The Nanuk 905 Hard Case Review Video

Here we have the NANUK 905 in lime green. The NANUK 905 comes with the Power Claw system that is unique to NANUK. It's a double claw system that makes your case unopenable if it falls on the ground.

Nanuk 905 Power Claw


You have two claws on the 905 right here. You have foam in the lid for the cube foam option that comes in. This foam also comes in with the padded dividers. You also have these rubber seals that keeps the case waterproof, dust proof.

Nanuk 905 Foam Inserts


As you can see the lid won't push down, if I move it around it won't slap on your finger like that. It just comes down easy on your finger, no more snapping the fingers here.

Nanuk 905 Power Claw Double Lock

Lock it back in with the Power Claw, double lock so the lock really won't open like this. Push down, lift up. Push down, lift up. That's really cool.

Nanuk 905 Eyelids

You've got two eyelids on this 905. The eyelids are right here. You can put some padlock in there. We do have the padlocks also. Easy customizable combination for the padlocks, just slide it in, push it in and switch your numbers.

Nanuk 905 TSA LockableNanuk 905 Two Eyelids

The 905 also has the lockable handle which once you bring it down, it's going to lock up so it won't be moving at all in transport. It's really cool when you're stacking your cases together actually because this case is also stackable.

Nanuk 905 Lockable Handle

You have a specific shape that works out from the top to the bottom. Putting cases one of top of each other will make them really stable in a pile.

Nanuk 905 purge valve


You also have in from right here the purge valve which is actually where the air is going after a trip on a plane let's say, where you might have items under pressure in there. You want to make sure that the air is out of your case before opening it so you don't damage your gear.

Nanuk 905 Hard Case Video Review

This case is great for one camera body and also maybe one lens. These will fit nicely in there.You can also use our NANUK comfortable strap on the case. You just lock these in right here, like this.

Nanuk 905 Shoulder Starp

The shoulder strap is nicely made, it's got these little air cells, comfortable shoulder pads. If anything's heavy in there you can make sure that your case is going to be clean on your shoulder.

Nanuk 905 Strap