Nanuk 909 Classic Pistol Case

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The classic pistol case provides secure storage for many popular models along with space for 2 single stack magazines or 1 double stack magazine.

Nanuk 909 Pistol Case in Tan Color - A Small Case for one handgun

Perfect for law enforcement, military and gun enthusiasts

This case features resistant closed cell PEF foam construction for long term performance.

Fits multiple secure storing options

The case will also accommodate a pistol fitted with trigger lock as well as models with a beavertail design. The case can be locked using the two integrated eyelets allowing you to store, secure and transport your pistol with confidence.

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Nanuk 909 Classic Pistol Case Certifications

All Nanuk cases go through serious testing and we make sure all of them gets certified for the following conditions.

Nanuk Dustproof Case

Dustproof IP6X Rated

When taking your case to extreme conditions, you never know when the worst will hit your precious gear. From the hot vacation beach to the violent desert storm, you'll feel safe knowing that your Nanuk case is 100% Dustproof.
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Nanuk Waterproof Case

Waterproof IPX7 Rated

The waterproofing seal used in all NANUK watertight cases is custom designed to fit our products. The seal is designed to resist deformation and fatigue, ensuring a long lasting watertight seal.
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Nanuk High Impact Case

Impact Resistant NK-7 Resin

With rounded corners, thick wall construction and oversized details, NANUK durable hard sided cases are built to absorb the shocks without damaging the case or more importantly your contents.
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Man holding a classi handgun and placing it in a Nanuk 909 Hard Case

Nanuk 909 Classic Pistol Case Specifications

Dimensions of the Nanuk 909 Classic Pistol Case Hard Case
  • Case Weight (empty) 2.4 lbs / 1.1 kg
  • Interior Lid Depth 1.31" / 33mm
  • Interior Base Depth 2.37" / 60mm
  • Temperature Range Min -20°F (-29°C ) Max 140°F (60°C)
  • Max Buoyancy 10 lbs / 4.5 kg
  • Material Lightweight NK-7 polypropylene
  • Airline carry-on Yes
  • Warranty Conditional lifetime guarantee
  • Certifications ATA 300 | ASTM D4169 | Mil-std-810f | IP67 Rating
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Nanuk 909 Classic Pistol Case

  • $94.99 CAD
  • Save $26 CAD

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Warranty: Nanuk cases are guaranteed to function for years to come or we’ll replace it!

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Classic pistol case

Using my case for my Glock 17 gen 5 pistol . Awesome case and awesome quality . Bought the case cause it’s Canadian instead of buying a pelican case .

Thank you for encouraging a local company Andrew. We get more and more Canadian clients who understand this, just like you. We are proud to deliver an excellent Hard Case product. Thanks for the great review... Hope to see you around soon! David
Great case

Nice fit and arrived very quickly.

Thank you for the 5-star review on the Nanuk 909 case Edward. I really appreciate it!
Solid product

I got exactly what I ordered on time and with minimal communication.

Nanuk 909 Classic Pistol Case

Well built and comparable to market leading brands. Best of all it’s Made in Canada

Super Case!

Shipment update and everything was on time, with friendly email update regarding about shipment. Received case just how it was describe. There was a weird scratch mark on the back of the case but it doesn’t bother me much, it was probably from production. Overall friendly experience. Would be happy to return as a happy customer anytime to buy another one. Soon. :)

Thank you for the review Jonathan. I believe the mark you noticed on the back of the case are the cut marks from the molds. These are injection molded cases. There needs to be a part on the plastic that gets cut to release the case from the mold and it usually leaves a mark. We shaves these off but they never get as perfect as the rest of the molded areas.

Nanuk 909 Classic Pistol Case FAQs

How many magazines can be stored inside Nanuk 909 Classic Pistol Case?

You can store handguns along with 2 single stack magazines inside the Nanuk 909 Classic Pistol Case.

Can Nanuk 909 Classic Pistol Case be used to store 1911 colt classic variants and 1911 all brands variants?

Yes, the 1911 Colt Classic Variants and 1911 All Brands Variants will fit in the Nanuk 909 Classic Pistol Case.

Can I store my Ruger American Pistol in the Nanuk 909 Classic Pistol Case?

Yes, the Ruger American Pistol will fit in the Nanuk 909 Classic Pistol Case.

Will this Nanuk 909 Classic Pistol Case fit my Springfield Armory XD Variants?

Yes, the Nanuk 909 Classic Pistol Case can handle the Springfield Armory XD variants.

Is Nanuk 909 Classic Pistol Case compatible with Springfield Armory 1911?

Yes, Nanuk 909 Classic Pistol Case is compatible with Springfield Armory 1911.

Can I use Nanuk 909 Classic Pistol Case for my Tanfoglio Force 22?

Yes, Tanfoglio Force 22 will fit in the in the Nanuk 909 Classic Pistol Case.

Can I use TSA locks in the Nanuk 909 Classic Pistol Case?

Yes, all Nanuk cases are TSA lock ready.

Can I request for a customized color of the case?

We only offer the cases that are part of the collection line up. Customized size and colors would only be possible for thousands of orders.

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