The Nanuk 903 Hard Case Video Review

All right guys, this is the Nanuk 903. The Nanuk 903 is the smallest case from the family. It actually also has the double PowerClaw latch, just like its bigger brothers and sisters. You can use these clamps right here.

Nnauk 903 Powerclaw Latch

The case opens up with the same lid safe protection where it won't close on your hands. Basically if you bring in the case like that, my hands, my finger won't get snapped at all. It doesn't hurt at all. Push up, spring down, PowerClaw this in. This will never open, even if you drop it on the ground. You also have the soft handle. The soft handle goes up and then comes down and stays down.

Nanuk 903 Stacking Grooves

You can stack up these cases together. The grooves on the top, with the bottom little pads here, they all fit in there, so you keep all your cases together. Make some nice safe piles.

Nanuk 903 Purge Valve

You also have the purge valve in the front which will let the air out once you use the case in the plane. That makes it sure so that your gear inside won't get damaged by the air pressure.

Nanuk 903 Cubed Foam Interior

The Nanuk 903 only comes empty or with the two foam options that you can easily tear up and make your own shapes in there. You have two pieces, the bottom part of the foam, like this, and you have the top part of the foam, which is quite deep. You have the egg crate part on the top that fits in the lid right here. Then your gear is really well protected.

Nanuk 903 Padlock Option

Made in Canada, great case. Canada made, designed in Canada. This is the eyelet part where you just put your lock in there, padlock, and you just close it up like that. These locks are actually TSA approved so you won't have any problems if a TSA guy wants to go into your case and check what's in there. They have special keys to open them up and they won't cut your locks open. You have two of those eyelets on each side.