Nanuk 990 Rifle Case Review

We're doing a couple of gear reviews over the next few weeks. I wanted to start with a really fantastic product by Plasticase. Plasticase is a Canadian company and they are a competitor to Pelican and the quality of their cases is really, really amazing.

Nanuk 990 Rifle Case

So this particular case is the Nanuk 990. This is a very professional high-end heavy duty case. Really designed for people who are going to travel and really wanna protect their gear. So if you have a high-end equipment that you want to take care of, protect it from the elements and be able to throw this case around and protect your firearms, this is a great option. So we're gonna go through some of the key features of the product.

Nanuk 990 Rifle Case in Tan

This is as you can see is a large rifle case that can certainly be used for bows or other equipment. Some of the things that I am really impressed with these is the fact that it's got wheels. So if you're moving around and you've got a couple of firearms in here or something, you've got this heavy duty case that you don't necessarily have to carry.

Nanuk 990 Rifle Case - Waterproof Case

The product itself is designed to resist water so it is waterproof to a certain depth. I think a couple of six feet. It's designed to be impact resistant so they've done testing on it so you can drop it. Again I am not saying you wanna drop it but it will withstand impact. And also the seal designed around it it is one that prevents moisture and other of the elements from getting into it. So we're gonna open the case, we're gonna show it to you. We're going to talk through the specific features.

Nanuk 990 Rifle Case Power Claw Latches

Plasticase is the company, again they're in Canada. This is the Nanuk 990. I think they have 17 different cases with a whole bunch of different colors, so we're going to do a subsequent review on a slightly smaller case that I think is a great option for those of you who travel with ARS and can break the gub apart, put it in its lower and it's upper we're going to do that in between a couple of weeks.

Nanuk 990 Rifle Case - Long Case

What I think is really great about this is the ability with a company like Plasticase is to have a product that they warranty for the life of the product. So it's a lifetime warranty which to me says a lot about the quality of the product because they're going to take care of it for as long as you own it. So let's get into some of the specifics of the case and some of the key features.

Nanuk 990 Rifle Case Foam Insert

So we're gonna go ahead and take a look inside the case, will also show you with photographs here some of the main features in terms of the way the product works.

Nanuk 990 Rifle Case Secured Power Latches

One of the things that's really impressive to me are these latches which require you to pull down and lift up. So they are essentially lock until you press right down here. So you can pull on this, its not going to open. You actually have to release this to pull up and that to me is a good protective feature. So if for some reason that thing gets caught on something its not gonna pop open. So I just put a couple of firearms in here.

Nanuk 990 Rifle Case Foam Inseret

We have a AR-15 with a 16-inch barrel and then we also have a Remington 1187 with a slug barrel. And again you know fairly long. The length of this case is 44 inches. So you can easily fit two long guns in here. If you're a three-gun shooter, it allows you to take your long guns and even you can easily put you know. You can also easily put your pistol in here as well and take everything in one case.

Nanuk 990 Rifle Case

Especially if you are traveling and you need to put this stuff underneath the airplane and check that baggage. This is really going to protect your firearms.

So you can go ahead and clear this out, you can note that right up in here we can take this piece of foam out and you can cut the foam specifically to the firearm itself. So you can cut the foam right around here with an exacto knife and really have a place where it's going to fit right in.

Nanuk 990 Rifle Case

Or you can do what I do which is lay it on top of the foam and close it.

So you've got plenty of room in here to store your firearms and adequately protect them. You also have the gasket seal that is going to prevent moisture and essentially create a waterproof, watertight environment for your firearms and I think that's really important.

Nanuk 990 Rifle Case Handles

Let's take a quick with some of the hardware here. There is a stainless steel hardware on the case itself. There is a latching system that I showed you, they call it a power claw which I really like.

Well, folks, that's a look at Nanuk 990 by Plasticase. I am really impressed with the quality of this type of system.

If you've got a couple of firearms or let's say you are a three-gun shooter or even a hunter, a bow hunter or somebody who has invested significant money in your tools, your gear.

Having the ability to protect it, to lock it to be able to transport it in a safe way that protects the gear and also protects the firearms from unauthorized access to me is a critical part of your entire gear setup. Plasticase has multiple different sizes and shapes so really everything from your handguns, to personal valuables to camera gears whatever it is, they've got something that will serve you well. I wanna thank Plasticase for sending this to us.

They are also sending another case that we'll review in the next couple of weeks and share with you all. You should check them out, they're really a fantastic company.

For a relatively small investment of between two hundred eighty to three hundred dollars US, this is the kind of product that will protect three thousand dollars of firearms in here. And for me, for ten percent of the value of the firearms, to be able to lock them, to be able to ship them within a plane, to be able to take this with you on wheels wherever you go is very short money and a great investment.

I wanna thank all of you guys for watching. We've had experience tremendous growth with the channel. Thank you very very much for that. And finally as always. Stay safe.


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