Customer Review - Nanuk 904 Military Style Hard Case For Your Small Camera Gear


 Hello everybody how’s it going? Well, today what I want to show you is the hard case I just picked up for my gear. It's a Nanuk, its a Nanuk 904 hard case, very nice.

Nanuk 904 Hard Case

Now I’m not gonna get into dimensions or anything like that you can get all that stuff online. They say I want to show you why I got it.

Now I’m always on the water, in my Kayak so I needed something that was small and compact that would fit my camera gear, it’s easy to carry completely waterproof, crushproof you know if I drop it, if I roll over it has to be something that’s gonna protect my gear perfectly.

Nanuk 904 Safety Latches - Power Claw

So with this you have two safety left nice latches here and it carries my camera, so carries my Olympus camera in there, carries my GoPro session, my Yi action cam, two batteries for this and my white balance card is right in there.

Nanuk 904 Hard Case Housing a Camera and its Accesories

So basically that’s all I need it for. It does the job for me. You have a nice O-ring here, protects everything completely seal, nice handles, I have a leash that actually goes on this.

So if it does, if something does happen I don’t lose it overboard and that’s it, that’s actually all I need. It’s nice and compact and small and everything fits in there and a nice storage case.

Nanuk 904 Hard Case - Water Proof

I don’t have to worry about damaging any of my gear. So if you guys are looking for something to go on the water with, that’s a good solid case I look at alternatives and this is not bad.

This was $48 for the case plus shipping and because I’m in Montreal taxes and plus it’s a Montreal based company and anyways

I got it from solid cases point C I believe the name of them are and you’ll love it. It’s a great case I can’t wait to get on my boat and bring this with me and knowing completely confident that nothing’s gonna happen to it.

Anyways, guys, that’s it take care, talk to you soon, bye now.