5 Ways Custom Hard Cases for the DJI Phantom Make Airline Travel Easy

The days of the static photography studio are coming to an end. Ever-improving commercial travel and communication technologies have given photographers access to corners of the world they previously couldn't reach, and DJI Phantom drones now let us explore these new spaces in ways we could never have imagined. It's a good time to be a photographer – the possibilities laid out before us now are practically endless. You can make the whole world your studio, so long as you can get your photography equipment to the shoot in tact.

What are you using to protect your drone? Airline baggage conditions aren't great; country artist Dave Carroll went viral singing about how "United Breaks Guitars," giving globe-trotting photographers and drone enthusiasts something to worry about. Even sublime piloting skills aren't enough to guarantee that your investment is protected these days. You could be a drone-flying Maverick and still get victimized by rough luggage handling on the tarmac if you don't invest in quality protection. Your drone's rotors, built-in camera, and sophisticated LiPo battery all need proper protection if you want to produce professional-grade A/V footage for your work or personal portfolio.

Wherever you need to drag your drone for that perfect picture, our custom Hard Case for the DJI Phantom will get your equipment on-site in one piece. Read on to learn how Nanuk's Hard Case for the DJI Phantom keeps your drone's battery and body safe, whether it ends up strapped to a motorcycle ripping across the province or mashed into the hull of a plane soaring across continents.

  • Hard resin and soft foam to transport your drone safely through any travel conditions. Windy flight conditions, power lines, and even bird attacks make your drone's life hard enough without adding shipping damages to the equation. Our custom Hard Case for the DJI Phantom is made from an innovative NK-7 plastic resin. Manufactured entirely in Canada, the strength and durability of this resin easily outperforms its Chinese-made counterparts. Simply put, when your Hard Case is sealed, your DJI Phantom is safe, and our secure PowerClamps keep your case locked during even the most turbulent of flights.

  • Eliminate wiggle-room with custom foam inserts. Plasticase studied the shape and dimensions of the DJI drone line and designed a custom foam insert kit that hugs every inch of your prized equipment, locking every component securely in place and eliminating wiggle-room.

  • The TSA Padlock saves you time and trouble with your airport security check-in. Our custom Nanuk 945 Hard Case for the DJI Phantom line is accessible and secure. This might sound like a Plasticase paradox, but safe storage quickly hits a point of diminishing returns if it takes too long to bypass your own security. Our custom case locks out intruders and the elements, while letting authorized people in with ease. Our TSA Padlock accessory denies any unwanted access, while giving international security staff an easy way to check your case's contents. This padlock option gives you an extra notch of protection while also helping you save you serious time during check-in.

  • Hard Cases are easy to carry. The ease-of-use that our Hard Case provides is perhaps most exciting feature for hard-working photographers already burdened with enough equipment set-up and fine-tuning obligations. Our NK-7 resin is lightweight, making your case easy to carry, especially with our padded shoulder strap add-on. Once you have arrived on-site, the Nanuk 945's self-holding top lid makes for simple set-up, able to keep your fingers safe when other cases snap shut at the worst moment.

  • Custom cavity design for quick storage and lighter load-outs. Our Hard Cases for the DJI drone feature a custom cavity design that lets you quickly store your drone without having to remove its propellers before every trip. This limits your set up time, and also cuts down the size of your load-out by eliminating the need for disassembling tools. 

If you are interested in learning more about the Nanuk 945 Hard Case for the DJI Phantom line, then you can read FAQs, learn about exact cavity dimensions, or download an official spec sheet at http://www.hardcases.ca/products/dji-phantom-custom-case. Defend your drone and make the world your studio!