Nanuk 918 Hard Case Testimonial by Chris Cheung


My name is Chris I’m the executive director of Mighty Dynamo Inc. I wanted to share with you how I use my Nanuk.

I don’t have a drone and I don’t have cool camera equipment so I use my 918 to store all my stuff.

Nanuk 918 Set Up

I do a lot of travelling and I do a lot of client meetings so I have to get a lot in there I usually have a computer, cutting mat which doubles for mousepad.

Nanuk 918 with Foam Inserts

I’m able to fit in notebooks, sketchbooks then I have all of my gear inside. I’m ableto get a case within a case, slot for a book that I might be reading when travelling.

Nanuk 918 with lots of space and organized details

I use a lot of index cards, so able to pull this out have extra packs, store my cables even my extra charging unit, post it notes, my mouse and I have all my copics nice sharpies all easily tuck away in there so everything is really handy and it looks awesome.

Nanuk 918 with a smaller Nanuk Case inside

Usually I’ll put on things like different supplies that I might need but what’s nice about doing this is it keeps everything really stealth and quiet.

Nanuk 903 with Foams carrying tripods and accesories

So, in here I have just my mini Mercado tripod, my iPhone holder, my sidekick and the charging cable. So as you can see I quite adore this case, lets all my stuff be organized and look super cool.

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