Rifle Cases for Hunters

Rifle cases don’t come more flexible and secure than NANUK gun cases. They are shock proof, watertight, vibration proof gun cases and the protective interior can be customised to fit one or more guns of specific types or a foam inlay can be provided that enables you to store any gun of a certain size. You can also fit padlocks or combination locks to the hasps at the top of the case to keep them secure too.

For the avid rifle collector with a sizeable collection, NANUK rifle cases of the same size can be securely stacked one on top of the other. The feet of one case fit perfectly into the recesses of the case below making them ideal for storage or transport purposes.

Foam layers can be added to the interior of the NANUK gun case. The top layer of the foam is made so that you can create a storage space exactly the size that you want using a simple sharp knife. Keep your gun collection or your prized hunting gun safe and secure with NANUK gun cases.