Nanuk Nano 330 Review

Part of the gear is in here, this is my closer look at the Nanuk Nano 330, I was actually buying this case - this pistol case which was 75 bucks from hard cases but then I had to pay for shipping it was like 20 bucks for shipping or 25 and this was 30 and that got me to 100 bucks and therefore free shipping so I bought this one too, even though I didn’t really need it.


Now I’m gonna give it a review ‘cause I didn’t really see a review online there.


This kind of case is designed for taking it to the beach, taking places where you need a small case that can carry your valuables - stuff that you don’t want to get wet or dusty or whatever so if you’re gonna take your phone and wallet and some stuff to the beach - this would be perfect for that and one of the cool things that I found, first I’ll show you guys the latch here.


This latch, you can’t open it just by pulling on it you actually have to push down on here and then it will unlatch this latch at the top here and then we can pull it open. It’s a little bit dirty in here actually I put a bunch of bullets in here and weighed it down and then threw it in a bucket full of water to see how waterproof it is and it’s not, it’s water-resistant so it will resist like splashes but you can’t immerse this thing, I had it in about a foot at foot and a half of water and it was letting just a little bit of water through the seal.


So, that’s the difference between like you know, an ip65 which is I think this is a 65, 6566 it’s not waterproof anyways, it’s water-resistant. And another case which is which would be waterproof so this is good for the beach, it’s not good for scuba diving or anything like that.


One thing that I wanted to show you guys was this, this meshing at the top it just kind of pulls off these loops - it’s not tight at all and you know kind of noticed that it was pokey, it was see-through over here, I think the idea is you take your phone, you stuff it in there - I’m just gonna get it in aligned, kind of like that - this a Nexus 5 and you can see I got a little bit of room on here, if you have like a big phone you might not be able to fit this with a big bumper as well or a big case.


There you can see that - oh look at that! - you can see your phone so if you got a notification and your phone is set up to show notifications even when the screens off, you will be able to see it on your phone.


Let me just turn my screen off, there we go, so cool thing about that is you know if you’re hiking or something like that, you can put your phone, wallet, some like keys and some other stuff in there - your phone is kept separate from everything else with that silicon, bra-strap thing in there that mesh and your phone is easily available so if you turn it on vibrate, you might be able to hear this thing vibrating and then you could take a look before you decide whether you’re gonna answer it or not and it’s being covered in and cared for in there right.


We’ve got a pressure equal as you’re in here and if you have anything in there that gets hot an starts expanding that will blow out so that you don’t destroy your case and that’s about it for the inside of the case.


This could also be used for like GoPro or something like that, something that you need to like pull out to a location, there is a seal on the inside here but again it’s rated for water-resistance like water spray and stuff like that would be fine but like actually dunking it in water is not advisable.


So, some other thing I wanted to show you guys because I mean it’s just a small case like who cares right but it’s got a couple of interesting options to mount to a bag so we’ve got these loops on a side here that’s kind of neat.


There are some through-holes here that you could use to put a strap through, those are kind of needs but then we’ve also got these clips here and that’s meant to be used with this, they call it their smart strap, I mean it’s a strap but it’s kind of neat. It’s actually keyed so you see it’s got that nub there that lines up with this note here.


This is hell trying to record but pop it on there and now it’s set up for one of two ways, one of them is to just strap it to your wrist so you just throw it on your wrist and badabembadabum you got this big honking thing hanging off your wrist - boy that sucks, I don’t know if I would use it for that.


Two: you could actually strap this to your bag so if your bag has a strap or webbing or something like that, you could get this in there and then just pop your strap through there and then once more and you’ve got a secure hanger, I guess on your bag and at any time you can just squeeze these guys here, pull the whole thing off or then slap it back in and it’s pretty secure I wouldn’t, you know, wouldn't hang off of one of these things but it’s good enough for the weight and then the other option is that you can actually strap it to itself along the back here.


And now this would be if you really wanted to strap it for strength against the backpack or something like that, you would have your, you know, your backpack webbing in there and you would go ahead and run it through this loop here - come on and then all the way around, obviously you can adjust for tightness, get in there, pull that guy through and then through there.


There we go, so that’s your other option on something like this, again you can always just undo this guy here and then you’re loose so easy enough to pull off. We’ve got options at the both sides here for that kind of a strapping and that’s a pretty easy way to kind of grab onto this thing and hang onto it. So I thought again, quickly review of the Nanuk Nano 330. Thanks for watching.