Hard Gun Case - Nanuk 935 6 Up Pistols Case - Customer Review

Bryan from Toronto here to talk about the Nanuk 935 6UP pistol case.

Nanuk 935 Gun Case Review

There are two things to really look for when buying a handgun case. The first and hardest one is having room for trigger locks because the Canadian market is not as big when it comes to firearms as the US .

Nanuk 935 Hard Gun Case with Foam Inserts

This details overlooked with most cases. Leave it to a product designed and made in Canada to keep our laws in mind. This case leaves plenty of room for even bulky key or combination locks with room to spare.

Nanuk 935 Gun Case Foam Insert

The second is that the handguns are held firmly in place and don’t move around when heading to the range like you get with cubed foam.

Nanuk 935 Hard Gun Case

Keeping everything in place means less chance for scratching or wearing down the finish.

Nanuk 935 Keeps Everything in Place

It also holds both double stack and single-stack magazine solidly in place so you don’t have to go searching for the one you need. It is a little short for revolvers but four inch barrel will still fit in quite snugly.

Nanuk 935 Hard Gun Case Set Up


The wheels, the power claw latches, the extra storage space and all the other features are just icing on the cake. If you’re a handgun shooter this is the case you need for your led therapy session at the range. .