Nanuk 905 DJI Spark Video Review

Hey guys, this is David from Hard Cases, let me show the Nanuk 905 for the DJI Spark.

Alright, so this is a silver 905 and it comes with the custom foam for the DJI Spark. So right there, you got the interior here with a custom foam made for the spark.

Nanuk 905 DJI Spark Custom Foam

So you can fit the spark in here, and then you can fit your iPhone. This is an iPhone 7 plus. So it fits the iPhone 7 plus in there.

Nanuk 905 DJI Spark

For those asking if it fits an iPad mini, it does not. But you can sometimes put your iPad in the back here. This is what a lot of people will do.

Nanuk 905 DJI Spark Custom Foam Set Up

You have space for three batteries, one on the drone, and two on each side like this. You also have space expecting for your remote and then some space for extra props and just like this part, the base part actually comes with these small chargers so you can fit them under this part like that.

Nanuk 905 DJI Spark Set Up

There are two cavities in there. This is a really dense foam so it's gonna be for a while but you can also cut through it if you want to expand some holes if you prefer.

Nanuk 905 DJI Spark Foam Quality
What's nice about our foams too is that they just go over the lips here. Because some of those cheaper foams out there, you'll see they cut through here and then you'll get all little screw holes or extra plastic around it. Not these ones, they are really well done.

Nanuk 905 SJI Spark Foam Quality
You can also remove that foam. It's not glued inside. It's tight enough but it is not glued inside.

So if you ever wanna buy some cubed foams or padded dividers for the 905 so you can use that case for other opportunities or for a camera or any other gear that you'd like to carry or reuse the case for.

Nanuk 905 DJI Spark Power Claw Latches
If you look at this case, what's nice also is that it is really portable. It locks up with the power claw latches on each side like this.

Nanuk 905DJI Spark Power Latches

So its a two-step, its a push and pull system. It's really strong. I think its one of the things that most clients like the most about the Nanuk cases are that those power claw latches are so strong but at the same time, you don't break any fingers opening that up.

Nanuk 905 DJI Spark in Silver

Nanuk 905 DJI Spark Handle
It's got a nice thick handle on the top. You have also, stainless steel pieces of metal here that are actually made to attach a shoulder strap.

Nanuk Shoulder Strap

So you can easily carry this case around your waist with the Nanuk shoulder strap that we have. It's really comfortable.

NAnuk 905 Eyelids for TSA Lock
You got two eyelids here for TSA locks that we sell on the website. You can use those. This is the 905 in silver for the DJI spark.

And it actually comes in different colors. We got yellow, we got lime, we got orange, black. Check out the website

There are some of the colors you can choose from that's really cool. So if you have any questions, you can get in touch with me.