Nanuk 935 6 Up Gun Case Review

Hey guys, this is David from Hard Cases, let me show you the Nanuk 935 6 UP
Alright guys, this is the 935 6up made for 6 handguns. This is a great case.

Nanuk 935 6 Up Gun Case Handle

Nanuk 935 6 Up Gun Case Retractable Handle

It is selling really well right now. It's a nice case to travel around, easy to carry because it's got a retractable handle.

Nanuk 935 6 Up Gun Case

It's got a two step with one button at the top here,so you can carry it around. It's got roller blade wheels at the bottom,really strong quality wheels, they're silent so no noise or anything.

Nanuk 935 6 Up Gun Case Eyelids

You can also easily pull this case out from your trunk or a luggage compartment. You know, with this side handle right here that we have on the front.

The case also has some stainless steel eyelids in the front for TSA padlocks that you can put in there.

Nanuk 935 6 Up Gun Case Power Latches

You have two power claw latches. We also have TSA power claw latches that you can buy as an option on the website, HardCases.ca.

Nanuk 935 6 Up Gun Case Power Latches

You can just change those and have the keys directly in there instead of going with the padlocks if you prefer.

Nanuk 935 6 Up Gun Case Handle
So it also has a handle on the front here that they can use to lift the case and carry it on your side. It's actually a really thick handle with a grip on it so it's really comfortable.

Nanuk 935 6 Up Gun Case Interior
Let me open it up with those power claw latches are like two steps so you'll see its really secure. And then inside, that case were gonna come with that custom foam for the six pistols in there.

Nanuk 935 6 Up Gun Case Custom Foam

What's great is that you can remove that middle part right here. It's just a big piece of foam that's tight in there.

Nanuk 935 6 Up Gun Case Custom Set Up

And you can have ear muffs, eye protection or any other accessories, maybe extra bullets or things like that, that  you wanna carry with you.

Nanuk 935 6 Up Gun Case
So if you only have four pistols with the mags that are gonna fit here, you can have also pistols with the trigger locks on those. So there is no problem there. Just make sure that your pistols are actually 5-inch barrels. That's what we recommend for this case.

Nanuk 935 6 Up Gun Case

Some people have had there fit with six inches. You just have to cut some foam a little bit. You know, just remove a little bit more but you might get a little bit close to the plastic in there. So we recommend only five inches.
Nanuk 935 6 Up Gun Case High Quality Foam
You'll see that this is really high quality foam. It goes all around the case. It hides all the bezel, the little screw holes that we have in these cases.

It's really a high finish and in quality. This is gonna last for years and hold your pistols secure in the case even though you throw your case around or drop it somewhere.

Nanuk 935 6 Up Gun Case

It also looks really good. I can guarantee you that you're gonna have some looks at the range with this case and you're gonna have questions people asking you, because a lot of our customers tell us that they get people asking about this specific case.

Nanuk 935 6 Up Gun Case

It's made in Canada. It has a lifetime warranty and its a really high-end case.

If you have any questions, check out hardcases.ca  You'll see a lot of colors also that we have. This one is silver but there are actually six colors available for the Nanuk 935.

Check it out in our website. If you have any questions, david@hardcases.ca is my email and i'll be happy to help you out.

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