Nanuk 938 - Review of the New Protective Case For Photo & Video Cameras

Hey guys, this is David from HardCases and this is the brand new Nanuk 938. The Nanuk design team has been working hard in the last two years. One of the new release is the Nanuk 938.

 Nanuk 938 in Yellow and Nanuk 935 in Black

If you already own or have seen the Nanuk 935, well the Nanuk 938 is a similar model. It's not a carry-on size but you can easily check this case with any airline. The Nanuk 938 is perfect for storing those larger pieces of gear that don't fit in your 935.

 Nanuk 938 Size Details


Nanuk 938 Hard Case ip67 Rated

The case is made from our lightweight Nk7 resin. It's unique design and rounded corners, makes the case super tough. The Nanuk 938, just like all new cases is ip67 rated. This mean the case can be dropped into water up to a meter deep for half an hour.

 Nanuk 938 in Yellow

The case also has two large power claws in the front to keep it closed on impact. The power claws are usually most talked about feature by our customers.

 Nanuk 938 Hard Case Power Claw

To open the power claw latch, you need to press down the middle button and then lift up the bottom tab. It's very easy to do with one hand or with gloves and you'll never pinch your fingers with these latches.

 Nanuk 938 Hard Case Polyurethane Wheels

If you fill the Nanuk 938 with heavy gear, no worries, the case comes with the set of smooth polyurethane wheels and a retractable handle right here. This means you can easily carry 150 pounds of stuff without breaking a sweat.


Nanuk 938 Hard Case Retractable Handles

And the retractable handle is adjustable to your most comfortable height. One very important thing to know on that handle, is that you can extend it with just one hand. Simply press the button on top. Ebola.

Nanuk 938 Hard Case Adjustable Handles

This is much easier than most competitors which requires both hands. The Nanuk 938 has two large rubberized handles; on the top and on the front side of the case right here.

 Nanuk 938 Hard Case Spring-Loaded Handles

These spring-loaded handles are very comfortable and it will store back into place automatically. If you carry important items and you want to keep curious hands out of your case, you can also lock the case using our TSA approved locks or TSA power claw.

 Nanuk 938 - TSA Lockable

The 938 comes with two reinforced holes in the front to accommodate padlocks with maximum shackle size of 0.3 inches of diameter.

 Nanuk 938 Hard Case - Yellow

What's nice about 938 is that the lid can easily be removed by pulling on those stainless steel rods right here and it also has a lid state feature to keep the lid from flipping backwards or flipping forward on your hands.

 Nanuk 938 Hard Case with Stackable Feature

If you decide to get a bunch of new 938, you'll be glad to know that the Nanuk cases have been designed to be stackable.

 Nanuk 938 Available Colors

Finally, the Nanuk 938 currently comes in new colors.There's black, yellow and orange. You can also order the case empty, with cubed foams or with padded dividers.

 Nanuk 938 with Cubed Foams

The cubed foam is the cheapest option for protection. And they are great if you intend to carry or store the same items in the case, over and over. The cubed foam set has four main layers; one base pad at the bottom and one eggshell from the lid.

Make sure to measure properly before getting the case. If you go with the foam or the pad, take one inch around the interior size of the case. This is to keep enough space for the foam or the pad border.


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