Adventure Motorcycling with Hard Cases: 5 Safe Travel Tips for Solo Riders

The Hard Case team is very familiar with the adventure motorcycle crowd; after all, these cross-country cruisers are some of our best customers. Few other demographics appreciate the durability, portability, and carrying capacity of our Hard Cases as much as the adventure bikers do.

Hard Cases have gotten a lot of praise from the adventure bikers out there in the world, and we would like to give something back. Read on to learn 5 tips for safe travels on your next adventure motorcycle tour from the Hard Case team!

  • Create a “flight plan” and share it with friends or family. Any ardent adventure motorcyclist will have had to endure a number of talks from concerned family and friends. They’ll have waved motorcycle accident statistics in your face, and probably complained loudly about your plans to venture off on your own. This is where creating a flight plan for your adventure motorcycle trip comes in handy. Planning out your rest stops and goal destinations each day will not only help you make the most of your time; your loved ones will feel much better having a rough idea of your itinerary, and though you might not admit it, it’ll be nice to have that safety net in place.

  • Hit the road early, and finish early. Adventure motorcycle trips are partially about gaining new perspectives, and things look a lot different when you hit the road at 6:00AM. When you’re up this early, you get to witness the world waking up from the seat of your bike. Starting early also helps you bypass the white collar commuter traffic so that you can get more miles in. More importantly, an early start means you get off your bike before dusk. This is crucial, since most critters scurry across highways after sunset, and you want to spend as little time as possible sharing the road with wildlife.

  • Wear earplugs! Adventure motorcycle trips are the province of thrill-seekers, explorers, and adrenaline junkies; that’s a tough crowd to sell ear plugs to, but they’re extremely important. Not only do earplugs protect your hearing, but they also reduce the rate at which you fatigue on the road. When you’re racing down the highway at high speeds, it can get noisy inside your helmet. How, you ask? The sound of the engine and the roar of the wind overstimulate your brain, causing it to tire out as it scrambles to process the assault of audio and visual sensory information. Earplugs tune out ambient noise so that you can focus on the sounds of your engine. We don’t recommend ear buds, since most riders end up cranking their music to compete with the wind noise and do more harm than good.

  • Keep an eye on your bike with regular inspections. It is crucial that you inspect your bike regularly throughout your trip. Your bike should have gotten a tune up and clean bill of health before you began, but that doesn’t give you a license to neglect your check-up duty as your journey progresses. Check your bike in the morning before you hit the road, check it out when you stop to snap a picture, check it out on your lunch break – you get the idea. Ensure there are no signs of leaks, kinks, or metal shavings, and that everything sounds good. Make sure your tread looks trustworthy, that no cords are showing, and that there are no nail heads staring back at you when you check the tires.

  • Travel light, but protect your essential items! Everybody has a tendency to over-pack for their first few motorcycle adventures. However, the only thing worse than forgetting an item is being overburdened! Travel light – essentials only! Since you don’t have a trunk to protect your delicate items, you will need a suitable carrying case. Your wallet, Smartphone, charger, maps, LED flashlight, multi-tool, first aid gear, and other tech need protection. Now, they fit securely into our custom-designed adventure motorcycle Hard Case. Our adventure motorcycle Hard Cases enrobe protective webbing and custom foam inserts in a durable NK-7 resin shell to keep your essential items safe and organized. Falling on adventure motorcycle trips is not uncommon, but our custom-designed adventure motorcycle Hard Case will keep your essential items safe. Consider that the average OEM case will run you $800-1000, and be much more likely to break than your $200-300 Hard Case investment. Not only are our Hard Cases more durable than OEM alternatives, but they are cheaper to replace. Our adventure motorcycle Hard Cases are also waterproof so that you can cut through the nastiest storms without worrying about ruining your GPS or your phone. Our extensive line of adventure motorcycle Hard Cases come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and are all easily strapped to your bike by the handle or hook-and-loop attachments. Best of all, our durable Hard Cases are exceptionally lightweight so that they won’t weigh you down on your motorcycle adventure.