Nanuk 920 Hard Case Video Review

Hey, guys, this is David from Hard Cases. Let me show you the Nanuk 920.

The Nanuk 920 comes with two dual power claw latch right in the front. Really strong latches, two sections. Push down, pull up, and unlock. These won't snap your fingers. Woman with long nails will love them because they won't break their fingernails. Once they're closed they won't open.

Nanuk 920 Hard Case Video Review

Also comes with Nanuk handle, that is gripped and really soft handle. If the case is moving the handle stays put.

Nanuk 920 Hard Case Purge Valve

You also have the purge valve that releases the air, if there is any pressure in the case after a plane trip.

The Nanuk 920 also has those two eyelids in the front. You can put your padlock in there. This is a TSA padlock that we also have on the website. These are all TSA approved.

Nanuk 920 Hard Case Padlock Holes

The Nanuk 920 also a stackable case. Basically, what happens here is that these little shapes that we have on the case here, fit perfectly with the shape at the bottom of each pad in the back, like this. Once you put each case on top of each other, they stack up perfectly.

Nanuk 920 Cubed Foam Option

This is the foam cube option. This one comes with two foam pads, in the 920, like this. The pre-scored foams here are really easy to create with your own fingers. You press into it and open them up and tear the foam apart.

Cubed Foam of the Nanuk 920

Create some square shapes. You can create shaped in both of them, so you can have levels. You also have the base foam at the bottom. If you go through your foam here, your product is still going to be protected from the bottom. There's another foam that comes with the cube foam option.

Nanuk 920 EggShell In The Lid

It's this eggshell in the lid. This one will protect your gear if there's compression in the case. If your gear in there is a little bit tight, that part of the foam will make sure that nothing happens to your precious stuff.

This part is also removable. It's got little Velcros here to keep it intact. Some people like to put instruction maybe in the back, you know, you keep some papers.

Nanuk 920 Seal around Lid

You also have the seal that goes around the lid, right here. Keeps the water and dust out of your case.

The Nanuk 920 also have Marine grade, stainless steel rod

The Nanuk 920 also have Marine grade, stainless steel rod. They're used for the Nanuk shoulder strap, which locks in here like this. The other part right here, and that's it, you're gone.

Nanuk 920 in Yellow with Shoulder Strap