Nanuk TSA Padlock

Nanuk TSA Padlock

Bigger 0.25" Shackle Diameter for Extra Security

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Every NANUK case has eyelets built into their design that allows for the addition of padlocks. You can use your own padlocks or you can opt to have TSA accredited padlocks added to your case before it is delivered to you.

A TSA padlock is ultra secure and ensures that others can't get in unless they have the combination, but is also convenient too. Airport security is able to unlock the padlock and then lock it again once they have finished checking the bag and this means that the contents remain safe even after being checked. It also means that security will not need to cut through the padlock.

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Nanuk TSA Padlock

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  • Save $14.62 CAD

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Real Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 34 reviews
Great travel locks!

I had compared to other TSA approved travel locks and went for this one because of the thicker shackle. Easy to configure and fits the locking eyelets perfect, just like the regular padlocks I have, on the Nanuk 990 AR I picked up. Highly recommended!

Solid padlocks

Very solid construction. Impreesive. Highly recommend.

First thoughts - Nanuk TSA Padlock

I’ve just returned from my first travel with my new Nanuk 950 case and the 2 pack of TSA Padlocks. The locks were extremely easy to set the code. In fact, my code is....ha ha...don’t think so... Once the code is set and the locks are installed, they fit like they were made for the case. There’s no play in them, they fit nice and snug which should reduce damage while travelling I think.
All good so far!

Great lock!

Love the little dot that tells you if TSA has opened your case. It satisfies me to know :)
Very well built, would reccomend.

A little feature that we sometimes forget about but sure makes you feel good no one touched your precious stuff! :) Thanks for the 5-star review ont eh Nanuk TSA Padlocks Candace!
It just works

Lock works well, easy to change combination, fits the case perfectly making it less likely to be able to be pried open. Could be just a wee bit longer for even easier use. Will be buying more.

Thanks for the great review on the Nanuk TSA Padlocks DM. Let's hope we have some more in stock... We might soon change them all for TSA PowerClaws...