Nanuk 955 Review Video - Large Protective Case for Storage

Hey guys, this is David from Hard Cases and this is the Nanuk 955.

Nanuk 955 Dimensions

At 22 inches long, 17 inches wide and nearly 10 inches deep, the Nanuk 955 can store a lot of your essentials.

Nanuk 955 and Nanuk 950

The total volume of this case is 62.5 liters while its closest model, the Nanuk 950 is 51.8 liters.

Nanuk 955 Actual Size

The Nanuk 955 is not a carry-on size but it will be accepted by airlines as checked baggage. The 955 is made of a lightweight Nk7 resin which offers maximum protection for all of you professional equipment.

 Nanuk 955 Rounded Corner Design

It has a rounded corner design unique to Nanuk cases. These wide corners and shapes help absorb any wide shock to keep everything inside, safe and sound.

 Nanuk 955 Polyurethane Wheels

The 955 also comes with two polyurethane wheels to make transporting heavy items a breeze. These wheels will give you a smooth ride on flat concrete or rough terrain. And with the one-headed retractable handle, you can easily handle heavy loads without breaking a sweat.

 Nanuk 955 Hard Case Handle

Again, this is a one-hand retractable handle. No need to use your other hand, like with other brands. This is a really cool feature when you are already using your other hand to hold a drink or another case.

Nanuk 955 Soft Grip Handle

You also have three soft grip handles on the sides and on the front of the case here. These are very thick handles that wont break under heavy weight and will automatically retract to get out of the way when in storage.

Nanuk 955 IPX7 Rating

The Nanuk 955 is also certified IPX7 waterproof, IPX dust-proof and ATA specification 300 category 1 impact for airline transport. Yes, its a tough case.

Nanuk 955 Power Claw Latches

One of the best feature on the Nanuk cases are the latches. We call them Power Claws. They are easy to handle with their push down and lift up system; they're easy to open and easy to close. They will stay closed even if the case is drop hard on the ground.

 Nanuk 955 Power Claw Latches

You can also add TSA approved power claws if you need to make the case secured during travel. With these TSA power claw latches, you have your own key and TSA agents can still check the case without breaking the locks if needed.

Nanuk 955 with TSA Locks

If you hate keys, we also have TSA approved locks that can be added to the case. These are numbered locks and they will fit in the two reinforced stainless steel holes in the front corner of the 955.

 Nanuk 955 in Black

The case can be ordered empty, or with cubed foams or with a slick padded divider set. Foams are great because they are cheap protective option and it can easily be shaped to your custom needs.

Nanuk 955 Cubed Foams

Padded dividers are a little bit more expensive but will last a lot longer and you can rearrange the layouts for different applications.

More information in the website

You can find more information and specifications on the foams and the pads for this case on our website.

 Nanuk 955 Available Colors

Finally, the Nanuk 955 comes in three colors. We can choose between black, like this one, orange and yellow. If you have more questions about the Nanuk 955 or if you're still not sure about which case you should get, don't hesitate to get in touch with me by visiting


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