Nanuk TSA PowerClaw Latches Retrofit

Nanuk TSA PowerClaw Latch Retrofit Kit

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You want a secure case but don't like dealing with generic locks?

We have you covered with the new TSA PowerClaw Latch Retrofit Kits.

We found a way to make our patented PowerClaw latches even better! They are now available with an integrated TSA accepted key lock. The easy to install retrofit kit can be installed on many* NANUK cases and adds another layer of security to your case.

Nanuk Case with TSA PowerClaw Latches

Each lock has a special code TSA001 to TSA003, which is used by the TSA, CATSA and other security agencies to know which secure tool to use to open the lock. TSA accepted latches are the perfect accessory for storing, securing and protecting valuable items at home, on the job site and in your vehicle. 

Nanuk TSA PowerClaw Latches Kit

These kits include:

  • 2x TSA Powerclaw latches
  • 2x Coded TSA keys
  • 4x installation pins (2x short, 2x long)

IMPORTANT: These TSA Latches are only compatible with the following Nanuk cases: 908, 918, 920, 925, 933, 935, 940, 945, 950, 960

Note that some of our cases have 4 latches. You can install 4 TSA Powerclaw latches but the cases will no longer meet TSA guidelines of a maximum of 2 locks (latches) per case.

Nanuk TSA PowerClaw Latch Retrofit Kit

  • $44.95 CAD
  • Save $5 CAD

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Warranty: Nanuk cases are guaranteed to function for years to come or we’ll replace it!

Real Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

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Locking Powerclaw Latch Kit

Installed these latches on my 935 gun case and they work and fit great. Easy install and very decent price. Same key that I use for my 990 AR case, which is perfect. I own 3 Nanuk cases now and they are pure quality, keep it in Canada folks. Excellent cases.

TSA Powerclaw Latch

I am really glad I got the TSA Powerclaw Latches for my 950. I didn’t want to fuss with padlocks. The latches lock securely. The best part of that is that all I need is a key. Not a key and 2 padlocks.

Certainly a great new Nanuk Accessory! We have been waiting for those TSA PowerClaws for a while now. They look good on a Nanuk 950! :) Thanks a lot for taking the time to leave another review Bic!
925 with PowerClaw latch kit

Very well made case. I have owned Pelican and Storm case before and these are just as good, better looking, and Canadian! Installing the PowerClaw latches was
simple - did it on the coffee table while watching TV! This will be mounted on my Triumph Explorer 1200 as a top case. Perfect size to carry the daily stuff and nice to not have to fiddle with padlocks.


Nanuk TSA PowerClaw Latch Retrofit Kit

TSA Lockable Latches

These latches work wonders on my NANUK 935. I tend to travel a lot for my job and use my NANUK to carry tools, now I don't have to worry about TSA cutting my locks if they ever have to get inside. Highly recommend and am an extreme fan of these latches