy with the quality and consistency across the Nanuk brand. Couldn't ask for better storage cases.

They're sturdy, and are air tight/water proof, evident when opening and closing these cases.

NANUK 950 15 UP Pistol Case
Amanda Biller (Edmonton, CA)

Works really great., nice that it has the flip handles, suitcase bar and wheels on it which is a lifesaver.

Our only nitpick is that the trigger locks have to go on a certain way, which is easy enough to accommodate but otherwise we are really happy with this.

Made transporting our apparently vast collection well, and we were able to combine everything into one case.

Nanuk 910
Noah De Haitre (Maple Ridge, CA)
Exceptional quality and service

I now have 2 Nanuk 910s. Will be recommending to others because they are that good!

Nanuk 963
Jurgen Brandmeier (Nanaimo, CA)
Nunuk Caes - Buy Canadian

Having bought, Pelican, SKB and Nanuk cases i find the Nanuk case to be as tough or tougher than the basic Pelican and SKB offerings and the hinges are definitely better. While specialized sizes are still being added, I can usually find a size that will work for me.

Additional, i love that I can finally buy a Made in Canada product and not take a massive bath cost wise. I will continue to buy Nanuk products as long as the quality/cost is maintained and they continue to be a Canadian owned and manufacturing company.

Nanuk 915
Paul Cheney (Brantford, CA)

Bought two cases one preformed for a drone and the other with padded divers for cameras, both are excellent

Nanuk 925 4 Up Gun Case
Mathieu LeBlanc (Rockwood, CA)
Very nice case!

If it had combination locks on the latches this case would be absolutely perfect! It is very well built and does the job very well. Good quality. size is perfect for 4 pistols. Very pleased!