Nanuk 923 Waterproof Case Test - Will it Keep My Macbook Pro Safe?

Okay, so new day new test.

Nanuk 923 Waterproof Hard Case

I’ve been having a whole lot of fun testing Nanuk Hard Cases for durability and waterproofness. And so thus far, I’ve taken a DJI, Ronin M. Gimbal put it in a Nanuk case and thrown it off a really top here.

 Nanuk Hard Case Waterproof Test

Following that, I took another case through a Matic pro drone in it, threw it into the ocean and both those times the cases rocked it. They kept my gear safe, flawlessly. So today, I want to test another case in a similar fashion.

 Mountain River to test Waterproof Hard Cases

Today, I’m working with a mountain river. Look at that, isn’t that gorgeous? As always, I’m not trying to kill myself in these YouTube reviews and so if you look real closely, you’ll notice that the water is flowing pretty swiftly over there; so I’m not gonna go crazy.

 Nanuk 923 Waterproof Tested Hard Case

I’m not gonna chuck the case clear across the river, instead I’m gonna work with this eddy - this place where the water is moving slowly. Also, to put you guys’ mind at ease, I’m no stranger to cold water, I grew up in a Polar Plunge Club.

My parents have, you know, taught me to stay calm in cold water so that’s not really gonna be an issue plus I’ll be wearing a wetsuit.

 Waterproof Testing for Nanuk 923

Basically, I’m gonna do this as safely as possible so as not to get hurt and if you try and replicate this experiment please do the same; it’s not worth losing your life over a stupid YouTube video so please keep that in mind.


Alright, so now you know this is what I’m working with. Let’s hop to it. Okay, today I’m working with this Nanuk case right over here.

 Nanuk 923 Waterproof Hard Case

This case is the Nanuk 923, it’s specifically designed for laptops - laptops for 13 to 15 inches. And like all good Nanuk products, it’s got a bunch of cool features.

 Nanuk 923 Hard Case Latches

These latches are specifically designed to not be bumped to open so you have to press this, press that, and pull up for the latch to unhinge.

So, if you accidentally bump it, this thing will stay shut. On these latches, you’ll also see the, they take keys.

 Nanuk 923 TSA Approved Locks

These are TSA-approved security locks so if you’re traveling, you can keep your stuff safe. Inside the case, you see that there’s [a] lot of areas to organize your stuff.


NAnuk 923 Hard Case Lid Pockets

This top pocket has like a couple little pockets in it. It can fit notepads, potentially even a second computer.

You got an area for pens, that kind of thing. In the case, there’s another case and this puppy is what houses your laptop. Just give you a better view. So in here, is the heart of the matter.

Nanuk 923 Hard Case for Mac Book

Here’s my 15-inch MacBook Pro and as you can see this thing works. Click on something. Boom! So, this is my go-to computer, it’s a few years old but I don’t have a different one so I really hope it’ll stay safe in today’s experiment.

Well, they got more pockets here.

 Nanuk 923 Hard Case Compartment Storage

Below the compartment, you have more compartments - you got some side pockets that have ribs in them so you can stick fragile gear into this section and they, well, have extra protection maybe like you know an expensive mouse or a power strip.


My power strip [power] does not fit in that pocket so it lives in this pocket. On this side, you have another pouch got some headphones in there.

 Nanuk 923 Hard Case for Mac Book 15 Inch

The design of this case is very well thought out, in this tiny little sleeve, this protective sleeve that’s perfectly in here; that’s at least two stages of protection and then this entire thing closes and locks everything down in the vault.

 Getting ready for the testing

Now, you know what case we’re working with, what gears inside. Let’s go throw this thing in the river. I got my wet-suit on, this is a super warm wet-suit that’s fleece-lined; it’ll keep me nice and toasty. I got my towel, the towel is to dry off the case when I pull it out of the water so as not to taint the sample and then of course, I got the case itself.

 Ready for the test.

So, I think I’m ready to go. Okay, real quickly I’m gonna show you that this case is in fact full of my expensive gear - that’s my laptop, that’s my only laptop, I don’t own another one so hopefully after it goes swimming it will still work. Let’s close that up real quick.

 Nanuk 923 with a Macbook inside

From here on out, I’m not gonna make any cuts so that nobody can question the validity of this video.

Waterproof Testing for Nanuk 923 Laptop Case

Nobody can say, “Ah Sergei cut it, his gear wasn’t actually in it.” So the experiment is simple, I’m gonna huck this case in the river then I’m gonna go fetch it out and then we’ll see if my stuff is dry and it works. Ha! okay, here we go.

Nanuk 923 Waterproof Hard Case Testing

One..Two..Three.. Ooh! That’s not good. Gotcha! Just for good measure, let’s bubble it up and down, submerge it in the river. Whoo! It is brisk.

Nanuk 923 Waterproof Hard Case

Damn, this sh*t is cold. Alright, that’s good enough for me. Now as you saw, my left hand is not that good at throwing.

Nanuk 923 Waterproof Tested Hard Case

This case ended up hitting a log which I really hope not to do. So hopefully, that didn’t damage anything inside the case but we shall see.


Okay, just put this on a tripod and adjust it so that everybody can see. Okay, first things first, let’s wipe down the case because we don’t want any external water to taint the experiment.

 Nanuk 923 Hard Case Waterproof Testing

We don’t want my wet hands to put water on the inside of the case because that won’t be fair to the case. Now, we’re gonna do a thorough job because the water is very pesky.

Nanuk 923 Waterproof Hard Case

Alright, here we go. Whoo, look, I see a tiny bit of water but nothing big, this very well could have occurred during the opening of the case. Now, overall the case looks pretty darn good.


Look.Okay, let’s look inside. Look, a little bit of dust cause Sergei is a pig but there’s no water anywhere else in this case. Okay, moment of truth; let’s see if the computer works.

 Nanuk 923 Laptop Intact After Testing

Computer seems to be intact; everything is dry and everything works. There you have it folks so despite the fact that I threw this in the river, despite the fact that it accidentally hit a log which I completely wasn’t intending, this case did its job - my gear is safe.


I can work remotely in places that I can river raft to and that I think is an awesome thing.


Thank you so much for watching. If you want to see more examples , more tests of Nanuk cases, I’ll link to them in the description below and remember to subscribe to my channel - BoutenkoFilms for more videos that are just like this but totally different.


You can watch the original video here.