Brad's Review of the Nanuk 935 Hard Case


 Hi there my name is Brad and I’ll talk about my Nanuk 935 case.

Nanuk 935 Case Review

I work in the Coast Guard so I needed a case that was easy to travel with, waterproof and very durable.


I’ve gone through carry-on bags in about six months or so with the travel that I have to do and also where we have to store the case. So as you can see this one sets up like a regular piece of luggage.

Nanuk 935 Handle and Lock

You have your regular pull handle and roller wheels on the bottom and handles at the top and sides to carry it anyway you want to.

Nanuk 935 Power Claw

The lock itself is pod and very positive locking system, these are secure and you know it’s going to keep it closed even if you decide not to put a padlock on it which I generally don’t.

Nanuk 935 Retractable Handle

Now inside there’s a few options for storage for packing your gear. It comes with two layers of foam. What I did was separated the two layers, they actually come in two pieces so I was able to build a foam foam foam carry area with just the bottom layer of foam.

Nanuk 935 Foam Insert

The second layer I just set aside, I can use it later configure it for something different but inside I was able to keep flashlights for night time use, spare my extra knife, I have an extra battery pack for charging phones, underneath.

Nanuk 935 with Padded Dividers

I was able to get all my charging wires, spare batteries and the plug adapters which become very handy. Everything’s secured, nice and in place and it works really well.

I still have a whole bunch of extra space here that I can pluck out to make up extra storage for whatever I decide to bring next time. I also will sometimes travel with navigation tools that sort of thing.

Nanuk 935 Foam

So I’ve got a ton of space to put extra stuff in by taking out this top layer of foam and the layer of packed padding foam on the lid I then just put my clothing right over top of it seal the case up and I’m all set to go.

When I get to the boat I want to store the case into one of the cargo holds or on a small hash I can close it up leave whatever extra in there and know that it’s going to be fine even if the ship starts bouncing around and the case gets dropped which happens more than once.

So there’s the 935, excellent case definitely recommended.