Nanuk 910 Mavic Air Hard Case Review

So I have the DJI Mavic Case here in the Nanuk 910 which is a small portable case.

Nanuk 910 Mavic Air Hard Case

If you are going with the DJI Mavic, I guess you wanna have something that's small. This is a great case to carry around. It's nice to travel with.

Nanuk 910 Mavic Air Hard Case w/ Shoulder Strap

You can put it on a backpack or you can also use our shoulder strap so you have a rubber handle here.

Nanuk 910 Mavic Air Hard Case Handle

The handle is actually really grippy, so it feels good in the hand. You have a purge valve in the hand also.

Nanuk 910 Mavic Air Hard Case Purge Valve

The purge valve, if you travel around in an airplane, it keeps the air out.

Nanuk 910 Mavic Air Hard Case Power Claw Latches
You have power claw latches which are a two-step, just press down and lift up, they won't open up if the case is dropped on the ground and they won't snap your hands either so that's really nice.

Nanuk 910 Mavic Air Hard Case Eye Lids

You have these eyelids here just for the TSA padlocks that we sell on the website, so you can lock that case up.

Nanuk 910 Mavic Case

If you travel around you don't want people to be sneaking in your case. And you also have, like I said these little attachments here for the shoulder strap right on the front.

Nanuk 910 DJI Mavic Interior Foam

You probably wanna see inside the case is where we have our polyethylene hard foam which is made exactly for the DJI Mavic air.

Nanuk 910 DJI Mavic Case Custom Foam
As you can see here, you have space for the remote on the left side of the Mavic. The Mavic goes in the middle and on this side you have all a big compartment for the chargers and any other extra gear you might have.

Nanuk 910 DJI Mavic Air Hard Case

Nanuk 910 DJI Mavic Case

This is an iPhone 7 plus, so the 8 will fit inside and other smaller phones too. If you have an iPad mini, you could put it in the back here.

 Nanuk 910 DJI Mavic

This is removable so some people will put the iPad mini inside a small sleeve and just put it on the back in the case. You have an extra space for extra battery,

Nanuk 910 DJI MAVIC - Custom Foam

You have a third battery in here if you want it in this extra larger cavity here and there's one on the drone. So there is technically two batteries in this case that will fit.

Nanuk 910 DJI Mavic Case Custom Foam
So, as you can see the case has a nice finish. It goes all the way around like this. This foam is made to last for years and it's also removable. It's not glued inside so you can easily remove the foam and use the case for other purposes.

Nanuk 910 DJI Mavic Case Exterior Finish
This case is IP67 rated so it is totally water-proof. There is a seal inside the lid. It's dust-proof, shock-proof and we have tons of colors. This is lime, which is a new color that came out two years ago and its loved by a lot of people. You can check out our other nice colors on

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