Nanuk 904 as Camera Case Kayak Deck Mount


 Alex Wenzl is again giving us one of his unique tips in keeping your camera accessible yet safe during your boat trips using his Nanuk 904 waterproof hard case! 

 Nanuk 904 Waterproof Camera Case

Whenever I would take my camera case with me, I used to always put it underneath the bungees so it would be basically like that falling it down.

And every time you wanna take your camera out, you have to take the bunches off, take this thing back, put it where the spray skirt is open it, get your stuff out and hope that it didn't slide off the boat.


Nanuk Waterproof case used for camera protection

So, my solution to that was put a little bungee right here so they're just little holes drilled in the side here, little shock board we'll connect to the boat under here. So I have four of them, one on each corner. When I need I just clip it on and that's it.

Nanuk Hard Case Power Claw
So now when I get my camera gear, all I do is unclip these clamps, open this up. There is no camera in here right now. I'm filming with it and I have my camera here, and my white balance card and my lens cap.

That's all I need and I can leave it like that and it is not gonna go anywhere. There's actually a leash on it also if ever something were to happen here, it's still attached to the boat physically with the leash. 

Nanuk 904 Small Hard Case
So that's it, these kinds of Nanuk cases, I have four of these cases and they all have these bungees and tie it down soon so I can strap them physically to the boat and not have to worry about them falling off or losing or something.

And even if it did, the cases are completely waterproof that these were falling, no problem, nothing will happen as long as its closed.

Nanuk completely waterproof hard case

So that's my solution to keep my gear dry and keep it accessible to me. So that whenever I come to my place, wherever I want to put it up, pop the case open, grab the camera, close out if I don't wanna get splashing on it and that's it. When I'm gonna take my camera, put it back in the case and close it up.

Super accessible, when I'm done boating or I'm not gonna take any more pictures I unclip it from the deck, there are lines, take off the leash and that's it.

Nanuk 904 Small Hard Case

For all three I can take it with me, I can put it inside cockpit if I want. I can put it in a bow hatch or in the back hatch or in my day hatch and my deck is free. And that's it!

Simple as that my friends. Hope that was a helpful little tip. If you like it, give me a thumbs up, subscribe to my youtube channel at awenzl for a bunch of other little tips and tricks and if you wanna know more leave me a comment below and what you'd like to see. Take care guys! Bye now!