The Best GoPro Accessories for Outdoor Lovers

GoPros make everything more fun. If you're travelling Europe, exploring the Amazon, or simply taking a weekend trip to a scenic area, you will experience beautiful vistas and memories worth sharing.


Wherever your journey takes you, picking up a GoPro and reliably being able to document every moment of the adventure is a wonderful privilege.

Not only will you capture some breathtaking, unforgettable shots, you'll be able to keep these memories for years for yourself, or as bragging fodder for your friends and family. Sometimes, a regular point-and-shoot camera just won't cut it.

gopro accesories

Picking out your GoPro is the easy part. Picking out add-ons and attachments is where things get tricky. Here, we will review some GoPro accessories to help you tailor your tech to handle any task.

GoPro Frame Housing

For all dry adventures, this accessory is a must have. This housing improves your sound quality and volume. This is the most important tool for those who are interested in vlogging! The extendable support arms very easily attach to an LCD Touch Backpack and are tight and secure.

HOWEVER, it is important to note that your GoPro is no longer waterproof when using this housing, so do not use this in damp or wet situations!

gopro mounts

GoPro Adhesive Mounts

These bad boys are the definition of versatile. They are cheap enough to be used as disposable items (under $11 for 6) and can be used for almost anything!

They come in a flat and curved design, giving you endless options on where to mount your GoPro. Kayaks, skateboards, helmets, bikes, car bodies, sleds, snowboards, guns, the possibilities are endless. It is important to leave the adhesive to set for 8 full hours if your activity is rigorous, to avoid any slippage or accidents. If the activity is less fast paced and dangerous, one hour would suffice.

GoPro Extender | “Self Stick”

The selfie stick gets a lot of flak, but it is actually an incredibly useful tool, especially for adventure photography with your GoPro.

selfie stick

Using a selfie stick on your low-megapixel, low-quality phone in a generic city space might be boring and indulgent, but they truly shine when capturing the wonders of the great outdoors.

Sightseeing begs for you to document your experiences, and the extender offers you the ability to capture beautiful, luscious scenes as the background to your travel portfolio.

gopro accessories

There are many types of camera extenders and accessories that cater to different scenarios and circumstances.

Attach a GoPole Bobber grip to your extender and you now have a light and easy to carry extender that floats in water. You can also get different mounts for helmets and other items that attach to your extender, making the amount of camera angle possibilities sky rocket.

RAM Mounts

These mounts are quick to insert and adjust during your fast-paced adventures. They can be adjusted to fit a variety of different items and tools. It can be difficult to pack for trips, especially when it comes to “luxuries” like camera accessories, so it's great to be able to bring accessories that have multiple uses. There are many different RAM mounts, including tough claw, short socket arm, and suction cup mount.

There you have it! These are our top GoPro accessories and gear. Don't stop here, though; there are endless amounts of attachments, mounts, and tripods to make your GoPro experience even more in depth and personal. And best of all, you can safely store them all in your Hard Case. Because of their foam insert and webbing attachments, customizing your case to fit your exact accessories is made easy. The Nanuk 910 is a superior choice for protecting your GoPro and accessories. Learn more here!