Nanuk 923 DJI Ronin S Hard Case Review

Hey Guys! I’m David from HardCases and this is the Nanuk 923 DJI Ronin-S.


 Nanuk 923 DJI Ronin S Hard Case


So you bought a DJI Ronin S and now you need a good hard case to protect it when you travel or go on set. We have you covered with the new Nanuk 923 for the DJI Ronin S.


Nanuk 923 DJI Ronin S Custom Fit Foam


This case comes with a custom polyurethane hard foam specially cut for your Ronin. And before we check inside, there are four exterior features that I want to show you.


Nanuk 923 DJI Ronin S Power Claw


The first feature is the lockable power cloth latching system, these locks in the front here are TSA approved and they will keep curious hands out of your case.


Nanuk 923 DJI Ronin S Rubber Feet


The second feature I want to show you on this case are the four rubber feet that you have at the bottom of the case here. These four feet will keep your case from sliding around if you put it on a table and you're going through your Ronin S gear.


Nanuk 923 DJI Ronin S Strap Attachment


A third feature of the 923 are the two shoulder strap attachment that you have on top of the case here.


Nanuk 923 DJI Ronin S Shoulder Strap


So these attachments are right in the back here so you can add our Nanuk strap right on the case here and it makes the case a lot easier to carry around when you have some heavy gear with you - maybe you have other cases with you and you want to put one on your shoulder.


Nanuk 923 DJI Ronin S Handle


One last feature from the outside of the case is the thick and comfortable handle. It’s wrapped with some rubber to keep your hand from slipping. It keeps you from touching the colder plastic handle here, so it just makes it feel really solid.


Nanuk 923 DJI Ronin S


So let’s take a look inside the case and by the way when you open the case, you’ll feel a bit of a resistance here in the back just like that.


Nanuk 923 DJI Ronin S Eggshell Foam


This is to actually keep the lid from falling on your hands so the 923 Ronin S comes with an eggshell foam for the lid here and the bottom is the custom hard foam for the Ronin S and the accessories.


Nanuk 923 DJI Ronin S Custom Foam


So we’ve actually built this case so that it fits everything that comes with the original DJI Ronin S box.


Nanuk 923 DJI Ronin S Custom Foam


The custom foam inside has space for the gimbals, two batteries here, here, and then there’s also an extra space for another battery grip, little base tripod, the other accessories, base plate here and everything that comes with DJI Ronin S.


Nanuk 923 DJI Ronin S


You’ll also notice the rubber gasket all around the lid here - this rubber gasket makes the case completely waterproof and dust-proof so it protects your gear inside.


This case is also available in six colors - you got black, silver, graphite, orange, yellow and olive. If you have any questions about the Nanuk 923 for the DJI Ronin S, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me.


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