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NANUK 945 Black
NANUK 945 Black with Foam
NANUK 945 Black Empty
NANUK 945 Black with Padded Dividers
NANUK 945 Graphite with Foam
NANUK 945 Graphite Empty
NANUK 945 Graphite with Padded Dividers
NANUK 945 Olive with Foam
NANUK 945 Olive Empty
NANUK 945 Olive with Padded Dividers
NANUK 945 Orange with Foam
NANUK 945 Orange Empty
NANUK 945 Orange Padded Dividers
NANUK 945 Silver with Foam
NANUK 945 Silver Empty
NANUK 945 Silver with PAdded Dividers
NANUK 945 Yellow with Foam
NANUK 945 Yellow Empty
NANUK 945 Yellow with Padded Dividers


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  • Interior: 22 × 17 × 8.2” (Specs)
  • 4 Secure PowerClaw Latches
  • Waterproof & Shockproof Case
  • Made in Canada & Guaranteed For Life
  • Ships Free to Canada & USA
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One of the largest & most flexible

Of all the made-in-Canada Nanuk cases, the Nanuk 945 is both one of the largest AND most flexible. As with any other Nanuk, the 945 is waterproof, submersible, crushproof, and dustproof. With military-grade resin and exclusive PowerClaw™ lock and latch system, this case is both rugged and easily accessible.

Take advantage of the case’s size with cubed foam or padded dividers. These allow you to customize the inside of your case and design a fortress for your sensitive equipment. Whatever you choose to carry, build the perfect interior to keep it safe and ready for action.

Nanuk 945 in Silver Front and Back Views

Front and Back views of the Nanuk 945 in Silver. With 4 PowerClaw™ locks, this big hard case will keep your gear safe through the strongest earthquakes.

30 Day Satisfaction & Lifetime Warranty

As with every Nanuk case, the Nanuk 945 comes with a lifetime warranty. So don’t worry about drops, bumps, and shocks. Your Nanuk extreme-duty case will keep everything in working order without breaking a sweat.

Back and Side Views of the Nanuk 945 Case

Nanuk cases are made of shapes for secure stacking of your cases.

Available in six attractive colors

Scroll down to see it's attractive colors. You can also add an optional shoulder strap at checkout, to make transport a little easier.

Nanuk 945 colors

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NANUK 945 Interior Options

The NANUK 945 comes with multiple interior options. You can also create your own interior, one that is customized for a practical and clean look built to protect your gear for years to come.

Nanuk 945 with Cube Foam

Cubed Foam

Customize the foam to your needs with this soft and easy pick-N-pluck pre-scored cubed foam.

Nanuk 945 with Padded Dividers

Padded Dividers

Great for a multi-use case. Use it for a hard drive today and for a camera the next.

Nanuk 945 with Plexiglass

Plexiglass Cover

Made for specific needs. Customize and protect with a waterproof lexan plexi.

NANUK 945 Features

Each Nanuk case comes with unique features that makes it the pefect gear protection luggage to have either with you or for long term storage.

Nanuk 945 Features
Man holding the Nanuk 945 Yellow in hand

NANUK 945 Specifications

Dimensions of the NANUK 945 Hard Case
  • Case Weight (empty) 10.6lbs / 4.8kg
  • Interior Length 22.00" / 559 mm
  • Interior Width 17.00" / 432 mm
  • Interior Height 8.20" / 208 mm
  • Interior Lid Depth 2.10" / 53 mm
  • Interior Base Depth 6.1" / 155 mm
  • Exterior Length 25.12" / 638 mm
  • Exterior Width 19.88" / 505 mm
  • Exterior Height 8.76" / 223 mm
  • Max Buoyancy 121 lbs / 54.43 kg
  • Material Lightweight NK-7 resin
  • Airline carry-on No

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NANUK 945 Video

Customer Reviews

Based on 86 reviews
Gabriel D.S. (Saint-Clet, CA)
The best cases ever made

The Nanuk cases are to my opinion the best cases out there, the best quality and they will never fail you. I own 3 of them for the past 6 years and i wouldn’t change them for any other brand!

Luc Hamelin (Gatineau, CA)
Nanuk 945

The design, components and built quality of the case is excellent. The easy ordering process as a well as the quick shipping made it a great shopping experience.

I recommend to anybody.


Ian Cameron (Kelowna, CA)
Best Equipment Cases.

These cases are the best, using one for transportation of all the electronics on our commercial diver setup.

Hari Singh (Vancouver, CA)
Great cases

As a photographer, I needed a more secure method of leaving my unattended gear at photoshoot sessions. The backpacks had to go. I picked up the 945 to house my 3 cameras and 6 lenses. Much more professional looking. And with the purchased TSSA locks and a bicycle cable, I feel much more confident in leaving my gear locked up and unattended at concerts and events. And the orange color is awesome. It is also great for locking up and leaving in the back of a pick up truck. No worries of being stolen as opposed to leaving it within the cab of the truck. The only issue I have is that the optional lid organizer is sized for the smaller cases and with the 945 needs to be fit within the top lid foam insert as opposed to being the size of the lid itself.

Rene Pesant (Québec, CA)
Nanuk 945

I will use it this summer with my roof basket of my car

Tony Annanack (Kangiqsualujjuaq, CA)
Good to use

Would love to see customized fitting for chasing gladius mini s

Yves Bachand (Lorraine, CA)

Nanuk 945

Gord Tessier (Welland, CA)
Great Case!

Specs were exactly as advertised. Case works perfectly for our need and is not that heavy. The foam that you can cut to your needs is also very goods.

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Can Nanuk 945 float in the water with heavy equipment inside?

It depends on the content. The maximum buoyancy for Nanuk 945 is 120 lb | 54.4 kg.

How much is the shipping weight of Nanuk 945?

The shipping weight for Nanuk 945 is 15.8 pounds

Can I use safety locks with Nanuk 945?

Yes, our Nanuk 945 is compatible with our TSA-approved padlocks, your valuable possessions are safe.

Does the case lie flat when open or is there a hinge?

There is a hinge, and the lid opens to just beyond a 90 degree angle. The case will not flip over in case you leave it open.

Is this case lightweight?

Yes, Nanuk 945 is made of lightweight materials making it very convenient to carry around.

Is this airline carry on?

No. Nanuk 945 is NOT an airline carry on hard case.

Does Nanuk 945 comes with a strap?

You can use Nanuk shoulder straps with it.

What is the maximum heat temperature that it can stand?

Nanuk 945 is tested for the temperature range of Min -20°F (-29°C ) Max 140°F (60°C)

What are the interior dimensions of Nanuk 945?

The interior dimensions of Nanuk 925 are the following: L25.1" x W19.9" x H8.8"

Can I request for a customized color of the case?

We only offer the cases that are part of the collection line up. Customized size and colors would only be possible for thousands of orders.

Do you ship World Wide?

At this time, we only ship to Canada and United States