Hey guys! How’s it going up here in beautiful Malibu with Bill, what’s going on?

Good, those gonna help us guess review the Nanuk 945 phantom screen full, so dude how did we get up here?

Well, we just got in this hill here in little off-road fashion than the four-runner dig, I got a lot of crazy locations whatever. I need something that I know I can keep my gear safe.

Alright dude, well I’m gonna leave this review to you right now. Sorry, I’m gonna jump behind the camera.

So my first impression of this Nanuk case, this padded strap I don’t really nobody anybody else has given padded straps for their cases because I mean who knows how far you’re gonna go? You don’t know how far you’re gonna go to your location but this, this is laughing – this is an easy carry-on and if you don’t like the strap, you just take the strap off.

Next thing you see, a nice comfortable grip in the hand; when you’re going elevations, I climb a lot of mountains you have the auto-pressure equalizer. Sometimes, I’m driving up mountains – 10,000 feet, 12,000 you don’t know where you’re going but it’s good to have one of these so the pressure does not build up inside.

The second look at it, we have these great clips you gotta push down open them up then pull them back and then they’re locked in this position so it won’t even close on you unless want it to be closed so this is great, so it won’t happen in route anywhere won’t happen in travels, parking – this case is not gonna open.

Alright, so here I got my new Phantom 4, Phantom 4 batteries, this would also come to this really cool I’m digging to this too – a nice little soft pad for my gimbal, see my nice gimbal I know it’s safe driving off-roading I don’t have to worry about it. It fits the Phantom 3, pull these out put your Phantom 3 batteries in the same slots. It’s great, I got a nice little slot here for my iPad; pull these out, you got memory card slots and then over here tons of room on the side for my extra blades, extra polar Pro filters gotta have your filters; back here put your charger; over here we can pull this insert out, put your wires; more filters, whatever you need back here – maybe you want to store a juice box drink for when you get there and knows. I’ve got a nice little snug spot over here for the controller; tons of room, I mean this case has a great amount of room I know I can take it anywhere, put everything I need in here and I’m good to go for almost any adventure.

Alright guys, that was my review on the Nanuk Phantom 3, Phantom 4 case.

Yeah thanks Billy for doing a review for us today.

Oh! Thanks for having me man. I love seeing new products coming out, it’s great probably this industry is evolving.