Nanuk 945 Case for the DJI Phantom 3 Quadcopter Review

Hi! This is Bill from Sparkly Today I’m going to do a review of the Nanuk 945 case with foam inserts designed for the DJI Phantom 3 quad copter.

Nanuk 945 Hard Case for the Phantom 3 Quadcaptor

This case is made of impact-resistant resin that is built to resist shocks without damaging your phantom drone. The case is waterproof to a depth of three feet one-half hour.

Nanuk 945 Hard Case for the Phantom Powe Claw

The case includes four high quality latches which are called the Power Claw Latching System. There is an integrated slide lock on the latches which prevents the case from opening during transport or when dropped.

Nanuk 945 Hard Case for the Phantom 3 Intertior Foam

The inside of the case is made of soft polyurethane foam with cutouts specifically designed for the DJI Phantom 3.

The foam cutouts include four cutouts for double-a batteries and six cutouts for the DJI batteries. The cutout for the quadcopter itself includes a foam piece that is designated to fit over the gimbal and camera of the quadcopter to give extra protection. There is a cutout specifically designed for the controller.

Nanuk 945 Hard Case for the Phantom 3 Quadcaptor Interior Foam

There are four foam cutouts that pop up and are designed to keep the props in place during transport, however, we found that the front two pop-up pieces get pressed down with the closing and latching of the case and become ineffective to hold the props in place.

Nanuk 945 Hard Case for the Phantom 3 Quadcaptor

There is a slot which fits an iPad Mini perfectly. The iPad slides right in and will not move at all. There is a cutout in the back that we will use for our iPad sunshade, we’re very happy that there’s a nice spot for the sunshade because this is an extremely useful item. You can see the iPad screen so much better when using this sunshade on it.

Nanuk 945 Hard Case for the Phantom 3 Quadcaptor

There are nice cutouts for our extra propellers, R3 phantom three battery chargers and even for our extra tools. Another nice feature is how the case locks open, okay you can feel it there’s a little plate that at the top when you’re opening the case and that’s to keep the case open.

Nanuk 945 Hard Case for the Phantom 3

I’ve seen cases, reviews cases where that doesn’t exist and what happens is you get a little bit of wind in the case blow shut when you’re in the field, so here you can see that by tilting the case up, you can see that it leaned but it just doesn’t fall; it just doesn’t fall forward.

Nanuk 945 Hard Case for Phantom 3

The iPad mini fits beautifully into the case - love that function, snug and has the finger holes well thought-out. I like that it’s snug when you’re travelling, there’s definitely no play at all in there so the copters in there quite well.

Nanuk 945 Hard Case for Phantom 3 Purge Valve

Overall, a really great case; another function that we really like about the case is that the air pressurizing valve in the front so this allows us to travel with the case and not worry about the case pressurizing during the flight or even driving. So we’ve driven with some other hard cases that don’t have this valve driven and flown.

Nanuk 945 Hard Case in Black

Flying is a nightmare because it just sucks the case in on the way down on the descent back into wherever you’re flying and then even driving, driving through the mountains we’ve had it where the case suctions in so this valve right over here is very important if you’re doing any sort of travelling so if you’re just bumming around town not necessary but definitely if you’re flying or if you’re driving anywhere through elevation. 

Nanuk 945 Strap

Okay, so we’re gonna attach the strap – straps really nice as a neoprene like a gel neoprene padding on it.

Nanuk 945 Hard Case Strap

So these cases can get a little heavy so you can see that they have built-in metal rods that are going through plastic so we’re just gonna clip this on.

Nanuk 945 Phantom Case Shoulder Strap 2

This is how they go on – straight through like that you’re going to clip it in and then just turn the dial. So you can see that the case is actually built forward, it has the indents and all to allow the TSA lock. You can put two of them on there if you wanted.

In conclusion, I’m gonna rate this case at five stars out of five due to its ruggedness, the secure and waterproof latching system, the roominess of the case itself, the auto pressure equalizer and its lifetime guarantee.

I’ll put links in my video description for the Nanuk 945 case as well as the optional strap and padlock. I’ll put a link for the Nanuk 950 case which includes wheels and a pullout handle. Also, I’ll put links for the iPad Mini sunshade, the DJI Phantom 3 quadcopter and four extra batteries and battery chargers for the Phantom 3.

Thank you! I hope this video was helpful.

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