Nanuk Hardcase Review by Cole Bennette - Founder of Portage Creative

Hey, guys, my name is Cole Bennett, I’m the founder of Portage Creative we’re located just outside Orillia Ontario.

Cole Bennette - Founder of Portage

We produce video content for a living; A lot of the work environment that we’re in includes dusty work environments where sawdust is flying around or out in the elements like this where we’re shooting something outdoor and things are not so predictable.

Nanuk Hardcase Drone Cases

Before I had Nanuk cases, I carried around a big backpack that all my gear jammed in there and that was good for a time but after a while, I really wanted something that would protect all of that equipment and whatever environment I was in.

Nanuk Cases - IP67 Rating

I'm really bad at babying my equipment so having it tucked into a hard case like a Nanuk case really increases my confidence level that the equipment that I'm trying to protect is protected.

Nanuk Cases Padded Divider

So first start off with just a couple of cases here and there but I quickly grew into keeping just about every piece of equipment that I own in a Nanuk case.

Nanuk Hardcase Power Claw

Probably my favorite thing about the Nanuk cases besides the fact that they're protecting my equipment against just about any force of nature is the fact that when you're in a situation where you need to be quiet you can open and close the Nanuk case almost completely quietly just buying slowly hugging knows little great tabs to a lot less likely to be snapping and clacking in situation for you give it quiet work environment.

 Nanuk Hardcases 930

If you're in a situation where you're going to be out in the elements - traveling even if you travel in a minivan, a Nanuk case is really going to increase your confidence as a filmmaker and definitely I recommend

Nanuk Hardcases Stackable

David has been fantastic to work, I’ve offered a few cases from them - they’re always offering great promotions and the customer service is really really awesome so thanks to David, thanks to Nanuk and let's get out there and have more adventures.

Cole Bennett is the founder of Portage Creative, a video producing company in the Toronto area. They specialize in storytelling and branding through video.