So let's continue here. 

You know it's just a wiser way to spend your hard earned cash moving right along we have an ammo case and a pistol case this is the 905 ammo case and right next to it in green, we have the 910 double gun case.

Nanuk 905 and 910 Hard Cases

So right now it's the pandemic people are buying guns and record numbers and being a gun owner myself, I think it's very important to be responsible about it which basically means that you should keep your stuff safe and lock it up when not in use especially if you have children. I don't have any children of my own that sad.

25 Round Shot Gun Shell Boxes

I think it's nice to properly store your ammo so that there is no accidents you know in a cool dry place locked up same thing goes for guns.

So right over here, you see that this is relatively small ammo case it fits about four of these 25 round shotgun and shell boxes as well as 500 rounds of 22 LR ammo and you got a little bit of extra room there to throw another box of ammo or anything else that you need and for extra protection against moisture.

500 Rounds 22lr Ammo

Nanuk makes these little moisture absorbers. So you can basically throw that in and rest assured that in addition to the case being waterproof, this thing will do its job keep your stuff protected and safe.

Nanuk's Moisture Absorber

These cases ship and when you just buy them without any accessories they just ship these latches that are dual step if you want to upgrade you can also get these lockable latches which makes them even better.

Upgrade Lockable Latches

Because now you have a lock and so the latches are almost identical except for the fact that you now have a key I said you know I have a key that locks the latch come on there we go.

So now that the latch is locked you can press it down thus you can't open it and so that keeps your ammo locked up and safe and you have the option of putting two of them.

Two-Option Lockable Latches

So that is the ammo case in a nutshell. Again when we get out of quarantine if there's an interest for it um maybe I'll put those through some serious waterproof tests because I think it'd be kind of cool to know whether or not you can send your ammo down the river or flood it in, rain or whatever and see if it's still dry.

so if you want to see that video leave me a comment below and I'll do my best to appease you  over here and let me grab another thing we have a pistol case.

I have a couple different trainer guns, these trainer guns are kind of for martial arts self-defense purposes.

Trainer Guns

They're clearly not real and basically you use them to try defending against you know if you're getting help up at gunpoint you can teach yourself and your friends how to get out of those situation.

And so for the purposes of this demo, I think they work well and it also shows you that a case like this can accommodate different styled guns.

Like for example I believe this is a smith wesson m 2.0 type pistol and then Nanuk has designed this case specifically so that It can accommodate for that widest range of guns. So this m 2.0 fits securely in the case it's not going anywhere likewise you have

Styles of Trainer Guns

I believe this is like a 1911 style gun with fake clips again for training purposes.

And so that's saying that the same case fits a completely different gun in a very secured fashion and so just to kind of give you an idea we can switch slots and show you that both lots accommodate for different style guns.

1911 Trainer Gun with Fake Clips

We also have this rugger that has an internal hammer and  with a little bit of finesse. You can see that this case can accommodate that style of gun as well so it's a very versatile case.

Rugger with Internal Hammer

Once again, it's fully waterproof I have every intention on testing that later on you have all kinds of configurations for different style clips.

You can store them any which way that you please sideways or upright I believe. I don't really know how that goes in like that and again and it's lockable.

Versatile Case

On this case, specifically you have a slightly different latch it's basically a smaller version of this and unfortunately I don't think you can install a locking latch like this on this specific case. But you do have the option of locking it with another lock and there's two of them.

So in effect, this case is still lockable but with a different lock and this right here is just like a little silicone attachment.

Silicone Lock

It just helps to not lose this piece but the locking mechanism itself is just a solid pin that goes into a lock and If I'm not mistaken these things are tsa approved which may not mean much anymore. Because who the hell is flying anywhere?

All right let's keep going! This right here is the Nanuk 995 long rifle case this is the biggest longest case that I own. It's also with the heaviest so uh for this a shoulder strap is almost mandatory because otherwise it's kinda hard to carry just like that off for the time being.

Nanuk 995 Long Rifle Case

This case is exactly the same as those except totally different by which I mean it has the same great latches, you still have the locking latches you could put up to four locks in this bad boy.

And then if you want extra security you can come over here and put four more TSA locks on it.

So if you want to go above and beyond with safety, you can put eight locks on this case and then nobody will get into it not even.

On the inside they have a really cool system which is a layer a multiple layer of different foam so as to accommodate the most diverse amount of guns.

