Nanuk 909 Hard Case in Pink Video Review

Hey guys, this is David from Hard Cases, let me show you the Nanuk 909 in Pink.

Nanuk 909 Hard Case in Pink

Brand new small case, just a sister I would say for this one of the Nanuk 910 is the Nanuk 909 in a new color, also that came out this year is a pink.

Nanuk 909 Hard Case Handle

So this is a small briefcase like type of case, Its got smaller handles, smaller latches but its really light. It is great for these smaller computers, maybe smaller iPads and things like that.

Nanuk 909 Hard Case Power Claw Latches

You also have the PowerClaw latches, the same ones that are on the other cases just a tad smaller but the same quality they are double latch. You press, and then you lift and then it opens up.

Nanuk 909 Hard Case TSA Padlockable

They also attach nicely at the bottom so they don't get in the way once you open up the case. You can use these little eyelids here on each side to put TSA padlocks.

So this case is smaller so there is no attachment for any shoulder strap on it. Just so you know, this one needs to be carried by hand.

Nanuk 909 Hard Case Rubber Seal Gasket

It is still IP67 rated so it is fully waterproof. It's got the little rubber seal gasket around inside the case.

Nanuk 909 Hard Case Base Pad

This one actually has the cubed foams in there but its only one layer also. I mean you have the base pad at the bottom but you only have one pad hear for your ear gear.

 Nanuk 909 Hard Case for Firearms

Yes, I think this is a great little portable case. We have this also for some firearms. Also, go check out all the colors that we have. Pink is a new one but we have tons of other colors available like lime, and yellow, and orange. So, if you have any questions just get in touch with me at Thank you!