Nanuk 915 Case in Black

Nanuk 915

Great at keeping important things safe

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Perfect for protecting the camera kit on the next road trip

What does a Nanuk 915 case have in common with a bomb shelter? They’re both crushproof, nearly impossible to destroy, and great at keeping important things safe. But where the Nanuk has an edge is its handy, load-spreading shoulder strap and lifetime warranty. We won’t go so far as to say it’s a bomb shelter on your shoulder… but you get the idea.

Nanuk 915 in Silver Front and Back Views

Front and Back views of the Nanuk 915 in Silver. The 915 is a medium case, perfect for smalle audio or video kits.

Design the perfect interior for your equipment

Waterproof, crushproof, dustproof, the 915 is a military-grade, medium-size, disaster-ready hard case built for your most sensitive equipment. We also offer a compatible TSA-approved padlock to keep your case tamperproof too. In short, this baby is (just about) everything-proof.

Nanuks clean lines includes stackable shapes for secure piling of your cases.

The Nanuk 915's six color options

Customize your everything-proof hard case with your favorite of our six attractive colour options. The interior is fully customizable as well, with optional cubed foam that can be used to build the perfect protective environment for your valuables.

  • Nanuk 915 in Black

    Nanuk 915 in Black

  • Nanuk 915 in Graphite

    Nanuk 915 in Graphite

  • Nanuk 915 in Olive

    Nanuk 915 in Olive

  • Nanuk 915 in Silver

    Nanuk 915 in Silver

  • Nanuk 915 in Orange

    Nanuk 915 in Orange

  • Nanuk 915 in Yellow

    Nanuk 915 in Yellow

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Nanuk 915 Features

Each Nanuk case comes with unique features that makes it the pefect gear protection luggage to have either with you or for long term storage.

Nanuk 915 Features

Nanuk 915 Certifications

All Nanuk cases go through serious testing and we make sure all of them gets certified for the following conditions.

Nanuk Dustproof Case

Dustproof IP6X Rated

When taking your case to extreme conditions, you never know when the worst will hit your precious gear. From the hot vacation beach to the violent desert storm, you'll feel safe knowing that your Nanuk case is 100% Dustproof.
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Nanuk Waterproof Case

Waterproof IPX7 Rated

The waterproofing seal used in all NANUK watertight cases is custom designed to fit our products. The seal is designed to resist deformation and fatigue, ensuring a long lasting watertight seal.
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Nanuk High Impact Case

Impact Resistant NK-7 Resin

With rounded corners, thick wall construction and oversized details, NANUK durable hard sided cases are built to absorb the shocks without damaging the case or more importantly your contents.
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Man holding the Nanuk 915 Orange in hand

Nanuk 915 Specifications

Dimensions of the Nanuk 915 Hard Case
  • Case Weight (empty) 4.4lbs / 2.0kg
  • Interior Length 13.74" / 349mm
  • Interior Width 9.27" / 235mm
  • Interior Height 6.22" / 158mm
  • Interior Lid Depth 2.11" / 54mm
  • Interior Base Depth 4.11" / 104mm
  • Exterior Length 15.36" / 390mm
  • Exterior Width 12.13" / 308mm
  • Exterior Height 6.76" / 172mm
  • Max Buoyancy 35lbs / 15.88kg
  • Material Lightweight NK-7TM resin
  • Airline carry-on Yes
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Nanuk 915 Video

Nanuk 915

  • $123.19 CAD
  • Save $52.80 CAD

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Warranty: Nanuk cases are guaranteed to function for years to come or we’ll replace it!

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 87 reviews
Gimme More 915!

I started out light with just one 915, last year. Since then, I got another three of these. They're the perfect size for most of my camera gear, including all the key accessories and adapters (Sony A7s II, Panasonic GH5, and others for lens sets).

I usually draw out the most compact design I can fit each group of gear and... surprise! It's time to get another 915. I've had them in the most unpleasant situations: shooting at beaches (sand everywhere!) and under heavy rain, but this case always kept my gear dry and safe.

I want to say I'm stocked up with four of these but I already have some lenses down the line that will fit perfectly into one more 915. :)


Nanuk 915

Great Product, Excellent Company

I have been looking at hard shell cases for my Tamron 150-600 G2 for some time... eventually I decided on the Nanuk 915 because it fit perfectly and the latches are significantly better than Pelican cases or any of the Canadian Tire ones. HardCases.ca offers competitive prices and the occasional special as well as the full range of colours. I was looking at my local Henrys store but they only carried black and I really wanted a bright colour. I decided to wait for the first special that Hardcases.ca offered and purchased a Yellow one from them. Ordering was quick and easy, and delivery was as indicated so all round I was very pleased with the product (which is keeping my ultra-telephoto safe and secure) and with the company. Highly recommend both.

I appreciate the kind words Peter! I hope you'll travel and take your case on amazing photography journeys! Thanks again for stopping by and waiting for the right time to make your Nanuk 915 purchase! Yellow is a show stopper!
Solid case

Great size for multiple pistols and accessories

Thanks for the 5-stars Lindstrom! Enjoy the case for your trips to the range!
Well built case

I received the case on time, I received a thankyou email from the owner as well. In this day in age, it is rare to see such great business ethics. The case is as strong as any Storm Brand case I have ever had and used. The latches in my opinion my well exceed the Storm Brand cases. It has an extremely nice weather and water proofing seal, I would say is better than storm brand, made of a rubber less prone to long term deterioration. It has an auto pressure adjusting switch, better than Storm Brand, in the StormBrand if the case gets over pressure or under pressure, it must be manually vented in order to open the case, in Nanak cases it is auto adjusted, I would suspect set to normal atmosphereic pressure. This is great for anything that must be kept at normal atmospheric pressure, also helps in opening case easier. The case is well thought out, and every bit as good and better than Storm Brand cases. I have no issues in recommending these cases to anyone. My experiences with Storm Brand cases come from military and civilian uses, so my opinion is based on great use of the Storm Brand cases. If you are in the market please consider Nanak cases.

Thank you so much Richard for this great review on the Nanuk case. Nanuk is not as big as Pelican (Storm) but they sure can handle as much or more than the Storm cases. I have yet to get a client who was not impress about the Nanuk cases. And they are Canadian! :) Hope to see you again on HardCases.ca Richard!

Nanuk 915 FAQs

Is there a foam included in the Nanuk 915?

You have an option to add the foam during the purchase process. Make sure to select “cubed foams” in the cart options.

Can I use TSA locks in the Nanuk 915?

Yes, all Nanuk cases are TSA lock ready.

What is the weight of the Nanuk 915?

The Nanuk 910 case is 1.3 KG when empty.

Can I use Nanuk 915 hard case for my Ruger MKIV?

Yes, Nanuk 915 will give the highest and safest protection to your Ruger MKIV. It’s just the right size, not too small, not too big either.

Can I use Nanuk 915 for my lense?

Yes,Nanuk 915 can be used to store and secure lenses.

Can this be used to store hand guns?

Yes, a couple of our Nanuk 915 users are utilizing it for their hand guns. You can use the cubed foams to lock it in place.

I have Sony Cameras that I need storage. Can Nanuk 915 handle them?

Generally yes, Nanuk 915 will have enough space to carry cameras.

I travel alot with my CPAP Machine, will this work as a storage?

Yes, Nanuk 915 can be used to securely carry around your CPAP Machine.

I am planning to use this for my Mini Ipad, will it fit in Nanuk 915?

Yes, your Mini Ipad can fit inside the Nanuk 915 securely.

Can Nanuk 915 hold my audio recorders?

Nanuk 915 is a perfect size for audio recorders.

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