Nanuk 910 DJI Osmo Hard Case Review

Hey, guys, this is David from HardCases and let me show you the Nanuk 910 for the DJI Osmo.

So this is the lime, very nice color. It has a slim and very portable size.

 Nanuk 910 DJI Osmo Hard Case

It's actually light and it fits easily in the trunk or it is easy to carry around with their shoulder strap attachment here in the front of the case.

 Nanuk 910 DJI Osmo w/Shoulder Strap

It comes with the power claw latches that we have. It's double latch system. You know, you just press and lift up and then that's not gonna open at all if you drop it on the ground.

 Nanuk 910 DJI Osmo Power Latches

And it is actually nice because it's not gonna snap your fingers either.

 Nanuk 910 DJI Osmo Power Claw

The handle is really a small handle but it's got that little grippy feel to it. It's really cool. It's rib, its got a nice design on the case.

 Nanuk 910 DJI Osmo Handles

It's made so that it can stack up with other Nanuk 910s actually. So you have the legs in the back here.

 Nanuk 910 DJI Osmo Stackable Feature

You see those legs actually will stack up on the front here of the case. Inside is actually the polyethylene foam that we use for the DJI Osmo. It actually will work for an Osmo Mobile, Osmo normal and Osmo Plus.

 Nanuk 910 DJI Osmo Stackable

You have space for the Osmo in the middle here, space for extra batteries here. You got three extra batteries here so four in total. You can use the other compartments here for batteries too.

 Nanuk 910 DJI Osmo Foam Interior

You have space for chargers. I have one like this, I also use it for my filters. You can put your phone in here. That's gonna fit an iPhone 7 plus or 8. Besides that, its a really nice finish foam. As you can see, it goes all the way around and it touches all the way to the sides.

Nanuk 910 DJI Osmo Custom Foam
It hides all those bevel wholes that we have in the cases here. So it is not all the companies that take the time to hide all these little details and make the whole kit very very nice as you can see here.

 Nanuk 910 DJI Osmo - Custom Foam Interior


Nanuk 910 DJI Osmo Eyelids

And besides that, this case is lockable, you'll see here you have eyelids here. You can use our TSA padlocks in here.

This is totally waterproof, ip67 rated. There is no water that's gonna come in there, and no dust or anything like that.

This is a really cool case. It comes in multiple colors. You can check if you wanna see the colors or if you have any other questions.

Thank you very much!