Nanuk 985 Hard Case Review (for rifles and shotguns)

Hey there, this is David from Hard Cases and this is the Nanuk 985.

 Nanuk 985 Long Case

The Nanuk 985 is a brand new case for 2019. At 36 inches of interior space, this is the smallest of the long case collection.

Nanuk 985 Black

We've had request for the long case that will easily fit in the truck of a car. One that would be perfect for shotguns or professional video sliders. Here are five of my favorite features of Nanuk 985.

 Nanuk 985 Hard Case Power Claw

Number one,  Just like its larger versions, the 985 comes with four power claws in the front. And two of those have TSA approved locks. This makes whatever you store in the case, very secured during travel.

Nanuk 985 Secured Locks

You'll get two keys with every case. If you wanna make your case extra secure, you have four reinforced metal padlock holes.

 Nanuk 985 with TSA Locks

We do sell professional TSA padlocks on the site, but you can use any other padlocks you want.

 Nanuk 985 Rubberized Handle

Another great feature, are the spring loaded rubberized handles. You get a big one in the front to carry the case sideways and another big one at the top to roll the case behind you.

 Nanuk 985 Top Handle

These handles are very comfortable and wont slip, especially if you want to carry heavy gear for long distances.

 Nanuk 985 Polyurethane Wheels

The third feature are two polyurethane wheels with stainless steel bearing. These are exactly like professional roller blade wheels. They roll smooth and silent. And they make it easy to pull over in any kind of terrain.

 Nanuk 985 Tie Down Holes

This is a feature that might be hard to see at first. We have a total of 6 tied down eyelets around the case. These will keep your case stable when traveling with your ATV, truck or any kind of vehicle.

 Nanuk 985 Waterproof

And finally, the Nanuk 985 is IP67 rated. It means, it can stay under 3 feet of water for 30 mins without one drop getting into the case.

 Nanuk 985 Custom-Made Waterproof Seal

The waterproof seal is custom-made for this case. It will not dry or deform with time and use. All specifications for this case can be found on our website. Here are the important ones.

 Nanuk 985 Hard Case Specifications

The interior size is 36.6 inches long and 14.5 inches wide by 6 inches high. If you choose to go with a full foam, make sure that you leave at least 1 inch around the interior of the case for protection.

 Nanuk 985 Hard Case Full Foam

We also often get asked if the foam is full or cubed. All our long cases come with the full foam. This means you'll have to trace and cut the foam using a sharp knife. The foam is made from a high-quality polyurethane.

Nanuk 985 Hard Case for Long Gun

It is semi-rigid and should be good for most applications.

 Nanuk 985 Hard Case Available Colors

You can get the Nanuk 985 in two colors; olive and black. Two of the best selling colors for our long cases.

 Nanuk 985 Hard Case

Because we use a special NK7 resin when molding the Nanuk 985, it only weights 15.2lbs empty, making it one of the lightest and toughest case in this category.

 Nanuk 985 Rounded Corners

The rounded corner designs are unique to Nanuk lines, it looks beautiful. But it is also designed this way to absorb heavy shock without damaging the case and its content.


This case will never let you down. If you have more questions, do not hesitate to get in touch with me via our website We are the largest Nanuk reseller in Canada and offer 5 stars customer service with no questions asked for 30-day returns.


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