So it doesn't matter if you have like a 22 single shooter or shotgun. This is are Minton 870 Super Magnum, you could just fit them in this case out the foam over it seal it up and you're good to go.

It's fully locked down it's fully waterproof, your guns are safe you know your loved ones are safe everybody's happy.

The other thing I really like about this case is say you have two shotguns or two rifles and a handgun or couple handguns, you can literally come over here and fit some more in.

And so I mean if I may be so crude it gives you a lot of bang for your buck that was awful very fantastic but the combinations are endless. That's kind of what I'm getting at and if you don't like guns I completely understand and respect that you don't have to use this case for guns.

You can use it on anything else that you want I don't remember the exact dimensions of this case from memory I don't remember the prices. 

So if everybody's interested in those specific details, I'll put all the links in the description below.

So once again if you want prices, if you want case dimensions I'll leave that to the pros and you can go in the description below.

Click on the links and browse away to your heart's content before all this craziness started. Before that, stay at home orders my friends and I started product testing this cases as well we threw one in a lake but our efforts got cut short nothing is very definitive yet you know in a preliminary tests were good but I'd like to do more testing before I can specifically vouch for the waterproofness of this case.

So If you want to see more tests again let me know in the comments below.

So right next to my longest case is my second longest case this is the 985 and I guess theoretically this is also a gun case though I'm not using it for that.

In this case I'm storing my bigger production lights so this case fits beautifully to production lights as well as just some random charger and things and one thing I absolutely love is under all of this foam you have extra room for diffusion 

Diffusion and various cucaloruses so this case is very very functional it's very well organized so not only can you keep your light safe but you can also do that in a manner which is very easy to use in the field and not to get too repetitive.

But again you can have locking latches you can use TSA security locks and so when you go traveling or if you just leave your stuff in your vehicle, you can lock it down and have incredible peace of mind knowing that your gear is safe.

Next in the lineup, we have the Nanuk 933 this is the girthiest case that I have whereas the other two cases were very long. This one's very deep and the reason I went with this one for the underwater housing is because it solved a very practical issue for me.

This aqua tech housing which houses my gh5 is extremely prone to scratches right this lens. You don't want to touch with anything even your fingers because if you put scratches in it then that'll show up on camera.

So one of the issues I was having is while trying to put my camera in this housing, I was always like balancing it on my knees awkwardly and while this is doable it's not ideal there's a lot of room for error so what this case allowed me to do is fit the case in this way.  

So now I'm hands-free with the case with the underwater housing I can stick my camera in the housing tweak with the settings set everything up then I can come over here seal all the latches pinch some of the foam while I'm at it and then bam

I'm ready to go so in addition to being very protective for my gear, It's just a very practical application that reduces error and damage and I also have a video about this case.

Specifically it's a tutorial of how to set up your phone so check that out I'll link to it below. Now here's another lens port Nanuk has these incredible little pouches the best I've seen anywhere or just random gear inside you can even use a laptop here if you want and everything seals perfectly and you have the same great latches that are fully lockable and now I am starting to sound like a salesman.

But I find that feature really awesome last but not the least we have the Nanuk 923 this is a case that's specifically designed for 15 inches laptops and so it's got this inner padding with lots of pockets that you can throw all kinds of chargers and things in you could throw a notebook or a mouse.

In this case, it comes with a protective sleeve that gives you even more goodness and I store my 15-inch MacBook in here MacBook pro with this case. Specifically I decided you know I threw a couple of my cases into the ocean let's play around with a river and so I packed my computer.

In this case and I got a little cocky. I sealed everything up and I threw it with my left hand I miscalculated and so before it fell in the river It actually fell dab smack in the middle on top of a log one two three Oh that's not good.

And so this case literally fell off a little cliff smashed onto a log and then fell in the river and I was like oh biting my fingernails because I didn't know it was my computer ruined did.

I just sink four thousand dollar worth of computing power. So I went and fished it out of the river and zero damage, zero moisture compute still works fine once again the proof is in the pudding.

I mean If I'm I don't know what else to say all of these cases are incredibly well built and have time and time again proven their utility to me and so that's why I'm making this video because somebody out there might find it helpful you know might help out a production team somewhere might help out an individual.

Somewhere that is traveling and wants to protect their stuff I think that's about everything I have to say on this subject this video is already a little bit longer than i would like but I just kind went for it and talked honestly on this channel.

I only plug and review things that I find useful myself That I myself believe in and use and certainly these cases are that so I hope you found this helpful for more videos just like this but totally different subscribe o this channel