The Nanuk 910 Hard Case Video Review


This is the Nanuk 910. Nanuk 910 comes with 2 Power Claw locks, double lock right in the front.

Nanuk 910 Power Claw

Basically, these are really strong, will keep your case from opening if dropped on the ground contrary to a lot of our competitors and they won't snap your fingers either. It's pretty cool.

Nanuk 910 Power Claw 2

This is one of the cool case because it's kind of thin but at the same time it's got a nice front size. It's a great briefcase kind of style. Basically, you have the options as the other cases, the two Power Claw locks. 

Nanuk 910 Video Review

Nanuk 910 Eyelid

Like I said you have those two eyelids for padlock for traveling if you want to keep your stuff closed or from your wife from checking in to the case, lock this up.

Nanuk 910 with TSA Lock

All of this power locks are actually TSA approved, TSA won't cut your locks. They have special keys for them, so you won't loose them after you come back home with your case.

Nanuk 910 Handle

You have the same kind of collapsible handle that stays there. Basically, the case moves, the handle stays there, there is no movement at ll.

Nanuk 910 Purge Vulve

You also have the purge valve which is use to let the air out when you have some like air pressure after an airplane trip. Once you get back on the ground, the air is slowly going to be released from that auto purge valve.

Nanuk 910 pre-scored cube foams

Inside the case you have the option of cube foams, these are pre-scored cube foams.Basically you have one layer of pre-scored cube foams that is inside the case like this.

Nanuk 910 Customizeable Foam

You can easily create your shapes just dropping your finger in there and starting tearing pieces apart. Keep it square if possible. You make some nice square shapes. You'll also have the base pad that goes in the bottom of the case. If you go through your main foam here all the way through you still have protection for your gear in there.

Nanuk 910 Bottom Foam and Eggshell foam


You also have egg shell foam on the top lid right here that you can remove if you want to but this will keep your gear protected from the top once you closed your case. It compresses the product in the case.

Nanuk 910 Screw Holes

You will have this little screw holes here, you can put a bevel plate on top either some aluminum bevel plate which hides the content or you can also have Lexan panel which will show the content in your case, people will use that for customizing their cases with some electronic gear and cases use the seals right here also for extra water infiltration protection and dust protection also.

When you close your case, you can make sure that it's actually ready water proof and dust proof like this.

Nanuk 910 Stackable Grooves

These cases are all stackable. You have this little grooves here that fit exactly like the grooves on the bottom like this. Basically, these shapes go on top of each other, you can put your cases and have some nice stacks that won't move.

Nanuk 910 Video Review 2

As you can see the 910 is really a great case for a small laptop like the new Apple 12 inches which fits exactly in the shape here, you can have your small laptop in there.

Nanuk 910 Video Review Actual

A lot of people get them for their iPads, they can put iPads with accessories underneath here. It gives you an idea of the size and the shape of the case and the foam in there. Lock, lock and you're gone.