Nanuk 903 as Kayak Bilge Pump Battery Box Setup

Alex Wenzl reviewed and showed us his unique setup of Nanuk 903 as a Kayak Bilge Pump Battery Box Setup. 

Nanuk 903 as Kayak Pump Battery Box

Oh ok my friends, let me show this to you. I had in my day-hatch of my kayak, a battery box which I made out fo just like a Tupperware container or something like that and it was supposed to be watertight.

But this weekend when I was doing rolling practice, I noticed that a lot of water in here coming in. So you know obviously have leak enough in my bulkhead which I gotta fix but the issue is water got into my battery box for my bills proper. It's all that not good. Water and electricity don't mix a lot.

Nanuk 903 hardcase battery pump setup

So what I decided to do, is, I have one of these Nanuk 903 cases. I have an extra one so what I did is, I modified this one, put the wiring from my bilge pump system going into the side of it inside just basically mounted.

Nanuk 903 hardcase housing a 5amp bulb

This is a light bulb 5 apm for a nanotech high amp discharged lipo battery. Right next to it here is a relay that takes the current from the switch in the front transfer and the fuse which protects the whole system here.

Nanuk 903 completely watertight and sealed

So basically its now in a truly waterproof case and I don't have to worry about it. So that's it guys, I just want to show you. So that's a Nanuk 903 case with a 5 amp battery inside it.

Nanuk 903 with 5apm battery inside

Plus, with the room I have in here I could easily put a second battery here if I wanted for something else, for back up or whatever, keep other electronic devices in here.

Nanuk 903 used as pump battery waterproof box

There is plenty of room in this thing still. Take all the foam out if I wanted to. And that's it as simple as that. Oh you know what, while I am still to show you the inside called foam padding, the wiring comes here.

Nanuk 903 hardcase waterproof sealed

It's all sealed, this is hot glued to the side, this just basically stays here. That's it. It's as simple as that nation's short and sweet, nothing complicated. There you go, completely watertight!