8 Waterproof Nanuk Hard Cases Explained | Models 920, 940, 905, 910, 995, 985, 933, & 923


I have a confession to make.

I'm addicted to keeping my stuff safe. And the proof for that is all of my Nanuk cases. On this channel about a year ago I started extensively testing hard cases.

Waterproof Nanuk Hard Cases

I'm somebody that owns a lot of a video gear a lot of drones, a lot of computers and I also travel a lot and put myself in sticky situations and so I was looking for the ultimate case that could keep all my stuff safe and I landed on Nanuk since I started testing the cases. I've gotten more and more requests to elaborate more on the said cases.

Hard Cases

So I figured since we're all stuck at home and we have nothing better to do now's the time to make that video and that's what I intend to do here now. 

Full disclosure some people will think this video is an ad and maybe it is you know if you're one of those people just know that I'll be talking exclusively about a specific brand in this video. 

Dust Proof Hard Cases

In this video, thus might not be for you on the other hand if you're somebody that looking for a solution for keeping your stuff safe then stick around because this might be up your alley. 

So what I'd like to do now is I'd like to position these cases in such a way that you'll be able to see exactly what's in them.

Waterproof and Dust Proof Hard Cases

How I've set them up, how I use them and then we'll just roll and in this video. We are going to address the Nanuk 933, the 985, the 923, the 905, 940, 995, 920, 910. All right let's roll!

So these two cases they started it all this is the Nanuk 920, this is a media series case that is designed for the DJI Mavic Pro done version one and right next to it we have the Ronin M Gimbal case.

Nanuk Hard Case 933

This is a two-tired case, the tiers tack up on each other and it fits a Ronin M Camera Gimbal. Today these things aren't actually worth that much they're like 700 bucks on craigslist but back in the day they were extremely expensive  with all the attachments and things you could easily pay 2000 bucks or more and as a piece of camera equipment.

It's actually very fragile there's lot of moving parts you don't really wanna be knocking these thing around too much there's a lot can go wrong.

Nanuk 940 and 920 Hard Cases

So when I got this thing it was my baby I didn't want to damage it any way shape or form and so I decided that I would invest in a hard case which would protect my Camera Gimbal.

I looked around, I read some reviews and I eventually found this brand Nanuk. That's out from Eastern Canada and I decided to take a chance well that was wrong.

Nanuk 940 Waterproof Hard Case

So this was the first case that I got and I figured you know if you're gonna go big go real big. 

So I made YouTube video about it where I loaded this puppy with the Gimbal and I threw it off a really tall pier into the ocean.

Yellow Hard Case

Three,two, one I took a big risk because I was curious to see would the case stand up to its reputation. You know I didn't want to worry about it If I ever went river rafting.

I didn't wanna be like oh is the case going to fail. I wanted to just rip the band-aid off right away and make sure that it was  flawless so that I never had to think about it again.

Throwned Nanuk 940 on the Tall Pier Ocean

And while I was at it I figured people on YouTube might get a kick out of it so packed this Ronin in the case threw off a really to a pier.

I swim on it, I bobbed the case underwater and it performed flawlessly. This Gimbal still works great I'm not gonna go off on too much of a tangent because I have a separate video on this specifically which I'll link to below if you want to watch it.

Waterproof Hard Case

But this yellow case started it all it got me hooked on Nanuk. After that, the next piece of equipment that I thought deserved a case was the Mavic Pro drone.

So just like that thing this thing is very fragile and has a lot of moving parts and I think the drone itself runs in the 1500 dollar range plus all the batteries all the accessories you know.


When you're rocking 2K at least it's not really something that you wanna mess around with at least I don't and so I figured let's get this drone its own little pocket and then test out if this case can do its job.

So I packed everything in the case once again and I threw the drone into the ocean but this one specifically I wanted to see if I could replicate like a river rafting scenario.


Because it's been because in the past I've been hired to do river rafting shoots and one of my biggest worries is was how do I transport everything when there's no access to vehicles, no access to you know dry bags or limited access to dry bags.

And so I just threw everything in the case latched, the latches which by the way these latches are awesome because they're two-step latches so you actually have to push this thing down and lift up.

Nanuk Orange 920 Hard Case

And then it locks into place and why that rocks is because you can't accidentally bump it open. You physically have to push down and lift up and that's how you unlatch the latches.

Thrown Nanuk 920 Hard Case onto the Ocean

So just like with the yellow one, I took the orange case threw it in the ocean put it under the water numerous times pulled it out spoiler alert everything was bone dry the drone flew flawlessly and this is the exact same drown that I used for that test and it flies like it did before.

Nanuk 920 Hard Case

So I've been having a lot of fun testing these products it's kinda high risk but I do see a lot of value in it both for myself. It's peace of mind for me, it's also a great content because you know somebody is looking at different case comparisons and they see that some yahoo on the internet actually put it through a real world test and it worked.


Continuation in next blog.


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