GoPro Adventure Photography Tips and Gadgetry

GoPro cameras have galvanized the audio-visual recording world, and have opened many doors for action and adventure photographers vying for the coolest shots possible. It is not uncommon to come across battered old GoPro cameras that have seen more sights than most people have crammed into their lifetime. Dinged up, dirty, and full of "character," these GoPro cameras will have traveled the world, strapped to their owners while they scuba dive, surf, ride the bus, scale mountains, skydive, ski, snowboard, and more!

With a bit of practice and some informed advice, GoPro cameras can help you bolster your portfolio with incredible action shots previously reserved for top-tier pros with high-priced equipment. Now, the Tank Quadcopter Drone and Seawolf GoPro Submarine give you even more shooting options to explore so that you'll never compile a boring photo album again, so long as you know how to handle them.

Read on for some GoPro tips and a quick breakdown of these new remote mounts so that you can conquer land and sea with your camera!

GoPro Adventure Photography Tips

  • Conserve your battery at all costs. In order to be so portable, GoPro cameras need to be small, and that means having smaller battery cells. One simple and effective battery-saving tip is to turn off your WiFi whenever possible. Adventure photography is about getting off of the grid anyway, so pull yourself away from your Instagram account and soak up your surroundings instead. You can thumb through Instagram filter options in the comfort of your own home or hotel once you've made it home safely with a folder full of powerful shots.

    Additionally, we recommend turning off your GoPro's sound and LED indicator lights whenever possible. You can always tell when your camera is on manually by glancing at the screen, and these two features will leech away your battery life if allowed to run constantly.

    As a general tip for field GoPro photography, try to have at least 2 batteries with you, and get into the habit of charging up at bedtime.

  • Protect your gear properly. Adventure photography can take you through all sorts of hostile environments where you need confidence in your cases to get the job done right. Adventure motorbikers need impact protection for the hard falls they inevitably experience; grueling desert treks call for air-tight casings that ward away even the smallest grains of sand; days spent under open sky demand water-tight seals. Nanuk Hard Cases lock out the elements with their hard shell, and enrobe your equipment in impact-resistant foam so that your gear stays safe on the back of a bike, the heart of a sandstorm, or beneath a bloated rain cloud.

  • Limit fogging. Fog can ruin an otherwise otherworldly shot. The plastic housing inside your camera will fog up whenever it is exposed to dynamic temperatures and humid environments. If you are surfing on a sunny day, you will have to fight fog. Even if you are in a colder climate, the contrast between the outdoor air and your warm battery could cause some moisture or fog to build up. In general, you should store your camera in either its Hard Case or a plastic bag with desiccant packs made from silica gel when you know you are entering into a foggy or humid environment.

    You don't need to keep your camera shut away the entire time, though. Fortunately, special Anti-Fog Inserts can be purchased, and they could be the difference between a stunning photograph and a soupy shot destined for the scrap heap.

  • Tighten up before you take off. Tighten your GoPro's screws before you venture off to chase that perfect action shot. Your GoPro can handle a lot of abuse, but loose mounting screws can make you miss the shot you risked your life to get! Don't let a sudden screw slip ruin the moment. Pack a small screwdriver for quick adjustments before you take off.

    Additionally, don't forget your locking plug! Wondering what that little white rubber piece is that came with your GoPro? Your locking plug is inserted after you mount your camera. It ensures that everything is locked in locked, and minimizes unwanted vibrations.

GoPro Gadgetry for the Adventure Photographer

Let's take a look at some new releases in the GoPro photography world.

  • Tank Quadcopter Drone – If you thought your GoPro was tough before, wait until you strap it into its own armoured vehicle. Whether you need to position your GoPro on land or in the air, the Tank Quadcopter Drone can help. It combines a patented tank-like tread system with a powerful propeller, and yet it only weighs 84 grams. This all-terrain vehicle can fly for 9 minutes, or crawl for 18, and has a headlight system for nighttime use. If you want to broadcast live streaming footage, or record to a microSD, this is the GoPro product for you.

  • Seawolf GoPro Submarine – This submersible GoPro vehicle can hit 30 feet of depth, which is about as deep as you want to delve before shutter speed and lighting problems start to arise. Enabled by a tethered connection to a mini-surface boat, this device will wirelessly transmit a streaming video feed back to your phone or other screen. All of the components included with the Seawolf GoPro submarine are perfectly compatible with our Hard Case product line.